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  1. Humblemobo the high end pc you showed me is kinda what I'm looking for as far as quality of parts I would like. The items I don't wanna go cheap on are the CPU Motherboard and graphics card only if it would absolutely make a difference adding one just remember this will be for movie watching mainly I don't play games well if I do add any kind of games it's only gonna be an emulator for old School games you know N64 Genesis super Nintendo etc.
  2. k something funny well at least I think so. I don't know anything about pc part hence the request for help because I was actually looking at the i5 4690k thinking I needed something powerful but I like the price options I'm being given but how much of a difference would a separate graphics card actually make
  3. Wow thanks everybody for the help and just to be a little more specific I'm trying to stay at around $800.00 but definitely not more than $1000.00
  4. New here so i would really like some advice on new build unfortunately i have no clue on what parts to use so please suggestions. i want to basically build an HTPC for my living room i don't want nothing fancy all im going to do is watch blu-ray movies some music some internet videos and loadd kodi (xbmc) and store my own collection of movies and music. like i said no clue but im gonna give it a shot and build myself so do i need a graphics card what motherboard any help would be great. thanks