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    I am young, I build a pc.
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  1. Hi there, Any thoughts on this new app Beme, co-founded by well known film maker Casey Neistat? All most people can do now is reserve a username until the app fully drops, but I was wondering if anyone on here could unlock mine? Would be a great help! Also I have just realised ive been on LTT for 2 years! great stuff Cheers, Aidan
  2. cheers guys, i will update the thread when i've got them on friday 'the big reveal' haha
  3. Im going to buy them anyway, £20, i think they are still worth more
  4. I was told they were used as dj/club speakers as they come with a set of ancient decks as well haha
  5. ahh ok i considered that at first but they where quite large ive also never seen amps that come in pairs. they are old so i may need some sort of audio interface to connect them to an ipod or something anyway.
  6. I wouldn't be asking on here if I could haha im going to see them maybe pick them up on friday
  7. apparently they were used in clubs or somthing
  8. No sorry i dont have access to them as they are quite far away
  9. Not sure this is the right part of the forum so my apologies if it isn't. Been gone for a while but now i'm back! Can anyone identify these Linear speakers for me please, a friend may sell them to me for £20. they do work but all i have is this image (see below) I know they are quite old but i need to look them up so i can see what amps to buy etc. Cheers! p.s excuse the mess and the feet haha
  10. thanks so its just an un-scramble game, love this forum! shr3k is love!
  11. and my friends arent really smart like that they know nothing about computers
  12. they are constantly talking like this, you wouldnt mess around this long and pretend to understand each other, they even do it on the train when they sit next me although it could be a joke, its being used against me and i dont like it. i think its an app might have to check on one of their phones next time haha
  13. i thought it was welsh but when i translate their text it doesnt translate back