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    new build similar to linus' personal rig!

    Perhaps you don't understand. There would be no point in using a dGPU in the system if I couldn't send that video signal + all my peripherals over a single thunderbolt cable. Whether or not that is possible is what I am asking. "I don't believe so" do you have any reason for believing this? "that is a CPU" again, you seem to be missing the point. when discussing a build using integrated GPU's the graphics performance of the chip is a very relevant part. that's why I talked about the 5775C in a graphical context. believe it or not it has a GPU in there! my mistake on the hackintosh front.
  2. Hey friends, I've been planning a rackmount chassis build for a long time now that is designed as a catch-all productivity machine for music production, programming, schoolwork, etc. And for those unfamiliar, the chassis will be physically isolated (in a closet) from the peripherals so as to produce a cleaner desk environment 100% free of fan noise, something actually not that uncommon in the world of audio production. Anyway, something i'm not too clear on is if it is possible to achieve non-integrated graphics performance without the use of a eGPU like the razer core. Since the only cable running from the computer will be a single thunderbolt 3, likely coming from some random thunderbolt pcie expansion card, what I've read seems to indicate that it will be pulling only integrated graphics performance, even if there is a GPU installed in the system. Is this the case? Assuming this is the case, integrated graphics is not something I have a big issue with - the machine is going to be doing almost no gaming. For integrated GPUs i'm considering the intel i7 5775C. I would like some feedback in regards to what platform i should use. I ideally would like to dual boot macos and win10 but i have literally 0 experience in the world of the hackintosh. Is AMD worth considering? Lastly, i've had mixed results researching thunderbolt docks. it seems that they can be riddled with issues of disconnects between power cycles (something i've experienced with usb docks) and the like. given that they are so expensive i would like to get my money's worth. I need atleast 4 back facing usb ports (usb2/3), and the capability to run two (or potentially three) displays. An sd or microsd card reader would be a huge plus as well. Does anyone know what linus is using? Thanks
  3. This is my build: Motherboard: Gigabyte GA X99 UD3 GPU: MSI Radeon R9 280x 3GB TWIN FROZR PSU: Corsair AX850 850W 80+Gold CPU: i7 5820K (not overclocked yet) Cooler: Noctua D15 Ram: 32GB DDR4 Crucial Ballistix Sport Storage: Sandisk Ultra II 480GB WD Caviar Blue 1TB The issue I'm having is this: When I have my graphics card connected and powered, it will stop my computer from displaying/it will not display. Currently, all I have to test is a VGA-only monitor and a VGA-DVI adapter. I plug my DVI-VGA adapted cable into the DVI port on the card and the monitor, and I get no display. For troubleshooting purposes I have used a very old gpu (zotac gt 220) in place of the 280x to see if it would display (my motherboard does not have onboard video). When using the DVI port on the old gpu, the computer will display, When using the VGA port on the old gpu, the computer will also display. However, if I connect and power both graphics cards in the system at once, NEITHER will display EVEN if I configure the bios to prefer to display to the older card. The 280x will heat up and the fans will spin, so I'm led to believe it isn't completely dead. Other things I have tried: - swapping the dual 6+2 pin power cable for another one - moving the GPU to a different PCI slot (the gpu only fits in slot #2 and #3. #4 is a single slot and #1 is blocked by the cooler) - updating drivers (I downloaded and installed the AMD catalyst driver, but will this even work since I cannot download it while the GPU I am updating is connected?) - updating BIOS (I'm on the F6 Bios, the newest non-beta BIOS) I'm really at a loss here, guys. I feel like I've tried everything.