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  1. Sweet thanks alot man for the insight.
  2. Thanks alot mate, the help means alot.
  3. No. My younger brother has a xbone 1 that I use for blue ray or i just watch them online. Dont you need the optical drive though to get the operating system downloaded to the computer? (not to knowledgeable in this field yet i have lots to learn.)
  4. Thanks for the options the only problem with it is that i live in Canada and it would be $1392.92 and that over my budget.
  5. My friend told me I should have one thats the only reason really.
  6. Hey, im new to computer building and the laptop I have is on its last legs and can berly run csgo on the lowest settings. My budget is 1000 can go a bit over or even under if possible. I have watched all sorts of videos to help try and understand what goes where and what i need. This is what I have gotten so far, http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/vMT3pg , I dont really care about over clocking as that is something i can do down the road. Not to sure if it is any good but most games i play are not to graphicly demanding ( that was beacause of my shity laptop) any help would be greatly apperciated, as your worst guess would be my best. Thanks EDIT: Thanks for the help everyone means a lot!