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  1. I think more the problem lays in your cpu, more specific in the infinity fabric. Not many cpu can run infinity fabric over 1800 mhz that means 3600 mhz memory. Let alone 3800 mhz on memory and to run 1:1 ratio on IF means infinity fabric has to run 1900 mhz and only a few CPU's can run infinity fabric on 1900 mhz fully stable. Since 3600 mhz work. I suggest you stick to 3600 mhz and try to get timings as low as possible like 3600 mhz 14-14-14-32 if possible. This is just an example. Findeling more with infinity fabric at 3800 mhz will properly just give you more trouble than a working pc out of it. I know it can be annoying to. Pay and not get it, but since the cpu also has it limit. There is not much to do about it. Save those 3800 mhz for if you some day upgrade to a zen 3 cpu as I think those cpu can better handle faster memory.
  2. Yeah noctua coolers are top notch, it's just those ugly poop color fans, so I replaced those fans with there black IPPC series fans. Now it's bofh look good and cools well. Nvme SSD on x58 is a joy to use. No crappy Marvell sata 3 controller or slow sata 2 to be limited by. About max speed, you won't see speed much above 1700 mb/s as you are limited by pcie gen 2. 1400 mb/s tells me that you SSD has allot of stuff on it, 950 PRO slows down as they are filled up with files. Mine slows from 1700 to 1400 when nearly full. But 800 mb/s in transfer seems a bit slow as 512 gb is rated for 1500 mb/s for write speed. Dont waste money on 48 gb memory.
  3. Dont be afraid of punishing your I7 980X, they can take a pretty good beating. Infact X58 boards and CPU a pretty hard to kill as long you stay away from high voltage and temps. I have a I7 980X as well and i have had it oc to 4.4 GHz at 1.43 volts the past three years and even for benchmark up to 4.75 Ghz at 1.55 volts a cold winter day off cause and despeite it is still going strong. All throw before you begin to OC your chip, replace that Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo with a better cooler. Evo 212 is not gear to handle the heat out put a I7 980X can put out at 4.4 GHz. I am using a Noctua NH-D14 to keep my max core temp at 75-77 degress Celsious under full load. Here is my bios settings for 4.4 GHz, uncore set to 3600 MHz. These voltage and setting are just a guide as your cpu might need higher voltage or has better silicone than my own so it can run with lower voltage as you do want if possible. lower voltage decrease heat out put, stress on the CPU´s transistors and will also mean a lower watt usage with will benefit your power bill. Note: the settings i am posting here is using the unlocked multiplier, you can overclock your I7 980X by BLCK as well if you prefer that, but that will need you to ajust more voltage than those i have a justed in bios now. https://imgur.com/a/bBjw4wA I see you are also a Samsung PRO 950 user on X58 as i am. excellent, welcome to the club. My system spec. Core i7 980X @ 4.42 GHz Noctua NH-D14 CPU ASUS P6X58D Premium 12 GB DDR3 ram Corsair 1600 MHz triple channel (6 x 2 GB) Samsung 950 PRO 256 GB M.2 NVMe SSD CRUCIAL MX300 2 TB sata SSD WD RED 4 TB WD AV-GP 2 TB EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC2 GAMING Here are a few benchmark and game test from my own system. CPU oc to 4.4 GHz or around 4.7 GHz. https://imgur.com/a/uHjbbMg For those interested. Benchmark from my old I7 920 based system i had before I7 980X. https://imgur.com/a/WqD1iHK
  4. Based on tdp ratings. Your cooler is insufficient for cooling a threadripper cpu. Cooler is rated for 140 watt tdp while 3960X is rated for 280 watt tdp stock. So I'm pretty sure your cpu is getting way too hot and shuts down. Before doing much else, I would totally get a better cooling maybe a god 360 mm aio. Threadripper need a good cooling when under full load. You cut also try to under clock cpu to lower voltage and core clock and see if it still shutdown. If not, then I will say you have a thermal issue and needs a better cooler.
  5. Understandeble. I have my hardware for a long time, so when i upgrade i go all out. Running a X58 system with a I7 980X right now to give an idea of how long i have my systems. I whas very lucky indeed. I only godt it because i ordered it early on lauch day and still i dit not get one of the first cpu´s they had home. But i whas aparently fast enoufh to get one of those they got ekstra home of last week. Cant wait for the rest of the hardware to arrive no, so i can go nuts on benchmarking the crap out of that Ryzen 9 3950X.
  6. Please don't call police, but I had to murder someone for this. Just kidding. No the store I ordered one from, called me that they had gotten a few extra cpu home and asked if I whas still interested in one. Never had I dropped what I had in my hands this fast before and run out to my car and drive to the store. And that is how I ended up with a Ryzen 9 3950X before Christmas. Still can't believe my luck on this. Also got a new nvme SSD to go with it. https://i.imgur.com/9YqWcjl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/0kJUrYD.jpg https://i.imgur.com/gPQUiNL.jpg
  7. My sound advice would be, upgrade GPU´s to a single powerful GPU you can take with you over to a Ryzen system later on. As you say, SLI is a dying thing any way and also depending on resolution and settings are poperly close to running out of Vram as well. I know i had trouble with the only 4 GB Vram on my older GTX 970 SLI setup. And let the NVMe SSD stay in the PCIe X16 port. Dont waste money on another X58 motherboard, use them on a new GPU in stead. I dit the same thing just 3 years ago. I upgraded from a I7 920 to a I7 980X and from GTX 970 SLI to a single GTX 1080 TI + from sata SSD to at Samsung 950 PRO 256 GB and i never looked back again for my old setup. The system ran better than ever at that time after upgrade and just as you i am moving on to at Ryzen system, but i am not waiting as i feel my I7 980X lags the power to keep up with the latest games these days. Metro Exodus, Far Cry New Dawn and Red Dead Redemption 2 PC version is giving my old CPU a hard time, so it´s time to move on from X58 for my needs. My system. Screenshot from 2 years ago, but havent change much since: Boot of my system with Samsung 950 PRO:
  8. I am not jealous... Not at all. Still waiting for mine to arrive... Properly some time after new year
  9. Yeah you can tell linus about it, but hornestly it´s a bit stupid CPU on a dead or at least dying platform in my opinion. Sure you have 14 cores/28 threads at 5 GHz max boost clock and that is where the line snaps. The rest of this CPU is stupid in my opinion. Prices are way to high, aviability is very low, it runs hot AF, consumes power like a alcoholic drinks he´s alcohol and needs beefy custom water loop to keep temps under control. Not a CPU i would chose. At these price points, a Threadripper based on Zen 2 is way better choise or wait until intel comes out with 10 NM or heck just get the Xeon W-3175X in this price category seems more sensible.
  10. Yeah as they other said to you, dont be afraid to punnish X58 CPU´s. They can take a good beating. Intel reccoment 1.4 volts to cores as max for the 32 NM gulftown chips as your new I7 970 is based on and My own I7 980X that i feed 1.43 volts for 4.4 GHz for 24/7 use over 3 years so far and it has never shown signs of dying. For benchmark i have even feed it 1.55 volts for up to 4.75 GHz and my old i7 920 i have OC to 4.4 GHz as well in the last two years i had it. They can take some punishment is properly the point of my comment. My acchivements with my I7 920 and i7 980X. Clocks vary a bit, but to show that punishing X58 CPU´s dosent mean they dies on you that easly. I7 920 I7 980X https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/10037039
  11. Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut is the best and among the best paste out there right now. From artic silver 5 to Kryonaugt, you can exspect a difference of about 4-5 degress Celcius, so not a major difference, but to an overclocker like my self. Lower temp means higher OC on the CPU. A few review so you can compare. https://www.guru3d.com/articles_pages/guru3d_thermal_paste_roundup_2019,1.html https://www.eteknix.com/kryonaut-thermal-grizzly-comparison-review/
  12. Using a Pentium 4 in 2019, a freaking single core cpu with out HT. Oh god the horrors it must be. I mean the cpu must be at 100 % load the most of the time and the 2 GB ram gulp. I asume The cpu is from the 2001/2002 area as the GPU came out in 2001 or some where around that time. So its a 18 year old PC still used in 2019. Thanks but no thanks. I cant say if its useful for him, but for me it had been utter useless and dispossed of a long time a go. Well buying this pc in 2018 tells me that either his dad is one cheap ass dad or hi dit not know any thing about buying a pc or maybe the seller scammed him and made him believe it whas a "better" pc than it really whas. No matter what, poor kid. Single core cpu with very bad IPC and no HT in 2019, just the idea of using such pc in 2019 gives me the chills.
  13. It's the first game ever had trouble with avast. But one has to be first I guess.
  14. RDR2 is a gpu hog. I have a gtx 1080 TI and had to lower settings to balance in the lower end preset to maintain over 60 fps at 1080P and gpu load whas 97 % to 99 % the hole time. And I have an old I7 980x oc 4.4 ghz means the old x58 platform. And the cpu ran game just fine only one lag in 1 hour game play. So my conclusion is RDR2 needs a powerful gpu, while most cpu even old ones will handle it just fine.
  15. I had same issue. Game crash right after loadscreen of 2 bullits and just after the red Rockstar logo came it crashed every time. I fixed my crash by disable shields running in my anti-virus (avast) and after that ran just fine for an hour I played it and exit the game my self.
  16. Modern games you are better of with more cores in most cases. Clock speed still counts as well, but games are being more threaded these days. Older games in the other hand, you are better of with fewer cores and higher clock as older games are not so thread depending and more clock depended.
  17. As other alreaady told. 3950X whas delayed to some time in november. There has up on til now not been any more close date for a release for 3950X from AMD. There has leaked some release date out for threadripper. That can maybe give a hint about when 3950X will release as well. But no 100 % garanti for that. https://videocardz.com/82293/exclusive-amd-ryzen-threadripper-3960x-3970x-and-3990x-launch-dates-leaked
  18. Agree about old and inefficient and they are also becoming to slow for my needs as gamings. But man X58 has been a stable platform even throw i have abused it by overclock i high and let it run hot for not to forget high voltage at times. Even so it still just keep on working and booting every day. At the start i said i will not upgrade before X58 died, but it has proven hard to kill this old hardware. CPU, motherboard just keep going. So now i have to say its to slow insted but CPU and motherboard still works perfectly fine after over 10 years of abuse. 2600K aka Sandy bridge whas a good cpu and so where I7 920 and i7 980X. I7 920 is also a pretty good overclocker. I took it from stock 2.8 GHz to 4.4 GHz on air and it whas cooling that set the limit, not CPU or motherboard. Look at the benchmark, i have taken my I7 980X to 4.75 GHz all core air cooled.
  19. Nehalem where back then a innovative desing with great performance and even throw it cost a pretty penny back then, it whas every single penny good spend. Been on X58/Nehalem for over 10 years now first with a I7 920/Asus Rampage 2 extreme board setup and now a I7 980X/ASUS P6X58D Premium setup. Never exspected it to last this long. Sandy Bridge also delivered a significant performance gain, but after that intel became boring and performance gain whas low like 10 % gain for every new gen after Sandy Brigde. After Nehalem and Sandy Brigde intel really became way less innovative and phase of CPU core count and new features good really slow. But yeah Nehalem where really ahead of its time as OP said, intel still using a desing that can be tracked back to Nehalem. Nehalem had a great long run, but i have desided that it is time forme to move on and i for now consider Ryzen 9 3950X/Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Hero X570 board to be my next setup. Well here is Nehalem in all its glory or maybe not any more. My system beaten throw a few benchmark and games. I7 920 setup https://imgur.com/a/WqD1iHK I7 980X https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/10037039 https://imgur.com/a/uHjbbMg
  20. Yes this is indeed sad. Minecraft or any game for that matter at 20 fps i consider as unplayable. Apselutely minimum is 30 fps and I prefer gaming above 60 fps. That old pc is ready for retirement if you ask me for gaming and don't post money in upgrade that old machine. Either bay new or something better used. Cpu is weak, to little ram for gaming and remember windows 7 end support for updates after January 2020 also. Meaning after that windows 7 is going to be a security harzard if continuing being used there after. If gpu is just as old to, you will never get a solid good gaming experience. My advice: retire the old and get something better. Even a dead cheap new pc will perform better than your old one.
  21. I will have to agree with it all as it is true. Intel lack behind because of them staying on 14 nm for so many years now. 3950X is a better choise over all. It might have 2 core less, but that is compensated by faster cores.
  22. Yeah it seems most people vote for 3950X, so that will be my new cpu then. Now it just has to become November so I can get my dirty hands on it.
  23. I dont need more lanes, but I am not sure about quad channel ram as I have yet to be told what simulation software I will be using. 16 core or just around that shut be all I need. No reason for paying for more than what i need. You are right about efficiency on intels chip as they are still on 14 nm and for overclock such a cpu needs custom water and I am hoping for to just go with air cooling as I m not a fan of water inside with electricity. So 3950X here as well. About x58. It's more serious than that. Cpu or motherboard is degrading after years of overclock. So dissable c-state wount help. AL ready tried. Yeah 3950X will be expensive and so will 10980XE be. But as mentioned before, new job will be paying half of its price as the new job is part home work on my own pc. So for compensation work is paying for half of it and I the rest. But it seems most people saying ryzen 9 3950X to go after and honestly I agreed after reading people points. 3950X is more power efficient, has pcie gen 4 and given its 7 nm shut be easier to cool with a decent air cooler as I am not a fan of water cooling. So 3950X it is. Thanks for all inputs, very help ful.
  24. Alright. That's one for amd then. Multitasking will be while I work on the pc for work. I will in the background make it do other stuff to like convert a video and work will be simulation running as well for work. Else it will be a lot of programs open at the same time and used. It's not professional use yet, as I am still in a learning face and the new job is partly as a apprentice, but I chose these two CPU's as the company pays half of the pc any way. I honestly don't know yet if the software I will be using for work/simulation benefit from quad-channel. My new boss just told me that he recommended a powerful cpu to get the work done faster. My new job will pay for some the pc as it will be used for work as well at home. That's why I cut just as well get a fair amount of cores. So no I will only go after amd and Intel topmedel CPU's. Yeah right now 3900X is totally overpriced, so I se no reason for to chose that over 3950X and as already told. My new work Will pay for some of the pc. So another win for 3950X. None of these two CPU's will oc that high. I know ryzen stops at around 4.3 ghz and intels cpu need serious custom water loop to go higher than 4.4 ghz all core. So no these CPU's will deffently not reach 5 ghz. But I need cores over single thread. So hence my two choises. The two CPU'S are clock fairly even. Single core boost is 4.8 ghz for Intel and amd is 4.7 ghz. Base clock is 3 ghz and all core boost is 3.8 ghz for Intel and amd is base clock at 3.5 ghz and we don't know all core max boost yet but I would asume around the same max boost clock for this one as well. If I chose amd I will be going after asus crosshair hero and if Intel asus x299 apex board. 9900k is out of the question. Way to low core count and 3900X is pretty overpreced right now. So i can just as well go for 3950X or 10980XE.