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  1. I would say so, any fan that no longer has a position on the board can easily be remedied with a 4$ fan splitter
  2. At what resolution? for 1080p/1440p this doesn't sound right at all, check HWiNFO to see your CPU clocks/temps/GPU clocks and RAM speed
  3. A leg is far more extreme, you could lose all of the fan headers and it would not matter at all for performance, you would just lose automatic fan control but people prefer a constant low RPM anyway
  4. You wanna replace a board because of a fan header? why?
  5. In fact the opposite for Intel, there's only very few cases where HT will hinder performance but in most cases it does improve it, maybe not much in gaming but there's always some improvement regardless and the difference is dramatic in programs that can utilize all of the cores or while multitasking, that anomaly with having better performance with SMT off is only present on AMD CPU's, otherwise the 9700K would be the chart topper but it isn't, the 9900K is.
  6. Yep everything seems good now I'm getting 47.3GB/s Read and 44ns Latency on 3200mhz CL14 which I'm satisfied with, still no clue why but thank you, enjoy your meal
  7. 6.20.5300 is the current one yes, went into settings and clicked on "SMBus access through ACPI (Asus motherboards)" tested again and everything is performing normally across all versions, then I unchecked it and it still performed normally.. I've never went into settings btw and they're portable versions they don't affect each other.. what... I'm so done with this shit I don't care anymore T_T Thank you for the help though, many months of tearing my hair for still no apparent reason
  8. I think old results can still be comparable, at least for 3000mhz from what I've seen they mostly fall in the 43-44GB/s range for XMP profiles, there's potential for more if you tighten the timings but going down to 38GB/s is an odd deviation, your results are what I expect to see and thank you for putting the time As I write this I listened to you and tested in v5.30 which is what I used way back when and got the same result in Linux that was using Wine to run V6.20... what..... though to note both of them can't recognize my CPU when it shows the results it says "Unknown" (My CPU wasn't released in v5.30 and because of Wine in Linux) So is AIDA64 recognizing my CPU and doing something different? what the fuck? I also tested in the version you've used in your post (v5.95.4500) and again it recognizes my CPU and messes up the results, I don't get it.. I'm not sure what is detecting what to skew the results like this, it would still be helpful to see what you get though 2:40 Here the 9900K is performing normally too (same result for 3000mhz) but it's not known what version he used Does this fall under haunted hardware?
  9. Need help to confirm memory degradation on Coffee Lake CPU's specifically 8th Gen but 9th Gen is welcome as well, It happens only in Windows (even after multiple clean Installs over time) but in Linux it's performing and scaling exactly as expected and the same results that I used to see 1.5 years ago before all of the mitigations and BIOS updates, memory overclocking became mind-numbingly boring and frustrating because no matter how much I tighten the timings I get the same results. As an example on 3000mhz CL15 Windows: Read: 38GB/s Latency: 50-54ns Linux: Read: 43GB/s Latency: 46ns and on 3200mhz CL14 Windows: Read: 41GB/s Latency: 50-54ns Linux: Read: 48GB/s Latency 43 ns It would help a lot to post your results for 8th or 9th Gen including Motherboard/BIOS version and Windows version, even if you don't know your BIOS version you could at least say that or estimate when is the last time you updated it because this isn't new it has been happening for a while now, and if it's just me who's facing this issue at least I could contact ASUS so they could test it out and confirm that it can be replicated with my exact board in Windows AIDA64 EXE: https://www.aida64.com/downloads/YzcyMTRhNWU= AIDA64 Portable ZIP (No Installation): https://www.aida64.com/downloads/NTk0NWRmZmQ= Open AIDA64 and click on "Benchmark" from the icons listed, then "Memory Read" or "Memory Latency" and click "Start", try not to have anything in the background Specs: CPU: 8700K Motherboard: ASUS Z370-A (V2401 but has been happening on many previous BIOS updates) RAM: Hyperx Predator 2400mhz CL12
  10. Have you tried resetting BIOS? issue is extremely weird, at the least you should be running at 2133mhz I've never heard of anything like this before https://www.aida64.com/downloads Try doing the "Memory Read" benchmark in Aida64, once you open it click on "Benchmark" from the icons and then click on "Memory Read" then "Start", this should at least tell you if you're truly running at 800mhz, try not to have anything running in the background Otherwise I really have no clue what the hell is going on, I would also suggest re-seating/switching RAM slots on the motherboard or trying a different set of RAM, it's possible the RAM you currently have is defective?
  11. There's the Asrock B450 Pro4 and pay attention to the "AMD Ryzen 3000 Desktop Ready" sticker on the box to confirm that the BIOS is updated, or ask them to update the BIOS for you, otherwise the Tomahawk "MAX" version is guaranteed to support Ryzen 3000 Definitely better than the 9600K, and you also have an upgrade path Performs about the same in gaming, and outperforms the 9600K in everything else
  12. Go with the Ryzen 5 3600 and Tomahawk MAX as said, though I don't agree with the 5700.. drivers are still wonky I find it difficult to recommend but the 1660 Super is an excellent choice If you already bought the NH-U12S check if it has the AM4 mounting bracket for AMD, but to answer your question it does support the 9600K for sure and is plenty.
  13. 800mhz? wha.. can I get a screenshot of CPU-Z?
  14. Silicone lottery and voltage stability, have you checked HWiNFO to see how much your vcore fluctuates?