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  1. Just because Sony and MS do it doesn't make it more correct to do it.
  2. Exactly. Imagine if Dell banned you from installing new software on a computer, or using the internet, because you ran an Ubuntu LiveCD once on a Dell PC. The only saving grace is they say OS updates and Existing Game updates are still able to be downloaded, so unless the next hardware revision of the switch is going to drastically change the cartridge format, this doesn't really stop anything. I honestly wouldn't put it past them to make a "NEW" Switch with "better" features or something, to encourage people away from the faulty hardware that caused such things to happen in the first place.
  3. You'll have to reinstall them. When you wiped windows you wiped the registry, meaning most of the programs won't work even if you managed to get them running. If you have Steam there's a few ways to port the old folder to the new install of steam, but you're out of luck.
  4. Should I restart Dark Souls?

    Dark Souls is NOT hard to hack on PC.
  5. Should I restart Dark Souls?

    NG+ is new game plus. The game gets harder and harder and harder. Not to spoil too too much, but you do seem to be going on the right track. Keep going through the archives. The hacker must have killed the big lady, that's what happens when you kill that particular NPC after you beat O&S. I haven't played in a while so I'm not 100% on all the little details.
  6. Should I restart Dark Souls?

    Couple things: Always use DSFix, PVP Watchdog, and the Connectivity Mod. PVP watchdog and Connectivity, in particular, can greatly help prevent being hacked. Unfortunately, unless you can finish the game and NG+ you're screwed. Gotta reload a past save or start over to get NPCs back.
  7. Team Xecuter preview the new Switch Modchip, Switch SX.

    Unlikely, considering the multitude of flash carts available for various consoles, not to mention GameSharks, GBC Worm Lights, and other "third party accessories" that nintendo never authorized or approved of. I'm no lawyer but I don't think Nintendo would allow things like the SD2SNES to be sold for almost 200 bucks, solely for playing SNES roms, if they had the legal right to stop such a thing from existing.
  8. Running Visual Studio + .NET on Mac

    https://www.visualstudio.com/vs/mac/ Dunno if this supports everything that you would need...but maybe?
  9. This implies that Java's development won't be stifled by Oracle deciding to require you pay for Java 8 licensing...
  10. My guess is they didn't think it was possible, hence the hard lockout in the interim while they presumably attempt to figure out how exactly these boxes work.
  11. "You are purchasing a non-exclusive, non-revocable, transferable license to use the Sony(R) PlayStation(R) 5(TM) console. You are not purchasing the console outright. The physical console is the sole, non-transferable property of SIE." --Sony's warranty, after the PS5 is released.
  12. I wonder how many more times they'll get people to buy their classic games... SMFH. At this point I'll just buy a damn GBA off eBay.
  13. Oh it does say that doesn't it. Hah. More coffee required
  14. How to keep your Python source code secure?

    You could also obfuscate your code using various tools. The problem is, if someone REALLY is dedicated, they'll get in, regardless of the language used.
  15. "Secure internal logs" with passwords? Why exactly? Any log entry should just say "User 21857629 changed password at time". No need to include any passwords, plaintext or encrypted.