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    Intel - Core i7-6700K
  • Motherboard
    Asus - Maximus VIII Hero
  • RAM
    Corsair Dominator Platinum 16GB DDR4-3000
  • GPU
    Galax GTX 980Ti HOF
  • Case
    NZXT H440
  • PSU
    EVGA SuperNOVA 750 P2
  • Cooling
    Corsair - H100i GTX
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

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  1. tried a different pci-e slot ? it could be it, found out my 1st x16 slot died when i plug in a x8 slot, stash my card in the box after
  2. maybe try running valley benchmark and compare your scores and see if there's any difference with similar rig
  3. vsync is turned off in nvidia panel and in-game?
  4. if you provide the below info, tech savvy folks here would be able to assist you better cpu+gpu usage while gaming games games settings display resolution
  5. alright i'll buy one tomorrow and test, if it really is my psu, i would never imagine a platinum rated one would give me problems just after 3 years
  6. @NelizMastr tried to launch pubg twice and it rebooted my PC again, so i ran benchmark instead everything is in stock when i ran the benchmarks, i did prime95, aida64(10mins), no crashes on both though, below are the graph only thing left is to re-install the game or windows entirely which i hope not to do so.
  7. re-seated cooler with new thermal compound, while doing that, all 4 thumbscrews were not tight fit, basically they were so loose which it doesn't take any effort to unscrew them, pretty sure the loose block was what causing all these for me, will run some games/benchmarks and see if i still get the reboot
  8. so i launched pubg at all stock bios, reboot me once again. i'll re-do the cooler and thermal compound. at this point, i'm wondering if it's the P2 rated psu which is the main problem...
  9. attached the graphs right after I load the defaults, i certainly feel uneasy with the stock volts though.
  10. i'll give it a shot and load defaults, i'm gonna disable my secondary display and launch a game and see how it is.
  11. i locked it at 1.25, if i just let it on auto, it's pretty insane how skylake works, it fluctuates the volts up to 1.4v which really isn't necessary
  12. my main 144hz monitor on my gpu, on-board for my secondary 60hz panel
  13. Hey guys, at this point i'm out of sorts already, no matter what games i launched, my rig would instant reboot itself, no errors no blue screen etc. the only time when it doesn't reboot itself is when i surf net/stream videos and also i occasionally leave my PC on for 3-5 days and yea, it doesn't reboot itself either. so at the point when it reboots itself, package temps on the cpu is 60c (launching pubg). not sure what is wrong at this point. no OC to any other parts other than a manual voltage on the cpu, rest of the spec as per sig Win10 pro, version 1803 cpu - 1.25v stock clocks
  14. ikr, since our currencies are pretty much the same when converting to USD