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  1. I am using a almost 2 year old steelseries rival optic as my mouse, im using a steel series apex keyboard and i'm using a Logitech g930 headset. I want a new setup/mouse because this setup is getting old and I would like a new mouse and a keyboard that is mechanical. Best of luck to all Edit: Headset broke so now I want to win this even more. Plz linus
  2. im using a GTX 745 and i would really want one of those new polaris 10 or 11 graphics card so i can run ark with my friends instead of getting 14 fps
  3. I want to upgrade to a mechanical keyboard because I have been using $50 membrane keyboard that has sucked and I want to try a new typing experience
  4. Hmmm, Hard choice, Never mind, I would love a new keyboard, i dont want to stick with the stock dell one...
  5. Kudos to zotac for sponsoring this giveaway!!!! I hope i win this because i can use this for school projects and when im on the go at to a friend's house or something i dont need to bring my hunk o' Junk with me =)