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  1. Dukanater

    The Plague Doctor

    currently visualizing those Christmas villages with the hidden magnets that move around under the ice to make the figures move around but instead put them into the levels of the house to make the doctors move from window to window =p
  2. So lets start with Shrouds are awesome they make your case look pretty and neat and they hide your PSU and lets face it everything below the MOBO is not what we want people to focus there eyes on when were looking to impress so im working on a 780t Shroud because well its a beautiful case! The damn window is just to big and all the empty space draws away from the goodies!
  3. Dukanater

    Mahogany Desk, Build of the Year 2018

    damnnn iv been fallowing this thing forever it seems like just when iv forgot about it you post again and suck me back in cant wait to see it finished =]
  4. Dukanater

    LG PF1000U Ultra Short Throw Projector Giveaway

    very cool were was this when halo 2 came out it would have made split screen lan partys so much better. well its a cool concept i dont know if its practical for that price you could buy like 2 really nice monitors or a decently large tv that would still be usable with out blacking out your windows. if i get it for free thought.. oh god!!! id be playing games on the sides of building in the middle of town!!! or make my own out door movie theater!
  5. Hey guys so i have 4 decent led lights that i rescued from being thrown away they were previously use as work lights on a truck but they are stupid bright and it seemed a waste to just throw them away. so i know they are labeled 12v-36v max but thats about it... id like to hook all 4 of them up to function off 1 power supply i might give each one its own switch or maybe just 2 switches with sets of 2 lights per switch. so the trouble im having now is i dont know what i should buy for a wall power supply to power these and i dont really have any more information on them either... could i use just a single 120v in down to 36v plug in and then use like a buck converter to move the voltage from 36v down to 12v to dim them if needed or would i overload that power brick? any info or circuit ideas would be appreciated =] i was thinking something light this https://www.amazon.com/SMAKN®-110V-240V-Converter-Adapter-Charger/dp/B0150ZYHOO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1465895641&sr=8-1&keywords=36v+power i already have a few of these i was thinking of using to control the brightness and voltage https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00VUHVX6W?psc=1
  6. Dukanater

    My Mom thinks I smoke?

    wait for her to say something and when she asks if your smoking just be like REALLY THATS WHAT YOU THINK OF ME and then you start doing drugs to prove her right. =]
  7. Dukanater

    Upgrading to 4k?

    depends what your playing and the 1080 will def be able to in a lot of older game no problem
  8. Dukanater

    Upgrading to 4k?

    with news of the 1080 and talk of new 4k 120hz capable DP wouldn't it make sense to wait and see what awesome 120hz 4k monitor is around the corner?
  9. Dukanater

    Painting My New Project

    oh well i was going to say you did a great job if it was paint =p id get it all cut in vinyl and slap it on the case that way you can always peal it off if you want to change it and it still looks professional.
  10. Dukanater

    Painting My New Project

    im not judging but did you do this in paint? lol
  11. Dukanater

    Will this set up run 3 1080p monitor

    what do you plan to do on those 3 monitors if the answer is gaming id probably step the graphics card up to at least a 980 if you want decent frame rates. also if its for gaming your better off investing in 1 good monitor with a better refresh rate for around the same price as you were going to pay for 3 bad monitors.
  12. Dukanater

    Back to Nature - Ivy

    i dont even know if i like this anymore because im so jealous...
  13. Dukanater

    Back to Nature - Ivy

    wow this is awesome.
  14. Dukanater

    Looking for a pair of headphone with mic for under 100$

    i use the Corsair Gaming H2100 Dolby 7.1 Wireless Gaming Headset and they are super comfortable not greatest sounding for listening to music but for playing games and chatting well doing so they are pretty good for long gaming sessions. wireless is a plus for me at 100$ and for the same thing but usb version its like 68$ on amazon http://www.amazon.com/Corsair-Gaming-Wireless-Headset-CA-9011127-NA/dp/B00N803C7W?ie=UTF8&keywords=corsair%20headphones&qid=1459390825&ref_=sr_1_2&sr=8-2
  15. Dukanater

    Regarding the recent Tech Quickie

    @Slick im feeling a workshop video on ram benifits
  16. 120$ a month for 50mbps.... living in the middle of the woods sucks
  17. Dukanater

    Building a Computer on carpet???

    just put your power supply in the case and plug it in and ground yourself off your case well you building don't over think it =p
  18. i mean you could buy all the parts individually same as a normal computer and i guess you could assemble it all but it would cost more than just buying a laptop. if you were going to like 3d print your own custom laptop case and make a whole big project of it that would be the only reason i can think of doing this.
  19. different motherboards with yield slightly different results keep that in mind.
  20. Dukanater


    Yea i got what your saying also. i don't think the poster understands that for 30$ more hes getting a overclockable chip vs a non overclockable chip & his understanding is that he could overclock his non k chip to get that 300mhz himself which unfortunately is not the case and i hope he reads this before he finds himself disappointed
  21. Dukanater


    i think his point was if you buy a non k chip you cant overclock it so he could have saved money going with a H170 motherboard instead of a Z170
  22. Dukanater

    Building a portable boombox, need box advice

    you better post pictures because i just visualized this and now i need to see it!!!
  23. Dukanater

    Variable Voltage Power Supply

    thx guys ill check out that forum =]
  24. Hey guys im in the market for a variable voltage power supply i had tried making my own ghetto version out of a old PC power-supply i had and it was Ok for somethings but its just to many wires laying out and id rather have a real one i can just adjust to what i need when i need it im not very familiar with some of the brands iv seen selling these so i figured id ask and see if anyone on here had any information they wouldn't mind sharing and maybe some suggestions on what your using and why if you have one? looking to spend as much as 200-300$ although iv seen some way cheaper like in the 80$ range i don't if they are any good. also needs to be able to power at least 30v and 5amps more wouldn't hurt.