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  1. Oh well i hadnt stated in this thread whyyyyy i had to flash another way. The reason was i accidentally reset the cmos and now some features dont work like turbo core ratio, and also 12gb ram isnt detected only 8. So ive tried updating and rolling back bios but that doesnt work. So i wanna try flashing the bios using this software from AM. But it says "....." whats in the picture. So im kinda stuck.
  2. There is nothing special happening there, just a standard bios update. But i dont get the features after i accidentally reset the cmos...
  3. 4x4GB Corsair Dominator Platinum 3200mhz / 16, 18, 38, Is it safe if I up the voltage from 1.353v too 1.3620v so i can run the memory at 3400mhz? 16,18,38
  4. Isnt there a picture on this post ? Im trying to flash the bios. I read online some of the p7 motherboards had theese issues where it doesnt show turbo core ratio and a few other stuffs. Im having trouble with my board. It doesnt OC anymore and only recognizes 8gb out of 12. The sticks are fine. But there is something fishy going on with this board.
  5. It doesnt fix the problem if i flash bios inside the ez flash utility.
  6. Im trying to flash my bios with this tool since im missing core ratio multiplier and ram is not supported. I think its something wrong with the bios and i cant flash it with this program, i get this error. Any ideas? Asus p8p67m, i5 2500 12gb xms3 ram.
  7. Already tried reseating CPU, i do not see any switch for the secondary bios. so i dont think it has
  8. But ive always had that bios version. 3703. All the sticks work. But not at the same time. (after clearing cmos) Ive also tried reflashing to a older bios. Still no luck.
  9. Does anyone know why clearing the cmos made it so my ram isnt detected? I have 12gb and only 8 is recognized. Also i cant set the multiplier to more than 33 after cmos clearing, before clearing i was able to set the multiplier to 41 I5-2500 p8p67m 12gb xms3
  10. T0MMEN

    2500 non K and asus P8P67M

    Any ideas why resetting cmos makes my ram to not be recognized?
  11. T0MMEN

    2500 non K and asus P8P67M

    I got all the cores to run at 4.0ghz when under heavy load. And there is no way for me to do this. Resetting cmos was a bad idea. I was Ble to set the multiplier to 41
  12. No veterans here who knows why a simple cmos reset fuckd my pc up this bad? Sorry for the language im just so frustrated on this computer
  13. I5 2500, p8p67m, 12gb corsair xms3, 750w corsair psu gtx 970, asus wifi pcie adapter and creative pci soundcard