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  1. DragonTamer1

    Dark Rock Pro 4

    I had a similar issue with my DRP4 and a Xeon 1650, I thought it was just because the IHS might have been shorter on my CPU. I ended up packing material (in my case 4 layers of masking tape) between the cross bracket and the mounting brackets. I've never used the DRP3 but I'm willing to bet that this is an issue because they changed the way it was mounted. Even with me packing material behind it, I'm still not getting any better temps than my DR3 cooler even though I should be. My IHS is not flat, but it should not be this bad. I think because of the mounting method it doesn't pull all the edges down towards the CPU.
  2. DragonTamer1

    Is this cooling solution good? Pardon my paint skills.

    Isn't your PSU behind a shroud? If it is, it doesn't really count towards positive or negative pressure. You should have your PSU just pulling air from the bottom of the case if you have a power supply shroud, unless the shroud is vented then you can possibly use it to help remove hot air from near the GPU. I have a similar fan setup in my case and when I have the top front fan set as intake my CPU temp is about 3-4 degrees cooler and when it is exhaust my GPU temp is lower by about the same amount.
  3. DragonTamer1

    GTA V: Real money for fake gambling

    I stopped playing GTA because of all the flying bikes and sci-fi Saint's Row BS they had been adding that was ruining the "immersion" of being a criminal. I bought the game so I could steal cars (you can't even keep high end cars even though it's in the name of the game) robbing banks, making money from jobs and occasionally goofing off and running over your friends at 100 mph. I've never bought into their business model of you need to pay us money since I was generally disinterested in most of what they added to the game. Anything that they added that I thought was cool was locked behind a pay wall of needing to buy something else that I didn't want because it was not as cool (and absurdly expensive). I've never bought a shark card and as far as I'm concerned, they haven't done anything to deserve my money. I'm actually okay with casinos being in the game because it's not outlandish to have one in this type of game, I do however have an issue with the fact that real money can be added to play at these casinos. Real life casinos are regulated by law (at least the ones that I'm aware of) so that there are at least chances that you will win once in every so many games, and the chances are disclosed to you.
  4. Mine is actually an 04 LX as well. I'm seeing a lot of XPEL, is that what you used?
  5. I had tried something like that before but it didn't really work that well, might just be because it's so old. I'll try the 3M stuff. I want to see if I can get something to put on the lenses to keep them from fading, the civic doesn't stay in the garage and is abused by the sun all day.
  6. Finally did my first "mod" to the car. Replaced the nasty headlights with new LED ones. Just wish I had gotten the tail lights and fog lights in this weekend to do those as well. Also rotated the tires, fronts are wearing a bit fast on the inside.
  7. Just spent too much money... Happy birthday to me I guess. Headlights and tail lights are a good place to start modding the car I guess. Still really wanted to get that supercharger this week...
  8. I'm waiting to see how they overclock tbh. I'm wondering if it is like the previous generations where they basically maxed it out of the box.
  9. If the lower end parts overclock to the same levels as the higher end ones, I will be switching.
  10. Crowd suddenly woke up.
  11. I only watch his videos when I need background noise.
  12. 8 core/16 thread 65W 4.4GHz ... y my pp hard?
  13. Acer put them to sleep.
  14. DragonTamer1

    Building a sleeper. Need help with airflow.

    If you are building in that case you are going to want as much negative pressure as possible. 80mm fans get loud so see if you can find one on the quieter side. You can also use your power supply as an exhaust fan to help pull air through the system. Just don't get any fanless power supplies and make sure they aren't hybrid. I think that most hybrid PSUs only kick on under a certain load and not temp.
  15. That is really weird. I tried laying my system on it's side for shits n' giggles and I did see about a 3-4*C drop on it's side on average but nothing substantial like yours. I wonder if some heat-pipes are more efficient at moving heat than others.
  16. What? Heat rising is irrelevant in this situation because there is not a large amount of heat being generated and the IHS of a processor is so small that it quickly becomes saturated. If you are talking about the cooler, the heat pipes in the cooler would work to move the heat away regardless of angle.
  17. Put them on the two screws on your cooler that connect the braces to the cooler. Place them under the braces but above the cooler so it pushes down it there. As long as your screws are long enough you could keep adding as necessary. If that doesn't work you can try rotating the whole cooler 90* clockwise so that the tension is put on the brackets in a different way.
  18. You mentioned that you added washers, where did you add them and how many?
  19. Do the cross braces for your cooler that connect to the socket go over top of your coolers main cross member? I can't find any pictures of it mounted to a 2011 socket. If you undo the screws a little bit (barely at all) does the cooler freely wobble around? Just loosen them until they are not tight, you still want it to be attached. I have a Dark Rock Pro 4 on Xeon 1650 (basically the xeon version of what you have) and it doesn't make full contact out of the box. I had to put tape between the cross member and the back of the cold plate. It had noticeable play in it.
  20. What happens when you re-run the tests with the system vertical after laying it down?
  21. Sounds like it is not making full contact, are some of your mounting screws loose?
  22. DragonTamer1

    Segotep Legend C2 Stock fans

    Just looking at the specs that the manufacturer lists aren't even that impressive. They don't spin that fast and you would certainly be on the quieter side but your temps are going to suffer for it. I doubt they would be able to move a decent amount of air in the open, let alone pulling past a closed off front panel. For you a good trade-off would be to allow the fans to get louder while the system is under load which would allow the fans to brute force air through the case but remain quiet at idle. There are a lot of fans that are decently quiet to near silent at idle but get a bit loud under load. The main question is what kind of fan headers do you have on your motherboard? Are they 3 pin or 4 pin? I don't think you are going to find any fans that are low cost. You will probably have to spend a bit more for good fans that deliver. Knowing what your system has will help us better understand your specific cooling needs.
  23. DragonTamer1

    Nvidia GTX 1650 available RIGHT NOW; $149 (updated with reviews)

    So from what I'm seeing, the only thing this card is good for is OEM upgrades that don't have PCIe cables on the power supply.
  24. DragonTamer1

    Batch file to crash application

    So I host a DCS server and have a weird issue where the re-spawn scripts stop working if it runs for too long. It also tends to fall behind on updates. I would like to have a batch file that force crashes the game at the same every day by the system clock, say 5 AM. I have scripts in place that automatically restart the server so that is not an issue. @ echo off cls FOR /F "tokens=1,2 delims=:." %%A IN ("%Time%") DO ( SET Hours=%%A SET Minutes=%%B ) SET /A Hours = 100%Hours% %% 100 ECHO.%Minutes% | FIND /I "P" >NUL && SET /A Hours += 12 SET Minutes=%Minutes:~0,2% SET /A Minutes = 100%Minutes% %% 100 taskkill /F /IM notepad.exe pause This is what I have but to be honest, I have no idea what most of it is. I'm using notepad as my reference program for the script and will change it later.