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  1. and you figured out your problem, something is wrong with the CPU, did you check temperatures?
  2. check your CPU clock speed while in a game, and also temperatures https://www.hwinfo.com/ "Sensors-only"
  3. _Syn_

    Lower ram speeds

    DDR = Double Data Rate, 1066.5 = 2133mhz
  4. _Syn_

    Yeet [Completed]

    Somehow that's faster than my 8700K at 4.6Ghz (according to synthetic benchmarks), that's pretty awesome Edit: it's actually pretty close
  5. _Syn_

    Help please

    Did you reinstall Nvidia drivers?
  6. You need to adjust LLC settings for the voltage to be stable, deviation from 1.3 to 1.5 is HORRIBLE CPU wont die instantly though
  7. _Syn_

    Uppgrading fom an old pc

    Yes it's good ofc
  8. _Syn_

    Uppgrading fom an old pc

    Oh nevermind, stick with the MSI Ventus
  9. Yeah.. there's a stupid limit on my bank password as well, I had to get creative, it's really stupid
  10. _Syn_

    question about internet uphrading

    yes I'm sure, and your ping might decrease, but again that depends on how strong the connection is, and the distance between you and the 4G towers and all that, it's really complicated to predict what the latency will be like unless you test it.
  11. _Syn_

    question about internet uphrading

    Ping might decrease depending on how strong the connection is, but it doesn't decrease because of speed, and it definitely won't decrease ten fold Ping is latency, it has nothing to do with speed
  12. _Syn_

    Uppgrading fom an old pc

    seems great to me, but you can find a cheaper RTX 2080 if you want since you're using a case without a window, so looks don't matter, but otherwise I have no complaints
  13. _Syn_

    question about internet uphrading

    nope, ping won't decrease, it doesn't depend on speed
  14. _Syn_

    question about internet uphrading

    Yeah but as I said, it really varies on where you are, you're gonna download at the speed you're getting, if you get 200Mb (bits) then you'll download at roughly ~200Mb/s from steam, but you have no way of knowing if you'll actually receive that speed on your phone, and mobile data is bad for online gaming if that's your purpose
  15. _Syn_

    question about internet uphrading

    200mb/s? I don't get it, you're talking about ISP's but you mention internet for your phone, as far as i'm aware phone internet doesn't have a specified speed because it heavily varies on where you are