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  1. Yet another company degrading their customer service below the bottom line in the name of money.
  2. At the resolution they record+upload at, someone could theoretically get a good enough picture of the keys to create a copy.
  3. They aren't converted though. JFIF and JPEG and JPG are just file extensions; they all refer to the same type of file that is encoded according to the JPEG Interchange Format standard (and thus having a MIME type of "image/jpeg"). Kinda like how HTM and HTML both refer to the MIME type "text/html". So someone at Microsoft screwed up and put in JFIF for the MIME type instead of JPG.
  4. Cryptocurrency is like the opposite of monopoly money. It's equally useless but people decide to spend real money on something that's more volatile than the stock market. For reference: $20580 in monopoly money is $20 USD. Meanwhile 1 XMR (monero) is $50-- no wait now it's $60 -- no, $55, no $40, no $10 OMG I'M RUINED AAAA, no wait nvm now it's $80 HAHA I'M RICH Who seriously uses cryptocurrency, is what I want to know. Outside some very niche uses literally the only thing that comes to mind is money laundering.
  5. "Yes, we uncovered a bug that is sending live streaming video and audio to several Chinese servers" "Oh... yes... t-thank you for finding that... here is your bug bounty... no no please ignore the sign that says 'prison' it's actually an office "
  6. Indeed. However, the mere fact that anti-virus programs exist and that businesses frequently don't let users install their own software is a testament to just how little respect that freedom gets.
  7. Google: We need to you provide security updates for your devices as soon as we put them out OEM: But what if -- slides $$$ across table -- we didn't have to do that. Google: Oh well -- accepts money -- when you put it like that...
  8. Remember all those people telling you that you're paranoid for saying something about [brand] and suddenly receiving ads for [brand] everywhere? Well... https://www.macrumors.com/2019/11/19/android-camera-security-vulnerability/ From Samsung: "Since being notified of this issue by Google, we have subsequently released patches to address all Samsung device models that may be affected. We value our partnership with the Android team that allowed us to identify and address this matter directly." According to Checkmarx, Google has said that Android phones from other manufacturers could also be vulnerable, so there may still be some devices out there that are open to attack. Google has not disclosed specific makers and models. https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2019/11/google-samsung-fix-android-spying-flaw-other-makers-may-still-be-vulnerable/ This wouldn't really be an issue if all Android devices received regular updates. This of course calls into question just how this might be/have been used, and if there are other similar "bugs" in Android (or iOS).
  9. The story is a 10/10. Unlike Metal Gear you don't have to wait years and years and wade through multiple games to get a payoff. Also unlike Metal Gear, the story (IMO) makes more sense despite the strange imagery and premise. There's no complicated threads to be weaved between and across games or stories; everything is very clear. It's Kojima's best writing. The gameplay bothers me and is a 5/10. While I think the idea of async multiplayer is creative, it's not nearly as original as Kojima thinks. The payoff in gameplay comes from building networks of transportation and infrastructure for yourself and for others. The biggest challenge in the game, and the single biggest adversary, is Sam's inability to walk over a small stone without tripping. The second-biggest disappointment is the vehicles apparently lacking any kind of suspension model, so they too will be stuck on small stones constantly. SPOILERS BELOW - READ AT OWN RISK Overall it felt like a 7/10 for me. Don't know if I'll replay it. If I do I may focus more on infrastructure than I did in my first.
  10. It's irrelevant if Microsoft is being more cooperative with audits for security or if their security systems are superior (or more compatible with the DOD's existing systems). DOD security requirements are absurd.
  11. That's not how light cones work. Your past world line will always and forever be inside your past light cone. The only exceptions are cases where space (and time) are warped very significantly to "tilt" the light cone closer to the source of the warping (e.g. a star or black hole) at which point it might be possible to have a cone tilted far enough to encompass a different position in space and/or time. By having a series of cones set up like this, you can create a "closed timelike curve" which would allow an object to travel back to its starting point in space & time (or any other place or time along the curve). This is of course, highly theoretical, and there is little proof outside the mathematics (and even then scientists have doubts) to show that something like that exists. That's all speculative since we don't even really know if time travel is possible to begin with. The grandfather paradox has been speculated on in fiction forever and even from a logical standpoint, has been used to show that time travel is impossible (If it is true that the past happened a certain way, then it is impossible to change no matter what a theoretical time traveler would do). There's also the self-consistency principle that says if the past occurred in a certain way, then anything that could possibly lead to a paradox has a probability of zero (aka completely impossible) to the point of even saying that a time traveler would be unable to do anything to change the past, regardless of any attempts to do so. OR, there's the multiple universe theories that say that IF you went back in time and killed yourself, the universe you came from ceases to exist, and a new one takes its place where the young version of you was murdered by older-you, and the universe continues without younger-you's contributions and older-you continues to exist in that new universe. Again, all speculation. No one's gone back in time (as far as we know) so there's no telling what's true, false, or crazy babbling.
  12. It's not that it doesn't exist. It's defined in the mathematics but it's very very hard to get to, both for the reasons you said regarding other hot things around, and also due to incredibly strange things happening at temperatures that low.
  13. If you're SERIOUSLY concerned about security, Telegram is almost certainly not secure since they roll their own encryption. But it's probably good enough.