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  1. Yeah, because the telemetry fiasco was a misunderstanding and MS never lied about its existence. And never stressed falsely that the data they collect is anonymized.... /s
  2. I have suricata running and while maxing out the 150 mbits/sev dl speed internet i have the router uses about 20% cpu(2200G).... Also with IDS/IPS you also need more RAM.
  3. As i said before, they done more than enough to deserve the zero trust classification .
  4. You think so? How was with telemtry? Even server wasnt able to disable it? Sorry but with a track record like this id say anything that comes from them cannot be trusted.
  5. So i just done with some maintenance work on the golf(gas springs given up) and noticed this on the oil cap: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sip97d62u0mxip5/IMG_20191210_134017.jpg?dl=0 As far as i can tell it doesnt eat any oil or water, it had a chance during the 1000+ km trip on a motorway(the gearbox has only 5 gears so it was running well above 3000 rpm during the whole time
  6. It was proven several times that MS wont admit anything until someone lights a bone fire under their butt..... So that doc is pretty much useless.
  7. And what if they put pads on the backside of the phone then use pogo pins on the connector and some neodymium magnets?
  8. They aint using normal phones, plus the stuff they use have docks that made for exactly this. Quickly stuck them in and pull them out as needed without worrying about anything
  9. OFC i was speaking aout home networks(i thought it was clear from my example). Or forging RST packets to kill connections.... link
  10. Yeah its not the best but its still better than leet things fight over bandwidth.... For instamce i run a few game servers at home. My friends wouldnt be pleased with the LAG fest caused by the NAS kicking the mirror scripts* into gear.... (*I have a local ubuntu mirror.)
  11. My s5 has a 2800 mAh battery and it easily lasts for a full day with plenty of charge to spare, even if i watch videos from my internal SD card(almost all of them is fhd or 720p videos).
  12. I usually have it sandwiched between 2 expired card..... And even if they somehow copy it the 15$ limit(above that the terminal asks for pin) will cripple their incentive to do it. To top it off i have sms notifications enabled so i would know about it as soon as they try anything.
  13. And there is the little tid-bit that it is within my right to remove anything from my car that is not an original part or not installed by myself..... (There are exceptions OFC but an unmarked black box is definitely not on it.)