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  1. https://www.androidpolice.com/2018/11/13/pixel-3-users-noticed-text-messages-vanishing/ From one of the Reddit sources linked: I understand that programming is hard, being a programmer by trade, but I fail to see how, especially in recent years, companies can take the PR hit of having 2 years of messages wiped off several people's phones due to a "bug." Bugs like this used to be a big deal, now it's not even really considered a problem. I will say that keeping 2 years of messages on your phone seems a bit odd, but I can't fault a user for thinking they're safe, especially considering that cloud messaging systems have been around forever with no issues about messages being deleted. If I had to guess, this is a bug with the sync process, and the server pushed what it thought was an up-to-date set of messages. How it thought a completely empty set was "correct" is probably what's being worked on right now. Even still, just flipping through /r/GooglePixel casually shows more than a few posts regarding software problems, or hardware problems with these flagship devices. This isn't exclusive to Google though, with Microsoft offloading QA to its "insiders" or Apple pushing betas to people to encourage testing (and they still release broken stuff). That's saying nothing of the "early access" phenomenon with video games. Even now at my job, QA has fallen down the road to the end users instead of our dedicated QA department, who mostly works solely on problems with our real-time systems. It's like companies just don't care about QA anymore.
  2. I imagine a virus sounds like a MIDI of Toccata and Fugue in D minor. Good thing I only use antivirus HDMI cables.
  3. HarryNyquist

    Keurig launches a cocktail-making pod machine

    This sounds like the juicero. Cocktails are so ridiculously easy to make as well, so I don't get the argument they make in the article about "for people who like to host parties." If I was hosting a party I'd just make the things myself. It'd assuredly be cheaper to buy a cocktail shaker set, and liquor & soda, than it would be to buy this machine, several pods, and surely several CO2 canisters. Also, how will this affect non-supermarket sales (e.g, Target) or sales of these items in states (Pennsylvania) where the liquor control board STRICTLY regulates where alcohol can be sold? I'd hope if there's already a price tag attached that they've thought of this stuff, but...
  4. HarryNyquist

    Linus a shill?

  5. It should. The problem is I foresee ISPs being like "well now we have 'increased traffic' therefore your bill will now be [absurd amount] per month instead of [slightly less absurd amount] per month.
  6. It's to the point where I literally don't answer my phone if it's a number I don't recognize. This is especially irritating because I'm currently looking for a job and I'd really like to NOT send a call to voicemail if it's a potential employer. And then there's the calls I get from people that are super angry that I called them, and threaten me with all kinds of bigoted accusations. I had to change my voicemail to specify my name and number and also a blurb saying "if you have no idea who I am, then you got robocalled, and I can't do anything about it." The problem as I've read, is that POTS still exists, and POTS offers no guarantee of identity at all. Using something like SIP-based telephony systems would allow certification of identity (much like HTTPS verifies the identity of websites), but that would require COMPLETELY removing POTS from the equation.
  7. Any bloatware that comes on a sub-$500 laptop or PC from a big box store. Update assistants that break Windows, trials of software that you'll never even use once, antivirus trials that automatically start after Windows Setup is done, then nag you forever that YOUR PC WILL BE INFECTED IF YOU DON'T BUY SUPERMEGAULTRA ANTIVIRUS EXTREME EDITION FOR 299.99 A YEAR (other lower prices available) Take your pick. I hate them all.
  8. HarryNyquist

    No Notch On Future iPhones!

    I fail to see how covering a camera with a black coating will remove a notch. Unless they're covering it with the OLED panel itself, the notch will have to remain there.
  9. How long before it comes out that the username/password to the database was "root/password" or something equally dumb?
  10. Rechargeable batteries that are easy to replace and produce, have far less problems with recharge cycles and deep discharge, and have less worry of exploding and burning for days because of volatile metals. Would allow electric vehicles to stop being so prohibitively expensive compared to the gas counterparts, and reduce risk of damage as well as cost of replacement. I have no idea how I'd do that, though. Batteries are difficult.
  11. HarryNyquist

    Should I buy a new a phone or a new gaming PC

    I'd go with a laptop, but honestly, seriously, make sure it's a good one. Don't skimp out on it because of costs or whatever; it should be something with a good amount of power. Not too much power, though, because then the laptop will be too non-portable to take to class. Also keep notebooks handy. When I was in university there were a handful of professors who didn't allow laptops in class (or automatically assumed that if you had a laptop, you were on facebook instead of taking notes).
  12. HarryNyquist

    Apple scoring device use to prevent fraud?

    I mean, I'd rather this than have a purchase decline for fraud...I don't like metrics and data sending as much as the next guy, but of all the companies I've used, Apple seems like the most transparent of the bunch. I'd be immediately suspicious if Google said they were doing this. Or Microsoft. Apple's always seemed distinctly average about not being a dick with personal data.
  13. HarryNyquist

    Sony Announces The PlayStation Classic

    Or, Sony, you could have the PS4 emulate the PS1 games that you had on the PS3???
  14. Indiana Jones survived a nuke in a fridge, so you never know. </s>
  15. They just pushed it back to Oct. 3 because of Florence. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-alerts/u-s-pushes-back-national-wireless-alert-test-to-oct-3-idUSKCN1LX1VB