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  1. bouta look for a 2000 chevy venture warner bros edition with everything included


  3. I'm getting tired as fuck of all the dumb quirks of my current capture card (like dropping frames trying to capture anything through HDMI), so I wanna look into another one here very soon. Problem is, I wanna capture things at 1360x768 with it alongside standard 720p60 and 1080p60 content via HDMI. What'd be a good option for me? Maximum budget is $200, used is perfectly acceptable. Either PCI-Express x1 or external capture cards are fine; rig is on my profile.
  4. AVerMedia C027; I don't really know why I didn't put it in the topic post.
  5. handymanshandle

    Can my NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti handle 144hz?

    The HD 7850 can push CS at 144fps, your 1050 Ti will be able to also. Fortnite though, I dunno…
  6. handymanshandle

    What song are you listening to right now.

    Area Codes by Ludacris feat. Nate Dogg Not gonna lie, always preferred the Rush Hour 2 version of this compared to the album version.
  7. Help a brother out.


  8. God damn I'm glad y'all set it off


  9. This lowkey sounds good, what the fuck?

    1. Syntaxvgm


      hah I have a similar town an country should do that 

  10. There's no image on the planet that's more "Doug the type of guy" than this one.


  11. handymanshandle

    How should I stream

    If your upload speed can handle it, I'd up the video bitrate to 6000kbps and the audio bitrate to 320kbps if you're streaming to Twitch, or whatever your internet can afford in the video bitrate department and 320kbps audio for YouTube. Also, I'd recommend streaming at 60fps and not 59.94fps just to make things a little simpler for 60Hz monitors.
  12. Remember, as pathetic as you may think you are, at least you aren't crying on live TV because the president wasn't found to have colluded with Russia pathetic.

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    2. Tech_Dreamer


      @Syntaxvgm  : it more of a holding back tears while reporting  ,  Rachel maddow reading up on no indictment report . its just a brief clip, but still kinda hilarious to see people recording it just laughing over it .

    3. DrMacintosh


      Yeah, some reporters invested way too much into it thinking it would actually take him down. The whole RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA think was total BS. 


      However because the media so so narrow minded, its unlikely that we will see much coverage of the other investigations are are going on about him concerning financial crimes. 

    4. Tech_Dreamer


      its a good thing the system has an open platform to criticize a person sitting in power, i like that about the media, it has to be a part of a so called 'free nation' ,


      but they abused it excessively to the fullest to a point where it was near one sided propaganda like you hear from conspiracy nuts,  or maybe literally exposed itself while doing so , Project veritas stuff was dead on accurate on exposing it now that we're looking back at it , they were intentionally pushing a narrative without true source or reason or accurate info for the sole reason to favor one political side & use it as a smear for the other and make a controversial catchy story for ratings. how many birds did they kill with that one (Russian) stone.


      That was an ironical corruption investigation on the whole "intentional misinformation prop to gain votes" they were after . every single day there was some excessive assertion titled article & news on this . i'm glad he didn't stop the investigation mid way even when he had the power to knowing full well of the outcome,  but oddly those internal talks to stop it became the now "potential obstruction of justice" case stated in the report. but he walked through the fire through to the end anyways . good on him.

  13. Boot in safe mode and uninstall the drivers.
  14. handymanshandle

    What would YOU change?

    Honestly, I really wished that 3:2 screens were a thing outside of older iPhones and the various Surface products. It would benefit my workflow tremendously that neither 4:3 nor 16:9 ever could. That and laptops with decently sized batteries and more conservative-looking or just unassuming gaming laptops.
  15. handymanshandle

    Consoles bound to AMD products

    I had no reason to mention 'em. I do think those versions are stupid, because to me, it's a white flag for their original consoles. That being said the upgraded consoles are much more straightforward than making a modular console. If its price tag, shape and standard storage capacity didn't give it away to the average customer that it's better, then maybe the ability to play games at a higher resolution or frame rate (or both) would.
  16. handymanshandle

    Consoles bound to AMD products

    You're comparing apples to oranges. If I wanted to upgrade my console, I would use a PC. I don't feel the need for a console but many people do, and there's no real reason to overcomplicate it more than it already is. The point of a console is that you shouldn't worry about doing hardware upgrades every one or two years. Why take away a prime benefit just to frustrate consumers more, a la the Steam Machines?
  17. handymanshandle

    Consoles bound to AMD products

    Simple: because AMD is willing to adapt and can do both CPUs and GPUs for them. Frankly, the easiest place to see this is with Apple products. I doubt Intel was trying to really fuck around but there's a good chance that Nvidia didn't want to make custom hardware for both Microsoft and Sony. Hell, the Nintendo Switch is basically an Nvidia Shield because Nintendo liked the hardware.
  18. aesthetic but I actually put the effort into recording something on vhs


    1. imreloadin


      So you went from digital to analog and then back to digital lol?

    2. handymanshandle


      analog to analog to digital technically

    3. imreloadin


      Oh yeah, forgot the N64 was still analog, damn now I feel old xD

  19. Well, Seymour, I did it. Despite its direction . My god. . Inspector Welcome. I hope you're ready. For an unforgettable lunch. Example. ! Advertising. My steak is a mess. What if I buy fast food? and hide it like my stew. I'd love to, Seymour. E-Skinner needs his meds to listen to his crazy and honorable recipe when he hears a flabby exaggeration, and he's there in the case of Seymour today! Inspector, I had to stretch out. My wheels are on the window. In the process of equal action. ? Do you care why smoke comes out? Your oven, Seymour or, yes. . He doesn't smoke. . It's par. . We have to go with the steam feet. . No I'm fine. . Couple Yo. Manager, I hope I'm ready. Delicious sandwich with meat. . I thought we had a box of steam. . No, the doctor's not. . I was a steam pig. . That's what I call a hamburger. ? You, for example, are called roasted Pork burger. . It's a local accent. . Oh, come on. ? Region. In New York. Not. I'm here in Illinois, and I haven't heard from anyone. uses the term "Pig vapor " "Oh, no, Illinois. " Not. . It's an Albany expression. I have. You know, this hamburger is very similar. Why are they in Krusty Burger? . Of course not. . Skinner patented Hamburger . Old Family Recipes . a steam pig. Example. Example. . And you call it the pork steam. Although it looks like roasted You know one thing I have to do. Excuse me for a second. . . Well, that was great. . It was fun . I sharpen Example. ! I have to--oh, my God! What is going on. Aurora Bolrel Is this part of the polar twilight in this period entirely in your kitchen? Example. ? I don't see it. Seymour. ! . The house burned down. ! . No, Mom. . It's just Arctic light. Well, Seymour, you're a strange friend, but... I have to say you're a good pig, Eddie. Help. ! Help.

  20. handymanshandle

    Fiat centoventi

    Sure is easy to corner when you don't need to make sure that the airbags work.
  21. handymanshandle

    Will Google's Chrome become second?

    Microsoft chickening out of the original Edge engine kinda irritates me. It's literally the only one that I've seen that isn't on iOS or Android that can actually make use of your GPU to a degree. I'm gonna miss the old Edge, but maybe not too much, because it never gave me a good reason to daily it against Vivaldi on my more powerful machines.
  22. Am I the only person who doesn't really care for Sony exclusives much anymore, save for Gran Turismo?

  23. Pontiac never should've died when they did and the G8 GXP is evidence for that.


    1. imreloadin


      All I could think of was good god those transitions were terrible xD 2009 was truly a different time for video production lol.


      Great car though!

  24. These shorts I got make me feel much gayer than even the thigh highs did, and that's impressive.