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  • CPU
    Intel Core i5-3570k @Stock
  • Motherboard
    MSI Z77A-G43
  • RAM
    8GB @1600MHz
  • GPU
    Gainward GTX 570 1,25GB Phantom Edition
  • Case
    Zalman Z9
  • PSU
    bequiet! Pure Power 530W 80Plus Bronze
  • Keyboard
    Razer BlackWidow 2012
  • Mouse
    Cyborg R.A.T. 5
  1. BiFii

    30$ In-Ears

    Hey friends, I need a new pair of Earbuds. I'm on a very tight budget. Can only spend around 30$ on it. They don't necessarily need any Headset features, just a standard pair of stereo in-ear headphones. I hope some of you can recommend something. I am not a audiophile and don't have a particular sound preference. I listen to Rock, Pop and Classic music mostly. They will be used outside travelling (train, plane, etc .. - not car though, because that's bad! Looking at you Linus Sebastian). Thanks in advance :*
  2. Weird.. I didn't install the Gapps Package when updating to 12.0 ... Thanks for the help
  3. What do I do first? Just for clarification: Go to Recovery - Apply update - internal storage - select file - update now?
  4. So I feel like Google is holding back informations. I surprisingly can't find clear instructions on how to update to Cyanogenmod Nightlies. All that I found were complicated Rooting - Recovery - Flash - kind of Guides and I am really confused by them. I have a Oneplus One currently rocking CM12.0 (Android 5.0.2). During the Rollout of CM12.0 on all Oneplus Ones, I found a guide on how to skip the rollout queue by manually applying the update. It was super easy. I just had to download the update file go into recovery and select the .zip file to update the device. Can I do the same with the Nighly files? I just can't find Information about this via Google .. Excuse my newbyness ,(._.,)
  5. BiFii

    Anandtech - DX12 Performance Preview

    So it brings the (same) improvements as Mantle but for green and red team? Not too impressed, because Mantle didn't seem to have a great impact on gaming performance.
  6. BiFii

    SD Card Showdown - 4K Video Edition

    As a non native english speaker the speaking was too fast at times. Adding the not so clear pronunciation of Brandon, the words sometimes merged. The confidence in front of the camera convinced me. Very good and informative video. Could've been a TechQuickie, though.
  7. BiFii

    BitFenix Pandora

    No. Since the case is so thin, and compact, there is no motherboard clearance in the top. The front is a pretty good option though.
  8. BiFii

    BitFenix Pandora

    Is that a 120 or 240 mm rad? HTC's cameras suck :c
  9. Well finally we get the well deserved scaling graphics. I hate working with Office on my Mac, due to performance and blurry icons and text.
  10. BiFii

    GTX 980 more expensive than 780Ti

    Update on the 356€ GTX 780 Ti !! I ordered one, my friend also. --> Massive coil whine! It's an Asus DCUII card, without factory overclock. I start to think that they sell the bad units for very cheap.
  11. BiFii

    GTX 980 more expensive than 780Ti

    it's www.mindfactory.de
  12. BiFii

    GTX 980 more expensive than 780Ti

    Uhm.. you guys might wanna come to Germany! ASUS GTX 780 Ti: 358€ !!! Decent aftermarket GTX 970: 340€ !!! Cheapest reference GTX 980: 510€ !!! I am going to order my 780 Ti today, that's for sure!
  13. I honestly think that most of the blame should be targeted towards the whole console vs PC war. Since most games are released on all 3 platforms (PS4, XBONE, PC) the different versions will obviously get compared to each other. But in my opinion you are comparing apples with pears (is this even an english saying). You shouldn't even compare a custom build 400$ PC with a console, because an usual console buyer won't even think about buying a 400$ "Gaming"-PC. Also noone should buy a cheap desktop PC with which you can only play on mediocre settings opposed to a smooth running console (my opinion). Though the comparison is made and game devs need to react to both audiences, which leads to bad excuses why the console version is straight up not on the current PC-level (600+$ PC-Level). And only the PC users suffer from that comparison, because devs like Ubisoft publish PC versions which are graphicaly on console-level (for "PR"-reasons). Most console users don't really care about that problem, because they just lay back and play. They probably also never experienced "real" PC gaming in it's full glory. What I want to say is, that there should be a clear cut between console graphics and PC graphics. Both platforms still have their spot in the gaming world. But game devs should also make a cut. Do the best for each platform!! And if the best they can deliver is 30fps on consoles. So it is. But please don't make the PC version look crappy because of that. Noone really knows what happens in game development and also console development. Noone really knows where the bottlenecks lay.
  14. BiFii

    H100i or H105?

    I'd personally go for a thin radiator. 2x120mm or 2x140mm doesn't matter. Most cases support those thinner radiators but not a thicker one like the H105. Also brand doesn't matter. The popular AiO Cooler almost all perform about the same. Only go for an Air Cooler, if the aesthetics of a big block on your CPU doesn't bother you (also NH D15 is still mud brown) and your RAM is low profile.
  15. BiFii

    NZXT S340

    Why did I buy the H105? Last two cases Linus reviewed looked pretty sweet but don't support a 38mm Radiator in the front. Fuck my life.. By the way: lulz comic sans makes it perfect.