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    Liverpool, UK
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    Veterinary Nurse


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    AMD FX8350
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    ASUS Sabertooth 990FXA R2
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    16GB Corsair Vengeance LP 1600
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    Vapor-X R9 270X 2-Way Crossfire
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    Corsair C70 Green
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    WB Black 3TB, Crucial BX100 250GB SSD WB Green 2TB, Toshiba 1TB 7200rpm
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    Corsair GS 800
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    LG 42 inch 4K TV
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    Corsair SP120 and AF120 Blue LED fans, H110i GT
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    Corsair K95 (MX Brown)
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    Corsair Scimitar
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    3 part speaker system
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    Windows 10 Pro 64bit
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  1. I was thinking ubuntu tbh, used to use it a little but that laptop died a while back and never put it on my gaming desktops, see what happens, seems to only be the stuff I've put through handbrake that is actually an issue, even though everything is showing as read only, the only things I can't actually play with is the stuff handbrake has done, so I think if nothing else I still have the pre encode files so I should be able to rename all of that and then put it through handbrake, didn't bother moving it out of the dump folder before doing it, going to look at that when I am home and then go from there.
  2. update, entire film library folder is now set to read only and I can't unset it as it just keeps reverting
  3. Honestly I didn't even think about drivers, I could see that in the windows mixer that sound was happening, itunes youtube what ever. It just didn't come out the TV, so I just tried the windows trouble shooter and it reinstalled and that fixed it
  4. I had this same issue very recently, I fixed it by installing the basic windows audio drivers, possibly give that a try?
  5. Right so I am still re encoding all of my media via handbrake into H.265 to save space, and as I am renaming the file I have come across an issue, for my smart TV's to see the file as a useful name and not the disk 2 part 00 name the file has from the disk, I also have to change the properties of the file so that the title in the description matches the file name, however everything coming out of handbrake appears to be locked as I can't access anything in that page, I am logged in as the admin account and have ownership of the folder as well as each file, however when I try to add modify to my account privileges it just reverts to what I have by default every time I click apply. Anyone got any ideas? Thank you and Merry Christmas
  6. in the event logger there is went to sleep and resumed from sleep, so I'm guessing windows 10 does not hibernate nicely? both my PC's have done this but I very very rarely hibernate my gaming pc so ignored that, but this is happening daily if I don't disconnect the power and its starting to bug me
  7. only thing that was on and attached to the network is my NAS?
  8. was 7 minutes past 10 this morning it work up
  9. I'm going with option 3 then, I don't own a cat and I live in the UK where we don't really have earth quakes and the mouse cost £6 from a supermarket so I refuse to accept its that good considering I need half a desk to use the thing, hence why it has been relegated to the old pc I use solely to re-encode things
  10. so the event viewer has a kernel-power log this morning after I left for work, only thing it says is "user-mode process attempted to change the system state by calling setsuspendedstate or setsystempowerstate APIs
  11. anyone else have this issue? currently have a very long encoding queue going and have been having to switch the pc off at the wall to stop it firing up a couple hours later, does it all by its self, got back in from work today to find it powered on and waiting for me to log on.
  12. Been at 9% for over 2 hours now, the little wheel is still spinning but nothing seems to be happening, new laptop locked me out after a couple hours, started installing windows updates on different drives, and then logged me out and I could not log back in, system really slowed down after installing onto the HDD not the SSD, so thought I'd just do a reset and start again. Can I just make a windows install media and start again? or will an OEM windows key have a hissy fit over that?