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    Intel i7-8700K @ 4.5Ghz 1.15V
  • Motherboard
    ASUS Z370-A
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    2x8GB HyperX Predator 2400mhz CL12, OC'ed to 3200Mhz CL14
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    Sapphire Dual-X R9-280
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    NZXT S340 Elite

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  1. Temperatures are great and the clockspeed is consistent, if you're not having issues with other games and your CPU performance is up to par in benchmarks then it's safe to fault it at the game for being unoptimized, I understand your frustration Have you made sure that you've enabled XMP/DOCP in BIOS and that your RAM is running at 3466mhz? because it's rare for 2nd Gen Ryzen to handle that speed, that's why I'm having doubts, though in some cases it does Can you post a screenshot of the Memory tab in CPU-Z? Buying a cooler is a good decision since it'd be useful anyway when upgrading to 3rd Gen, just make sure not to overspend on a cooler, for example the Arctic Freezer 34 eSports (Single fan) is 33$ and the Duo version which has Dual fans is 40$, it's overpriced right now on Amazon but you might find it in your local stores, though make sure to investigate the issue extensively before deciding to spend money, it might be something simple that you're overlooking
  2. I assume the 3600XT wouldn't be able to go above 4.2Ghz All Core since that's the limit most of the time with the current architecture and I doubt they changed anything, it's most likely a simple OC to counter Intel's new CPUs, and the All Core frequency is what you're going to get while gaming, even though the game mostly loads a single core but all the other cores are loaded as well but not at the same level so that's why you won't see the single core boosts, and you can also easily overclock the 2600 to 4Ghz+, the power consumption wouldn't be that high. With both CPUs at the same clockspeed there is still a 15% performance difference because of IPC but it's unclear how much that would help you, all the games you're mentioning are unoptimized as hell and you're not the only one having these issues, it's difficult to recommend an upgrade when it might not help at all. Have you checked if your CPU isn't thermal throttling or that the CPU clock speeds are consistent during gameplay? fluctuation in clockspeed can cause stutters, you can check them with HWiNFO (sensors-only) to see the clockspeed for each core
  3. In that case it's hard to recommend 4000 series because I suspect the B450 boards would be a mess in terms of their BIOS Cities Skylines and Anno 1800 are largely single threaded so they tend to max out a single core and cause a bottleneck so I doubt an upgrade would help that much because the single core performance isn't that much of a leap, and I don't know why AC Odyssey is stuttering, maybe there are other things at play? As you can see from this benchmark here there's not much scaling above 4 cores 4 threads Is that a single 16GB stick or 2x8GB?
  4. I'm aware it doesn't translate 1:1 as they're completely different OSes, that's why 4 cores have been preeminent for the longest time even though the consoles were 8 cores, but I was more talking about the future proofing part because as developers have a lot more freedom to develop games for a console with this much CPU performance then eventually they will be able to take advantage of all those cores, maybe not now or maybe not in a year, I don't know what they can deliver at launch but you know they'll keep pushing the bar since they have the ability to do so and since in a lot of cases the PC ports are less optimized because of the variety in hardware that means games would require even more than an equivalent Zen 2 CPU.
  5. Seems like the NVIDIA audio devices are malfunctioning, have you tried using DDU? it's a program to completely uninstall your GPU drivers for a fresh start, you could also try removing the NVIDIA audio drivers from Device Manager first and see if that helps? https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html
  6. It's about the performance of those cores though, and the current gen consoles are nowhere close to the performance of next gen even though they're both 8 cores, there's a massive 7X performance difference at minimum Why not wait for Ryzen 4000 when it comes out later this year? the R5 2600 is adequate for you to hold off on an upgrade
  7. That's not how heat convection works, It doesn't matter how cool your components are, you're still pumping the same amount of heat output into the room unless the components are thermal throttling which means you're putting out less heat, if anything a more efficient cooler will spread the heat around the room faster.
  8. Why specifically those cards? one has terrible cooling and the other is expensive, what about a middle ground? for example the MSI RTX 2060 Super Ventus OC has a good cooler.
  9. Fan Headers generally can sustain 1 amp unless it's a Pump Header which can do more, but even at 1 amp you can do what you're planning to do with no issues.
  10. Are you using audio through HDMI? if not then try disabling the NVIDIA High Definition Audio from Device Manager, right click on it and click disable.
  11. Their download button links to the source code which you cannot install unless you compile it, here's the installer https://github.com/nicehash/NiceHashMiner/releases/tag/
  12. The X470 Gaming Plus and the B450 Tomahawk both have the same VRMs
  13. Try using their legacy miner https://www.nicehash.com/blog/post/nicehash-miner-legacy-1-9-0-23 I suspect your GPU isn't supported in the newer versions
  14. Syn.

    Whats that?

    They're shorter by design, there's no issue with the pins
  15. I don't think there will be much difference between the chips but rather a simple higher PBO overclock out of the box and a higher TDP, I doubt they made architecture improvements when Zen 3 is close to being launched, they're only releasing this to get a newer release date title on their chips as most consumers don't understand what any of this means and might look the other way if they saw that Zen 2 was released in 2019 and the Intel chips are new "so that must mean they're better", basically it's a move to shit all over Intel. As for if they expect Zen 3 would be delayed, I'm not sure, maybe they don't wanna take chances as the pandemic is unpredictable and if something happened they're afraid to lose market share because the Intel chips are newer? I think it's a bad decision as it makes all that BIOS fiasco even worse and it's far from the first time AMD has made bad decisions.