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  1. FuriousGamer

    Laptop still crashing

    So a few days ago I made the following thread that will be at the bottom of this post. I did everything suggested but this problem is still occuring. I deleted my google chrome cache and then redownloaded it, I update my computer, and I have no viruses. I really need this solved can anyone else help me?
  2. So I am using a laptop and ive been using it for a year or two now and its been running just fine. Recently in the past two days whenever I full screen a YT video (which btw I always full screen videos, its a habit) and watch it for a while my computer screen turns black I see the mouse glitch out a few times and it shows the loading cursor and then my computer just goes completely black and I cant use it so I have to turn it off then back on manually. This happens randomly and not always on every video. The laptop specs will be below but I can run things just fine and I am pretty good with closing a lot of the background programs. I haven't noticed this with really anything else cause I watch a lot of YouTube. I have no idea why this is happening and I really need this fixed. Laptop Specs: CPU - I3 5005u (2ghz, 2 cores, 4 threads) GPU - None Ram - 8gb HDD - 500gb (353gb of free space)
  3. FuriousGamer

    Garry's Mod Crashing Help!!

    So recently whenever I join any server after about 5min of being in my game crashes and says something like this "Lua panic not enough memory" Anyone know how to fix it ive been looking everywhere I tried re-intsalling gmod, disabling and enabling addons, put all the -dxlevel commands into gmod properties. I dont know what else to do :'(
  4. Ive played SR2,SR3 and SR4. SR2 and SR3 are the best. I thought SR4 was shit. Dont buy SR4 but thats my opinion.Maybe rent the game first before buying it?
  5. FuriousGamer

    Are these temps good?

    Reason for avoiding Asus and Gigabyte amd cards?
  6. FuriousGamer

    Are these temps good?

    Those temps are a little high maybe throw in a aftermarket air cooler and a couple more fans? You might wanna close that case because alot of dust is gonna get in there and that is a bad thing to have. Amd new cards are for sure gonna be released before september. I would advise waiting for AMD new line of cards but if you cant wait just buy the 1070. There is alot of speculations of how it will compare but there just speculations, in my opinion I think amd new cards will perform a little bit less to Nividias but will be worth it for the perfomance per dollar.
  7. FuriousGamer

    Electronics making room warmer?

    *facepalm* Im sorry I just had to, of course electronics make your room hotter. Where do you think the heat goes? Just vanishes?
  8. FuriousGamer

    Help please.

    http://pcpartpicker.com/p/WKC6M8 Dont pay full price for windows WD blue are a better choice for only $2 more. GTX 1070 will be coming out early next mont, Wait for that.
  9. FuriousGamer

    Could anyone rate my build ???

    Buy this http://pcpartpicker.com/p/j2QD4C - use this to find pc stores near you in your country.
  10. FuriousGamer

    I want ethernet!

    What?? I hope your just joking around.
  11. FuriousGamer

    I want ethernet!

    He wasnt talking to you, Make sure to watch for who he quotes.
  12. Lucky for you I made this --
  13. FuriousGamer

    .gtx 960 in sli or 980

    Less than two months and around 3 weeks from now.