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  1. Hello I have a project in mind that I want to play around with, but first I want to be sure my GPU won't be dead in a month from corrosion. I have 2 Nvidia 9800GT's laying here doing nothing waiting to be put back into a mac or something similar. I can buy a box of 20 of these cards for about 50 bucks from a recycle center, so I don't care if they die. What I'd like to do is rig one up with a better cooling block and better clocks / vbios and see what I can push a 9800 GT to do. Yes, I'm aware they are basically 8800GTS's, however these are the updated 65nm cards, not the 90nm or whatever the first release was that was based on the 8800 directly. So there is some space to overclock and push them. Goal? 60+FPS at 900P in skyrim. Now, whether or not I have to add a better block is a little skeptical at the moment, but its on the table. Mostly I just want to know what liquid metal does to the die over time. I'm aware that gallium corrodes and aluminum and copper, but how long does that actually take? Would repasting the GPU monthly keep the corrosion down? Future goals here are to keep both GPU's pushed to the max with the both cooling I could do under air and to see how fast they can render video, or compute things. I'm bored ATP. Just dunno the chemical characteristics of gallium over all. Is there a site that talks about the effects between substances? Something on TechPowerUP? Thanks!
  2. I'm trying to get rid of all my spare X86 XD
  3. No what I meant is furmark can put it to 94C
  4. I meant slam as in the thermals were hitting it hard lol.
  5. I've had the machine apart and stripped twice. Since the second time, no issues.
  6. I have 0 clue if its still under warranty or not. Mostly I'm betting on the thermal mass increase giving me 3-5 degrees of a difference. I'm just hoping my temps don't have a reason to hover over 70.
  7. After letting it sit, gets up to 94 like it should. Immediate slam it settles at about 68 ish. I don't think thats terribly unrealistic.
  8. Pump is 100%, 3150RPM max reported. Running furmark and looking in cpu-z, reported voltage is 1.116. With turbo on I get to 1.42. My problem has now gone away. I am assuming theres a bubble in the line and when it gets to the pump it gets stuck and fuck with the pump However, I've been running solid for 3 days now and not had any weirdness happen whatsoever. Mostly, I just want to make sure that when I get a 280mm AIO setup that I get one that will perform well and keep temps where I want them (48-60).
  9. Well that'd be great.... if I had room in my case
  10. Pump is at max speed, was on cpu_opt but is on just cpu_fan now.
  11. When it is acting up, the most I'm doing is installing something in steam and watching a youtube video and my CPU is slowly climbing in temps until its at 90C. If its working halfway there it hovers at 65-70, but when its not being a little shit and working like its supposed to like it is now its at 34C to 40C.
  12. Pretty much the title. ATM my system I have just finished building has an H100i V2 in it that I got used and I suspect it has an air bubble in it that gets in the pump, then temps start to build. If I unplug and plug the pump back in, then its fine. When it acts up again, unplug replug, good to go. What I'm going to do for now is rig up a switch to turn the pump off and on quickly from the outside of the case, but I really don't want to have that be my normal, especially as I have 280mm mounts on my case, you know? So heres my specs: Haf XB Evo containing: Gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming (Turbo Off) AMD R9 3900X H100i V2 GTX 970 (EVGA ACX 2.0), Soon RX480 as well, 16 (soon 32)GB Corsair LPX 3000MHz Ram EVGA 750 Supernova G+ What this machine is going to end up doing is running VM's in linux for everything I could possibly need, from old PC stuff and emulators, to just running Mac OS so I can edit, or Windows so I can game and stream. My motherboard isn't capable of running Turbo on my chip, which I didn't realize, but I can overclock stable to about 4.4GHz, which is just fine to be honest (I'm used to OEM machines @ 2.4 - 3.2GHz, I can't complain), but because of this bubble issue I end up with some problems. On top of that, I notice when I don't have any issues if I'm running some relatively big games in windows I sit at around 56-68C. As my case has a 280mm mount, I can only assume I will drop a few degrees. My average liquid temps hover around 38C Avg with hottest being 42C, so would the 280mm upgrade provide a few more degrees lower? I'd love to be hovering mid 50's on average. Also, liquid metal? Yae nae? I'm slightly curious of my mounting pressure, but I think its tight on there. I just want my temps to be as low as possible. I live in michigan and I'm worried about my summer temps. I really don't want my room to be 102 degrees mid July like with my last machine (A mac pro 3,1). Current liquid coolers I'm looking at are the Kraken X63, but its not available, The H115i Platinum (the AIO from Cool IT), the iCue H115i because its the same as the Pro (AseTek cooler), or maybe the Cooler Master CLC 280. Near as I can tell the CLC 280 is similar to the original H115i, but with the same pump as the H100i v2, or at least it looks like. I'm looking at the X63 and H115i RGB because of the tilting water line connectors. I want as little pressure pushing on the socket as possible. Though, I may be overthinking it a little bit. So what do you guys think?
  13. Honestly I thought about it today, I'll probably get a corsair cooler again because I can just copy my profiles over easy. Otherwise, I got the cooler free. I think its worth doing if you like the look, and you can use the way the cooler works to your advantage. I didn't expect it to work how it does, but I think I like it a lot more than a normal air cooler. I'd say if you have a good enough case and you want something nice, go for it. You can have nice things after all.
  14. Bud, I'll tell ya, the learning part is rough. I got an H100iv2 for free from a friend and it was basically new. After having dealt with being an idiot with the mount, I've gone through more than a few board reconfigs and moving fans around to get my H100i v2 performing like it should, though because its used I'm suspecting some things,so I'm going to soon replace it with a Kraken X63. Its been a rage of a few days to say the least.
  15. Hmmm no but mysteriously the CPU minimum in the power plan is stuck at 99%. I noticed in one of Paul's video's that his 3900X was stuck at 3.7GHz as well. I wonder if thats just normal.
  16. Still wondering about this. If its not a thing, ok. I have the cooling for it.
  17. Even with turbo on VRM's rarely get hotter than 46 degrees.
  18. I'm currently trying to diagnose some thermal weirdness with my new PC build, and I'm suspecting that its my motherboard, but I have some questions on Ryzen turbo's and speed stepping. A little pre-amble, my background has mostly been prebuilds and working on them and making them perform really well. So a lot of intel chips, even though I really like the AMD chips, I just haven't been able to afford one until recently. So, I expect some sort of speed stepping from AMD, right? Well currently my processor is bouncing between 3.77GHz at 0.996-1.42V and jumping up to 4.5GHz. If I turn turbo off I have none of these problems and my thermals don't climb. Currently my PC isn't doing anything, its really just idling with vivaldi open as I type this out. My motherboard is a gigabyte X470 Aorus Ultra Gaming, F42G bios. Has anyone else had this happen? Other thing is I'm fine with having turbo off, 3.2 GHz is honestly the fastest speed I get on a processor most of the time so 3.8 seems fine to me, but is it supposed to rest at 3.79GHz constantly? That seems weird to me. Any pointers are helpful, thanks.
  19. Also testing with furmark, temps are normalizing sorta. Going to try some other tests and see where I get. I'm doing all this in an XB evo so the piping is a little rigid. If anyone has a suggestion of a better mount then I'm all ears. Maybe I'll get lucky and I can have turbo. What should I expect as normal temps with this chip? I remember either linus or jay to a 5960X with an AIO this big, don't remember what one though, and it idled at around 51. I'm idling at 41. Also looked up the GN review of the H100i and it was sitting at 36. IDK what chip they used though, its not listed. I assume whatever was out at the time for a 4 or 6 core from intel, or whatever was the new chip from AMD at the time. I assume either a 1700X or a intel 8K or 7K chip. Also why does turning turbo on spike my cpu temps?
  20. Ok I reoriented the pump and I think its ok now? must have been a mounting pressure issue because its at 41 now. I'm confused as to why in bios the pump will only run at 1555RPM though?
  21. Hmmm. IDK how it'd have a bad mount. Presses on tight. screwed all the way down. Is there a specific orientation I should put the pump in? Just for fun I just reseated the plug on the pum in the CPU_OPT port and the temps instantly dropped. Wat?
  22. I can hear water moving, the pump doesn't make sounds, literally new. 30.6 I've done rad first, but just removed the cold plate a moment ago to find the USB port. I'll undo the rad RQ and tighten the mount again.
  23. I have it set to max speed in the BIOS. Is that all this problem is? the AM4 H100i v2 kit uses the stock backplate.