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    College kid tbh
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    Asus Rampage V Extreme
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    Windows 10
  1. Yeah, I'll give it a try in a bit once I copy data over to a spare drive just in case.
  2. Okay cool, I didn't have them in any raid array. Just to clarify, they are all internal sata drives. The usb enclosure is just in case.
  3. Hey everyone, So currently working upgrading my PC with a new motherboard and CPU and I'm mostly concerned with using the hard drives from the old machine. Since I'm switching over from an Intel based machine to AMD i figured it would be best to simply wipe my SSD and start a fresh install of windows and all the apps i had installed on it. My concern comes in when i try to connect the other 3 storage hard drives i currently have connected to the machine. I want to make sure that the data will be recognized by the new install of window and it wont require me to reformat the drives and thus wipe the data on them. I also checked and I've formatted them as NTFS and according to my very limited knowledge I won't be able to open them with a OSX machine?? My thought here was to turn off the old machine, swap in the new parts and get windows installed. Move most of the data to two of the three hard drives and plug that into my mac laptop with a USB enclosure i have. If it did see the data, in theory i would try to connect the remaining hard drive to the new machine and start transferring over the network. That is if windows were not to able see the data and if my laptop could in fact read NTFS drives. Either way, once i finish copying data from one of the drives to the other two, I will try connecting the hard drive with the enclosure to my macbook to check. Guess my question is if anyone has done this? Most the information I found was about moving over boot drives instead of storage drives. Let me know if you need more info Thanks in advance.
  4. Ok so I have to open CS deal with lag, press the windows key and look at my desktop and go back into CS and i get 115 fps... this is annoying
  5. So right now i have to open task manager and close it to resolve FPS issues...
  6. Ok. so weird thing rn. I opened up CS and as usual, it ran at 15 fps. Then I opened up task manager and nothing crazy was going on. So I hop back into CS and I'm getting 100+ fps.... WTF
  7. So I'm running a 980 Ti STRIX and have 32gb of ram and a 5930k processor. So I have plenty of horses. I used to have around 300 fps but out of nowhere, I started getting 15 fps... It would run 15fps during the intro splash, the menus, and during the game. I uninstalled it and tried again. Nothing. Updated drivers. Nothing. Tried using an older graphics driver when the game worked right, nothing. The last time this happened, I had to wipe my drives and reinstall windows and that fixed it. I don't want to do that again... Any suggestions? Thanks!
  8. Hey guys, So here the thing. I am running out of SSD space. On my config, I have a hard drive for storage and only use the SSD to run the OS, games, and applications. So my question is should I get another SSD and run them in Raid 0 or run them individually and delegate one for the OS and Applications and the other for games. Also, what is the fastest way to find out what is taking up the most space on my drives? Thanks! Leave any questions if any
  9. Is there any way where I can use a usb as a key that opens up my computer? So when I turn it on, my computer checks for the usb then lets me use my computer it normally. Then when I leave, I take the key out and it automatically saves my work, (if i didn't do so already), then shuts off? I tried using a program called predator but it only goes into an alarm mode when it doesn't detect the usb. I want it to save and shut off. I'm running windows 10 if that's of any use. Thanks -Cesar
  10. Hey guys! So I am going to doing my first build and want to see what changes I should or could make for the better before I buy anything. My current list of parts consist of: Intel 5960X - $1049.99 Asus Rampage V Extreme - $479.99 Asus STRIX GTX980ti- $669.99 Corsair Vengeance® LPX 32GB (4x8GB) DDR4 DRAM 2133MHz C13 - $174.99 480 GB Intel 730 Series SSD - 299.99 WD Black 2TB - $127.99 Power Supply (Corsair but not sure which yet) Corsair 900D - $359.99 I already have my keyboard, mouse, monitor and other peripherals. This build is going to replace my 2007 MacBook Pro with 4Gb of ram and only a duo core which is really not cutting it anymore. I primarily use my computer for 3D modeling, gaming, game streaming, game programming and video editing. While my macbook has been good enough for a while I need an upgrade because it is getting laughably slow. I chose the 900D because I plan on adding another 980ti to power 2 more monitors later down the line. I also plan on running more drives (both SSD's and hard drives) in raid should I need to. I also plan on water-cooling but that will be done later when I have more money. I definitely want to keep this as low as possible but I can't spend much over $3500. So I'll take any advice I can get right now and let me know of any questions you have. Thanks Guys!
  11. Okay thanks! I will definitely pick one up and see how this all goes.
  12. Do you think you can link the one I would need???
  13. Okay I'll have to get some cables but that sounds promising. Thanks!!!
  14. Hey! So I currently have a ps4 hooked up to an elgato hd60 and then right into the monitor. The elgato goes right into my pc. My ps3 is just plugged into the same monitor while my pc is on the second display. I also use an astro Mixamp Pro which is plugged into the ps4 via usb and optical. The headphone port doesnt pick up mu voice so I can hear party chat they cannot hear me. So I have gone around to recording because of these issues. Occasionally I will plug my phone into the mp3 port to listen to music while gaming. And if i want to use it for my pc or my ps3 i have to keep unplugging it. I also plan on getting a Blu Yeti mic because I currently use my headphone mics. Also I plan on buying a set of AudioEngine A5+ speakers. Basically I want to know how I can connect all my consoles to one mixamp which I can use to chat and plug my headphones in. Also when I feel like I can just use speakers when I'm not recording. I would also like the functionality to plug my phone to listen to music and still hear the game audio or my pc. Hopefully this makes sense and please help!!! Thanks - Cesar
  15. Brosignious


    Yea I did some digging too and i found the same thing. This should work. Thanks!