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  1. Nachos! They are my fave food. So... yah. This is a post.
  2. If you are using a wireless controller with the recharger kit it will not work for you. You would need a reciever for your PC for that to work. If you have a fully wired xbox 360 controller and its still not working then all you might need to do is download the driver from the Microsoft website.
  3. I played around 20 hours of Garrys Mod Zombie-RP. Boy that was an adventure...
  4. Battlefield 3, I can say that I am better on PC than when I was on Xbox though!
  5. The Australian Liberal party has vowed to introduce an internet censor by default on the Australian population if they are elected, very much like the UK filter that was recently introduced. That is another nail in the coffin for internet freedoms. This is the same party that has said it will stop the Fibre Network Infrastructure (NBN) being currently built around Australia. http://www.zdnet.com/au/australian-opposition-vows-to-implement-internet-filter-by-default-7000020270/
  6. Here in Australia there are some people are apparently trying to stop the NBN just for this reason. Apparently they are afraid that if Australian customers get internet speeds able to constantly stream free HD content that it will bring down the traditional media. They being all of the large newspapers and Subscription TV providers.
  7. I run one WD Blue 320 GB Boot drive that I have had for a while now from an older build, and use a 1TB Seagate Barracuda drive for media, programs/games becuase 320GB is not enough for games. Along with an external WD 1TB for backups after I had one of my drives die on me and lost data. All of this makes sure that if one drive dies I will keep some information safe. (Boot drive dies I take the back up, media drive dies I just redownload what was lost) It also helps with organisation. Also: https://twitter.com/HunterTehHusky/status/375066296099938304
  8. Good news for everyone though, they are now looking to start to fix all of the performance issues with PS2. Even the devs say its horrible as it is.
  9. As said above you will need to download the 1GB patch to fix things like multiplayer, optimisation and standard bugs. If you have the game on Steam you will not need to download the patch manually. If there are problems with the patched client - try checking files/ drivers.
  10. Id love to have some Humble Bundle love to give one to a friend who is away and might miss it!
  11. EA - if you look at the bigger picture, are trying to show they arent evil. They are also going the right way about it, the first step was disabling online passes, the next was humble bundle (which all of their went to the slected charity) and now if you purchace a game online within 24 hours you can get a refund. Something Steam doesnt even have. They are trying and in my eyes succeeding at showing that they value us as customers. Sure they have made mistakes but they are pushing the boundies and trying new things. I just hope that they kind of think it a little bit more when they try another Sim City 3 thing. They still have a long way to go to fix a lot of stuff and I really hope they can pull it off. The point is - EA is at least trying.