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  1. Should i switch to linux?

    @TetraSky Ubuntu 17.10 finally has a working Software Center now, and most websites offer a download for Linux in form of a .deb file. The community is great now, you can find any common answer with a quick search and if you can always ask on Reddit, where the people are friendly and willing to help(they just like to joke around about Arch Linux and how it's superior to any other OS, but that's just a meme). You can use Ubuntu 17.10 without any terminal interaction, but some tasks are quicker to do in Terminal and that's why people still use it a lot. (Example: Opening software center, looking for the package you want, clicking install, authencating VS: ctrl+alt+T, "sudo apt install package", authencate, press Y). And a lot of answers tell you to run something in your terminal as that's easier to explain than "click here, click there" I messed around with it around 2013 2014, but the improvements since then are as clear as day and night.
  2. New PC: Opinions?

    Thanks! I chose this GPU because it wasn't that expensive and it's nice to have a full HD video or stream playing whilst playing a game. Haven't decided on the monitor yet, but I'll find something.
  3. Should i switch to linux?

    No problem. It's sometimes sad to see that people disregard Linux just because they think it's really advanced with no software support. Gaming on Linux has been quite crap for a long time because Windows has DirectX and Mac & Linux have OpenGL. Now we have Vulkan, which is cross platform and really modern game developers can support any platform without issue. They just have to pick it up. You might wanna check out this guy for more on Linux gaming: https://vid.me/thelinuxgamer
  4. New PC: Opinions?

    What do you guys think? I'll pair this with Ubuntu 17.10. I rarely play games on PC, just some games like Minecraft, My Summer Car and sometimes I just play whatever comes into my mind. I'll mostly use it for Discord, looking up things on Yandex, YouTube, Dailymotion, Bittorrent, Reddit/Forums/Social media, and perhaps some other stuff from time to time. Storage is no issue, I'm using this right now: And I'll be getting a NAS with RAID for important files. I don't really wanna spend more and I do not want anything to do with Nvidia because it's Nvidia and i do not want Nvidia. Got that? Opinions?
  5. Should i switch to linux?

    Note: This forum is 99% PC Gamers who don't know better than MS Windows. I am a daily Linux user, unlike most people in this thread. Q: Does Linux have a user interface? A: Yes! You have different Desktop enviorments that vary in design, performace and customizability. Most modern Linux based operating systems include a desktop enviorment. Ubuntu runs GNOME, Linux Mint lets you choose between Cinnamon, Mate, XFCE or KDE. Ubuntu looks the most stylish in my opinion but it can be hard on older & slower hardware. MATE and XFCE really shine when it comes to performance, whilst Gnome 3 and KDE Plasma 5 really shine in style. My desktop (Ubuntu 17.10): Q: Will my software be compatible? A: This is where a lot of people get confused, so let me explain. Software like Discord and Steam run without issue. Software like Photoshop and MS Office do not run on Linux, but good alternatives are available(Krita and Libreoffice is what I use). I am not sure if Origin works with Linux. Applications designed for Windows obviously not work on Linux straight out of the box, however there is a piece of software available called Wine which runs many Windows applications without the use of VM's so you still get great performance. Wine supports many games too, but not all. GTA 5 does not work in Wine for example, but some developer guy managed to get it running a while back so I'm sure soon enough most AAA games will work in Wine. I run Game Dev Tycoon and Civ 5 in Wine which run with more FPS than when I ran them straight on Windows. Q: Antivirus? I do not see Antivirus available for Linux? What do? A: The reason Windows needs antivirus is because of design flaws that allow viruses to run and break stuff easily. You do not need an antivirus on Linux. Every time you run something as administrator(root) you have to put in your password, without root priveledges viruses can't do a whole lot of damage. Even if you have a virus, just kill the process and uninstall the package. Q: Is it easy to adapt to it? A: Linux is very easy to learn and it can be really useful. In my own words; Windows threats it's users like little kids, you don't really need a functional brain to use it. However something like Ubuntu is really user friendly whilst still giving you access to a lot of advanced stuff. Once you start to get the hang of it you'll learn more and more and more! You'll learn things like Bash, APT/DPKG, compiling software, how to use the terminal efficiently, GPL Software license/Open source. You learn at your own pace, and you decide how deep you want to learn. My 11yo sister uses Ubuntu every day without using the terminal as she doesn't get that, she never needs assistance from me unless she's installing software because she isn't an administrator. Anyone can adapt to Linux in their own way, that's the beautiful thing about it. To install Ubuntu you download the ISO from here, then use Rufus to write it to a USB, boot it and install it. It's easy. You can also use Linux Mint which is less stylish/modern looking, but is way lighter. Ubuntu and Linux Mint are all based on Debian, so they all work similar. Linux software works on any distro, however the most common installer is .deb which is a package for Debian based systems. I hope you enjoy Linux! I promise that once you've adapted to it you don't want to go back. It's way more stable, secure and better in general. Oh and with Vulkan, native Linux Gaming will become huge in not too much time. Any questions? Quote or DM me. too long; didn't read: Linux is better than Windows and you should use it.
  6. I Miss Luke

    Luke actually cares about privacy and once mentioned that he's looking forward for Linux being widely used by gamers(or something like that). Perhaps the best host. But his mom is pretty good at reviewing too
  7. Which CPU for 1440p 144hz gaming...

    Could you please elaborate on what you want instead of shouting random letters and numbers?
  8. Thoughts on this router

    Oh amazing, different products with the same name. This is what I got when I looked it up
  9. Thoughts on this router

    You know that AC750 is a range extender right? I wouldn't say Ubiquiti routers are "amazing" routers, Linus just uses them all the time because sponsorships(Just like Intel, Nvidia, and many other brands). They're good but not amazing. Asus seems to make a lot of great routers, like the ASUS RT-N600. Just make sure that you don't throw it in a corner or in a closet somewhere. Give it breathing space or it'll get hot and become slow and unstable. If you live in a large apartment you might want to look into Mesh Wifi like the Netgear Orbi which is a lot more expensive but definitely worth it.
  10. Cannot Crate A System Restore Point ERROR 0x800423f4

    Looked into the error but it seems to be one of these errors that doesn't have a clear solution, which is surprisingly common with Windows especially with 10. I use FreeFileSync to backup my data with a batch file that runs every time I boot the computer. Perhaps that could work for you depending on how you backup to what?
  11. Edge won't work

    See, the issue that your Edge isn't working is because it's Edge. I have used Edge once and it crashed on me twice whilst being very very slow. Chrome is good, Chromium is better, but I use Yandex Browser because it syncs my bookmarks and open tabs with mobile devices. Just use Chromium, unless you want syncing 'n stuff but don't want Google then use the same as me.
  12. What should I upgrade?

    As I see now. Sweden is very expensive, I paid 45 crowns for one kanelbullar when I last visited. But I see @Lurick has given you a pretty decent configuration with Swedish links already.
  13. Question about network switches

    This is what I use, I got it for free. Just look on eBay, you can get one $10 or less that'll work fine.
  14. how to get administrator rights on my OWN pc?

    Yeah it's Linux I have no clue how Windows works but can't you run the "Explorer" as Administrator by right clicking it and clicking Run as administrator? Then right click the file and click properties and change the permissions.
  15. What should I upgrade?

    https://pcpartpicker.com/list/c6xszM And upgrade the GPU with christmas money