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    AMD FX 6300 3.9Ghz@1.2v
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    Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3
  • RAM
    4x8gb Corsair DDR3
  • GPU
    AMD RX 480 4gb
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    NZXT Apollo
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    256gb SSD, 1tb HDD, 150gb hdd, 250gb hdd
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    550w 80+ Gold
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    Windows 10 Pro

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    Oxford, MS
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    Computer Engineering, tacos, python, physics, and chemistry.
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    Just another student majoring in EE with emphasis in Computer Engineering (Eg Basically dual majoring in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering)
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    Full time student

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  1. Neat. Are any of these recommended over the others? Spec wise they all seem similar enough.
  2. That's weird, usually you are able to install the drivers even without the component plugged in.
  3. Have you downloaded the drivers for these cards?
  4. And thus the professional graphics card shortage of 2018 happened, with Vega FEs and somehow Quadros in short supply. This lead to Hollywood lobbying against mining, which ultimately destroyed the market /joke Dang, and two packs have been sold! Edit: and from the same person!
  5. help

    What resolution/refresh rate is your monitor/tv? At 1080p 60hz it should go through just about most games at ultra easily. At 1440p it should run well.
  6. Freesync 2 - Buy now or wait?

    Afaik, Freesync 2 mainly brings (and improves) HDR support, enforces support for LFC, and properly supports borderless windowed mode. If none of these interest you then I would recommend just going for that monitor (I haven't looked at its reviews so no clue on its quality).
  7. Is python a good started language?

    I don't know if they meant it this way but I interpreted it as: Closer to the topic, I don't think someone learning to program should worry much on the performance of a language (They should still learn to optimize their code though). After they have established a greater understanding of programming in general and are wanting to make something more demanding (Such as a game and etc), perhaps then would be a good time to worry. (Bilingual programmers ftw!)
  8. Google Chrome bug?

    The same happens in firefox if you are zoomed out, zooming in may give you the desired result you're wanting. Edit: Also the ad is going to be present if you don't block them (E.g. uBlock origin, etc)
  9. It is registered (Same scenario as Buffered). If you want to use them, you need a board that is compatible with them. (Mostly ECC boards)
  10. Are they buffered or un-buffered? If they are un-buffered then they have a chance to work (FIt seems most cases it doesn't even post, but some claimed that it could be possible.) Edit: For some reason I thought you were referring to using them in a non-ecc board, I would just sale them and get non-ecc ram, or get a board that supports ecc
  11. Is python a good started language?

    I'd say yes as its relatively easy to pick up and will introduce you to many concepts shared with other languages.
  12. According to the FAQ, it seems that all plans are getting this feature: https://fi.google.com/about/faq/#plan-and-pricing-bill-protection (Granted this might not apply to current subscriptions)
  13. Other carriers in the US have far better pricing for higher data usage. Where Fi shines is if you use very little data or just want to pay for the data used without a penalty. (Well there is also tower hopping too) For instance I pay on average $22 total for my plan ($2 for the data used, since I'm usually at home or on campus)
  14. Allocate more RAM to Tekkit?

    Have you looked at the yellow ! beside the drop down? On it it says that you need 64bit java to select a higher amount. (Just a tekkit requirement as 32bit java should be able to use 4GB)
  15. Dang, this is the first time I'm hearing about that. Sorry about that confusion, earlier reports were suggesting that ARM processors were only effected by spectre.