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  1. I think the adapter i purchased from best buy was around $12 so it's not that big of a hit if you do
  2. What can it hurt right??? Lol if you do go with those you won't be disappointed i guarantee
  3. Dp to hdmi adapter, that's what i run on my 980
  4. If you can afford the $30 extra, try going with the AOC I2757FH, 27" IPS LED and it's damn beautiful if i don't say so myself
  5. If the stand-offs to that mobo are removable, try and get a small wrench/pliers under there, unscrew it from the case, then use the standoff to unscrew it.
  6. Rofl clever Mad jelly about that monitor though...
  7. Hey y'all, was wondering if there's a way to get audio playing through both of my monitors, problem is, they're both connected via HDMI and the audio "port" is apparently just a pass-through for the headphone jack on the back of the monitor, and it only supports audio via HDMI. I've tried the "Stereo mix" method and still nothing. (I know the better sound and obvious solution is a pair of speakers, just paid rent however so thats not an option at the moment)
  8. I've also downloaded from my phones WiFi, considering the drivers are usually small you can just transfer via USB.
  9. "High end" gaming, no, However my old laptop could play games on fair/low settings and still have decent fps, was a samsung something or other lol. was around $550 at the time of purchase.
  10. Lol i meant that as in "not over $1000" lol affordable i suppose is subjective... Thanks though!
  11. It happens on occasion, but at least its easy(enough) once you figure it out to get it to match to the correct one, granted they don't make it obvious how lol. Also with the bonus features i was talking about, a lot of my movies had like, interviews with the cast. They're only ~2 minutes each however.
  12. I know you stated you pressed it while IN the screens, but have you mashed the keys while its initially loading? Also
  13. I've been using it for about 7 months now, i love it. Have a dedicated hard drive for just the movies. Best thing is it downloads metadata for you, even adds thinks like (some) bonus features and trailers.
  14. All you have to do is use a media streaming service such as PLEX
  15. I would avoid the z170-A however, its a rather thin PCB, even sags with my single 980, could only imagine what 2 3 slot cards would do to it.
  16. derick90

    Windows display

    It depends on what color you have your start menu/taskbar But to answer your question, yes, it's normal.
  17. Hey y'all, looking for an affordable 34" curved 21:9 monitor, anyone have any suggestions? (Please refrain from amazon links, just model names/numbers. Reason being work internet is locked down and no shopping sites are allowed. Thanks!!!)
  18. Black is your - patterned is your + Just to be clear, if your splicing those two together (look different to me) just match solid black with solid black. Been a while since i've done any work with speakers but all you have to do is test, if works - leave it, if not, switch it. You wont cause any harm by getting it wrong.
  19. Aside from LED's but generally blk=ground white=hot, But a wire is a wire
  20. http://www.extremetech.com/computing/197145-reversible-usb-type-c-finally-on-its-way-alongside-usb-3-1s-10gbit-performance That should explain everything =] Also, "If you find you're running low, charging is quick with the USB Type-C plug. It's reversible, so there's no more guessing which way is up," says the Nexus 6P webpage. USB Type-C plugs have high endurance and longevity. They are designed in a way that endures no less than 10,000 insertion and extraction cycles. USB Type-C connectors can transmit DisplayPort signals at up to 4K resolution. The new plug can also handle electrical power of up to 100W. USB Type-C connectors can also be used for data transfer as well as charging devices. Apple's new MacBook has a single USB Type-C port that allows for charging or transferring data. Google's latest Chromebook Pixel also features two USB Type-C ports, which can also be used to charge the device or transfer data.
  21. I would do some nice angled mesh, that kinda... idk bulges out? Think that would look pretty badass.. By the way digging the Mercedes front end lol