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    Check your drive
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    Computer Engineering, Rust, Python, Physics, and EL E.
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    Just another student majoring in EE with emphasis in Computer Engineering (Eg Basically dual majoring in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering)
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    Full time student


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    Intel i7-8750H
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    OEM board (Dell G5 15 5590)
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    2x8gb DDR4 2666
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    NVidia GTX 1050 Ti w/ 4GB
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    Dell G5 15 5590
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    1TB Samsung Evo 860 (sata m.2), 2tb SSHD
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    130W OEM brick
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    1080p IPS
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    Logitech MX Master 2s
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    openSUSE Tumbleweed

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  1. Reminder that @King Poet exists
    Also various stuff n' stuff


    Highlights: Got a new laptop, built a nextcloud server, and got an Nintendo Switch

    To start, the Nextcloud server

    • Backed the Atomic Pi kick starter and got it a while back
    • Has a quad core Atom processor that operates at ~1.9GHz all cores while sipping power (Like between 5-15 watts)
    • 2GB of ram and 16GB eMMC storage onboard
    • Has microSD, Gigabit Ethernet, and USB 3.0 ports, which the USB is populated with a 1TB drive until I get around to getting a larger drive
    • Got a super cheap domain from namecheap for it
    • One of the type of single board computers that you need to wire up the 5v to it, so got a NeeKeons AC to 5v 5a DC, that way it'll have more than ample power for external components
    • Installed Nextcloud on top of an openSUSE Tumbleweed base

    Also got a Switch

    • So many games and using old 128GB SD card with it, may consider getting a 256GB one later on, but I'm sure I can still fit the upcoming Animal Crossing and Pikmin, games (And the now delayed Metroid Prime 4)
    • Very pleasant experience even for low end specs (As I get older I focus more on the actual game and its game play instead of increasing graphical finesse)

    Lastly the new laptop, went from an Inspiron 5577 to a G5 5590, a very major upgrade if I do say so myself

    • CPU: i5 7300HQ (4c/4t, 3.1GHz all core turbo) -> i7 8750H (6c/12t, 3.9GHz all core turbo)
      • From my limited testing it appears that this is one of those few laptops that can sustain the max turbo of that chip while not being an extra fat gaming laptop
      • May repaste the CPU later but doesn't seem necessary for the time being
    • GPU: GTX 1050 4GB -> GTX 1050 Ti
      • Almost got an RTX 2060, but decided against it as I hardly game and for similar reasons to the Switch, the normal 1050 was already fine enough by me
    • Ram: Still 16GB of it
    • Mouse: Logitech G602 -> Logitech MX Master 2s
      • Definitely feels a whole lot nicer, that's for sure
    • Display: 1080p IPS
      • The Inspiron I had to replace its screen with an AU IPS panel as the included TN panel was absolute trash, however I did not need to do so this go as the included IPS panel is just as good, if not better than the AU I had used (Which was great IMO, though not quite Macbook Pro level)
      • I haven't tried overclocking the panel yet
    • Battery: 74WHr (Degraded to about ~64WHr now) -> 60Whr
      • Plan to upgrade it a 90WHr one later on, though I would lose the HDD bay in the process, so gonna have to wait on upgrading my 1TB SSD to either 2 or 4TB
      • ~7 hours of battery life for general tasks on openSUSE when the dGPU isn't turned on, Windows doesn't come as close
    • Trackpad and keyboard are an upgrade, as are the speakers, internal DAC, cooling, and hinge. The build quality has a massive edge over the last laptop in just about every aspect.
      • As this feels more tankier than the last laptop, I expect it to be able to fall of a table from waist height that a cat psuhed off, last one survived that just fine.
      • Also like ~5mm thinner too without any sacrifices over the last laptop minus the battery (Still can configure to a 90WHr so not really an issue imo)
    • Bios has soooo many more options, though one oddity is that virtualization is enabled out of the box, though that's something I use so I'm not complaining.
      • Other niceties is out right disabling the camera and SGX, like this is the most feature rich bios on any of my systems, though that's a limited number 😅
    • Also running 100% linux even though it is an optimus laptop (Traditional don't play well with linux) as SUSE-Prime has matured and this laptop even though it is newer, works even better ootb, so got all my gaming there.
    • 1TB SSD + 2TB SSHD for all my (local) storage needs
    • No need to upgrade NIC as this came with an Intel 9560
      • Still waiting on WPA3 NICs!
    • Pricier for the performance, but definitely worth it for the build quality and other components imo
    • One thing I find amusing is that the blue Dell logo on the casing can look green depending on the lighting angle
    • Also yay rear I/O

    Now I fade back into obscurity once more

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    2. Tog Driver

      Tog Driver

      @King Poet I wonder how many people will get that reference. . .

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      Now I fade back into obscurity once more

      And with that, @[REDACTED] goes back to being REDACTED

    4. King Poet

      King Poet

      @Tog Driver I imagine not many lol

  2. Again?  With horns?  I see you're a man of culture as well.

    1. Techstorm970


      Well, what can he say?  He's horny!

    2. LordOTaco


      indeed my good fellow

  3. Whoa, that profile picture change confused me so much. . .


    Any Linux Ricers?

    This is far from the world of Unix Porn, but I like my generic KDE desktop and GUI Several things first, before you go and say "Hey, that hardly looks light weight", well A) I'm far from worried about that and B) I have a crap ton of tabs open atm and a fresh boot is far lower. Also don't worry about me making a freakishly large swap partition, I did that for my amusement. Oh and GTK apps using a light theme, it's so I don't need to go fixing Firefox as it's a hayday when altering those settings and I have like one other GTK app that uses the theme at all. WM : KWin DE : KDE Plasma 5.13 Terminal : Konsole OS : openSUSE Tumbleweed Editor : A few
  5. 1.5+ months into using openSUSE (A linux distro) exclusively, and the only major gripe I have had is NVidia's shotty support/execution of Optimus drivers, which means you gotta rely on a bunch of hackery that is a bit less efficient.

    (Though another minor gripe I have is Discord's insistance on not adding a spell checker to the linux versions of their clients)

    1. [REDACTED]


      Oh almost forgot about my second biggest gripe, NVidia half assing Optimus on linux and the need to use third party methods for Windows like optimus means no vulkan atm

    2. LordOTaco


      Welcome back brother

    3. veldora


      I installed discord on fedora and it broke the OS. 

  6. Sorry, but I gotta stop you right there, while it can be installed using Apt and a more recommended way (And sudo is only necessary if you do not have root permissions, which it temporarily gives), the .run from their site is in no way an invalid method to install. For one it does install even if you type it exactly as Linus did as it's an executable and those can be executed as is with just the file name. Also don't forget that there are far more package managers than apt such as zypper, packman, and yay, but I'll ignore that as this is a video using Ubuntu On topic though, the one area that drivers haven't matured well is in NVidia Optimus, still a bunch of third party hackery, no Windows style Optimus either unless you can deal with a lack of vulkan (*E.g. no DXVK). (And before you say Xterm, you need to have another tty/session open, which in my case crashes other x sessions if I switch back to them)
  7. Hmm, various stuff n' stuff



    • 3 weeks into having used openSUSE Tumbleweed (Linux Distro) exclusively, it's been an interesting experience to say the least, far from perfect and still need to fix a few quirks.
      • Steam's Proton has made me more tempted to allocate my secondary drive for games instead of giving that to Windows when ever it gets reinstalled.
    • Upgraded to an Essential Phone from a Nexus, it has been mostly positive
      • Big jump in performance, and while Geekbench might not be the best tool, it at least serves as a good comparison between the two from my experience (Spoiler: My old multicore score is my new single core :D)
        • Spoiler



        • Spoiler



      • Going to continue testing Android Pie, mixed on liking some additions, though I've always been the LineageOS type so maybe I'll get into xposed/magisk modules for Pie as I wait for Lineage 16.x

    • Spoiler

      To continue partail haitus or not to...



    Well that's that for updates


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      ITS OVER 9000!

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      I’m not even interested in the status updates, I’m more interested in how much your notification count has gotten to hahaha

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      Get to 20k then you can stop


    Specs to look for: college laptop

    Recommended Processors: AMD Ryzen 2700U (And lesser variants) Target TDP of 15W (cTDP up to 25w) Best iGPU of the list Would have some benefits even if she doesn't play games (The number of CUs and frequency goes down as you go lower) 10CUs - 2700u 8CUs - 2500u 6CUs - 2300u 3CUs - 2200u 4 cores/ 8 "threads" (For the 2500u and 2700u) 4 cores/4 "threads" for the 2200u and 2300u Intel 8th gen u series (Eg i7-8850u) Target TDP of 15W (cTDP up to 25w) 4 cores/8 "threads" for all variants (Lower clocks the lower you go) Personally I would go for the 2700u but laptops with them are few sadly, the Intel U series are still decent however. These are lower TDP processors and tend to be better on battery life, though if you expected her to be doing heavy computing in the future, you may want to start looking into an H/HQ processor from Intel and a dGPU. On the topic of GPUs, having a thunderbolt port would be worthwhile if you want to one day use a dGPU with the laptop, but doesn't seem necessary in this case. On ram, try for a minimum of 8GB, 4GB could work but having more room and relying on paging less is recommended. If you can, try for something with 16GB but that isn't necessary.
  9. Hello darkness my old friend

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      WHAT THE.

    3. Tog Driver

      Tog Driver

      Wait, how do you know if anything is going on?


      also wow this is an old status update.

    4. [REDACTED]


      Yes, yes it is indeed old

  10. naf tseggib ruoy mI
    naf ylno ruoy
    naf tseb eht

  11. .iapneS ,iahO

    1. ScratchCat
    2. TVwazhere


      Did you just make a fake account that's just mirrored? :D 

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      .tuoba gniklat er'uoy tahw wonk t'nod I

  12. I'll just let this add up


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      That's almost 'a gigabyte' worth of notification :ph34r:

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      is that real?