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  1. thanks for the reply man, that was fast haha and in time for prime next day delivery too ?
  2. Are the seagate ironwolf's ideal for a budget NAS? I'm planning on getting a budget single drive NAS before I eventually upgrade to a 4 drive next year, would the 'pro' drives be a little overkill for my current use case?
  3. Madrinas has the absolute worst customer support I have ever had the pleasure of interacting with. i ran into an issue where my madrinas order, with the LTT beans, was not shipped after the manufacturing delay where they stated that they will be shipped on the 28th of December though they did not actually ship my order until I had messaged them about it, after my second attempt to contact them on January 11th. Everything was going smoothly until my order landed in London on the 19th of January, at 2am, but had not moved since. Since then I was contacting both DHL and my local mail service, the Royal Mail, with Royal Mail believing the package to be in Germany and both services refusing to take responsibility and investigate the issue. come the 27th of January one week later and I email Madrinas about it, where they sent me the below e-mail, your typical copy & paste “Apology” response a day later. Now here I am on Thursday with no response from them after sending two follow up e-mails since, I can maybe understand that this shipping issue may have been initially their fault but the fact that they are refusing to talk to me or even attempting to investigate the matter is appalling, especially since Madrinas was patting themselves on the back for their international shipping. This is issue has seriously made me consider never ordering from Madrinas again, their customer service is absolutely atrocious and I highly recommend to anyone that they avoid using them for coffee at all. It is such a disappointment, especially considering how awesome the idea of LTT branded coffee beans was l. On a side note has anyone else in the UK ordered from Madrinas, with the LTT roast specifically and has received their order?
  4. On my end its UK customs that are the issue, they've held it since 2am GMT (19th of January) last saturday
  5. After buying my ssd from amazon I noticed the copper sticker was offset leaving a portion of the controller and the NAND flash exposed, is this normal?
  6. There’s been rising concern over the past few weeks over 2080Ti’s (FE mostly) dying on people, the news just now has started to break from nvidia’s forums and reddit is even picking up on it, has anyone on here having any issues with their cards? Do you think it’s a worthy topic for the WAN show? https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/1078162/geforce-rtx-20-series/rtx-2080ti-massively-die-/ ttps://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/nvidia-rtx-2080-ti-graphics-cards-dying/ Edit: @TetraSky noted, thanks “Threads have been cropping up on Nvidia’s forumabout dead and dying RTX 2080 Ti cards for weeks now, with almost every thread filled with hundreds of comments highlighting crashes, black screens, blue screen of death issues, artifacts, and cards that fail to work entirely. There are some reports of issues with the 2080, too, but the majority reference problematic 2080 Ti cards.” “Reddit threads with a similar theme have been appearing as well, detailing the RMA process that many users are now going through. Worse still, some users who have been issued a replacement card by Nvidia have then been forced to return that one too, suggesting that in some cases at least, the problem users are facing is not solved by simply giving them a new graphics card. That could hint at some sort of architectural defect.” “The problems appear to primarily be affecting those with Founders Edition versions of the 2080 Ti, though some users with third-party cards from Gigabyte and Asus have also reported failures and problems with their new GPUs.” As noted as a primarily FE issue this matter unfortunately hits early adopters the most, though it clearly causes issues and doubts for individuals like me who’d rather opt for the Ti card than go SLI with the 2080/70 or those who decided to stay with older cards so they could save up and get the best of the best for their system. Depending on how large scale the issue is this could really hurt Nvidia, especially their FE sales, nobody wants to have their flagship card having major issues, though they could fix these issues easily enough with new revisions who knows when they would be released? And what AIB manufacturers would adopt them?
  7. Nah it's cool, I get what you mean, you need to know how to apply these kind of things in the real world otherwise they are pretty useless, In my case my degree has helped me prepare for a career towards data entry, advanced report writing and the like so I guess having formal certifications rather than saying I used the Office software at uni can only help me further
  8. I just grauated with my BSc Psychology degree and my university is offering students and recent graduates to take part in the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification for free, do you think this is worth doing at all?
  9. is that the evo plus U3 one that just went on sale? I've got it in the mail, I can let you know if I have any issues, Its got a U3 rating and is UHS-1 so it should work When you said you formatted it did you follow nintendo's recommendation on their website ( https://en-americas-support.nintendo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/27595/~/how-to-transfer-data-between-microsd-cards-for-use-on-nintendo-switch ), they suggest using the SD association's own formatting tool ( https://www.sdcard.org/downloads/formatter_4/ ) to make sure there are no issues.
  10. Would you upgrade for storage size alone or for other internal/ equipment upgrades such as a new Tegra chip, a 4k enabled dock or ultrawide support?
  11. true, I always cycle my cards round and throw the slower models into something that I don't really need top spec speeds for anyways so I never really get rid of them, I'll pick it up though I don't know whether to throw it into my laptop or switch ?
  12. last time i bought any SD cards was back in 2015 when Samsung introduced their Pro/Evo models and I spotted amazon having more than 50% off their Evo plus 128 Gb U3 models, now at £30/$30, would you say its worth picking that up right now or wait until they release this years models with much better read/write speeds than their 2017 line-up?
  13. i'll wait for benchmarks, considering that there is bound to be performance upgrades compared to 1080/ti when you don't take ray-tracing into account and leave it unnactivated, my main concern though is possible bottlenecking due to the new architecture so i wanna see how it performs with skylake so I know whether to pair it with my 6700k or wait till next year to get Nvidia's 2019 card with intel's 9th gen CPU's.
  14. I don't know about performance, guess we'll have to wait on the comparative benchmarks for that one, though the fact that the 2080TI can outperform 4xV100's is definitely something to consider
  15. Recentlyin the past few months Linus has mentioned that the company had started using a new workflow/task maagement application but I can't for the life of me find the video, does anybody remeber the name of the new system that they are using?