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    MSI H97 PC
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    Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB
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    PowerColor Radeon R9 380 4GB PCS+
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    LEPA LCP 501
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    Seagate Barracuda 1TB Drive
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    Antec VP63​0F 630w AT​X Power Su​pply 80 Pl​us
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    Acer H236HLbid 60Hz 23.0"
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    Thermaltake Challenger Prime
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    Thermaltake Talon Blu
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    Win 10
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  1. What is this error?

    I keeps popping up and I kinda wanna get rid of it. its getting annoying
  2. What is this error?

    any ideas?
  3. Which one of these do I get?

    thx. I think I might look aroung for the lg v30
  4. Ive been looking at these phones Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Huawei Mate 10 Pro Google Pixel 2 XL IPhone x or 8 Samsung S8 What do you guys think and are there any other phones worth looking into?
  5. 1TB SSD for laptops

    I have a MSI GS63VR and because I have no idea what to look for are there any that would go in my laptop and be worth it?
  6. help me choose a car guys. I'm getting my first car with a limit of 4k o craigslist. I could either go for a 3000gt, a golf gti or a lancer. what do you guys think.
  7. GPU suddenly not working

  8. GPU suddenly not working

    ive already checked, I think it might have to do with another problem I had where I reset my laptop to a previous date then had to install a NVidia driver again
  9. GPU suddenly not working

    its a MSI GS63VR
  10. GPU suddenly not working

  11. GPU suddenly not working

    I did try installing ddu but it would never open
  12. GPU suddenly not working

    I had just installed the new NVidia drivers for the gtx 1060 laptop version and when I check task manager when I'm playing a game, its always below 5%. I tried disabling the intel integrated graphics but now its using the Microsoft basic display driver. I tried uninstalling the 1060 drivers thru device manager, restarted and reinstalled them but that fixed nothing and when I try launching NVidia control panel, it says you are currently not using a display attached to an NVidia GPU. Does anyone know a fix?
  13. Headphones suddenly stopped working

    alright will do thx
  14. Headphones suddenly stopped working

    I'm just gonna buy new ones and hope no one breaks it again
  15. Headphones suddenly stopped working

    its a good thing I had spares. Just forgot how uncomfortable they are