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  1. Decided to load up an older version of PCSX2 to take advantage of MSAA and goodness gracious, Gran Turismo 3 is still absolutely gorgeous. Here's the Corvette Z06 on Grand Valley Speedway.
  2. I'm in my feelings again, apparently. Missing You by Case
  3. Sorry for the bizarrely broken title, but basically, what are some things that you think that only you happen to like? I'll start with a fairly obvious one, me liking VeggieTales at the age of... 19. I still happen to have a lot of the old DVDs I had from the mid-2000s. What about you?
  4. I get a ton of stupid ass bots adding me to see if I wanna "join" their TF2 comp teams (they're just generic scambots) and I just like to friend them with stupid replies just to see what happens.


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    2. handymanshandle


      I don't ever think they wind up in matches. They just send you links to fake sites to get your Steam information, basically.

    3. Fasauceome
    4. captain_to_fire


      All I see is the angry Windows Updates at the bottom right corner in red 🔴

  5. Just hit 4000 on Team Fortress 2. Everything else fucking pales. I probably have a couple hundred hours into Gran Turismo 3, but otherwise, nothing comes close.
  6. In terms of developers, second-party developers would generally be developers where the console manufacturer has a notable stake in a developer but doesn't outright own them, like Nintendo with Rare before 2002. Although I'm not really sure what you're talking about here, if you aren't talking about developers.
  7. Heh, my car's optioned out pretty decently. Power driver's seat, auto-dimming mirrors and 16-inch chrome plated alloy wheels. Doesn't have leather, OnStar or the DVD player, but such is life.

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    2. Tog Driver

      Tog Driver

      Care to explain "auto-dimming mirrors"? Do they darken so people behind you don't shine lights in your eyes or what?

    3. handymanshandle


      Yeah, they’re meant to work when it’s dark outside so it’s not as blindingly bright in some scenarios.

    4. Tog Driver

      Tog Driver

      Huh, that's pretty cool, never heard of that before.

  8. Nothing and... nothing. For what it's worth, everything I give a fuck about playing is on Steam or isn't on any of the digital distribution platforms.
  9. Left 4 Dead 2 is a zombie survival game where you can either go through campaigns with multiple missions, play as the Special Infected against the Survivors who will attack you, or play a straight survival mode where you go as long as possible to survive against hordes of zombies. You can get paired with random people or you can play with friends and it's an easy game to find for like $2 on sale.
  10. Houston is a city you go to if you want your car to get stolen and end up with spinners on it. So no, Houston is not that well off of a city.
  11. oh god you can't even get anything from Nissan that doesn't have a CVT until you step up to the Premium package ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh man that's gonna hurt
  12. Forgot to mention that I had taken some acne medicine to help with really poor and crippling back acne and that required blood tests every so often. I hated it, but honestly, it only hurts a little for a few minutes and then you go on with the rest of your day.
  13. Pon de Replay by Rihanna Brings me straight back to California and radio actually being worth a fuck.
  14. Remember, most wagons died not because crossovers took over, but because most idiot car enthusiasts screeching for wagons ended up in a shitty car anyways. I was in no position to buy a Regal TourX, but a decent amount of people who went out and bought an STI instead of a TourX scoffed at a Buick wagon, and where did that lead us? The only wagons on sale being compact wagons, Volvos and thinly-veiled crossover alternatives from Subaru. 
    So thank you, dumb ass megaphone car enthusiasts for killing the wagon segment.

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    2. dizmo


      @Blademaster91 To be fair, most European cars are costly to repair of you go to the dealer. If you go outside the network, or work on them yourself, they're really not that bad, as long as you keep up on the maintenance they require. Most people out of warranty simply don't, and that's why they become money pits. Volvo is also pretty reliable, so they shouldn't be lumped into the same group.

    3. Blademaster91


      I wouldn't expect someone that just wants an A to B car to go outside the dealer, though yeah if you're an enthusiast used is usually a good deal.

      Maybe i'm too harsh on Volvo, older models are pretty solid, those 5 cyls. sound great and the seats are some of most comfortable for long trips, no idea about anything newer though and I question their reliability because the newer engines have both a turbo and supercharger.


    4. dizmo


      I wouldn't expect someone that wants an A to B car to buy something from BMW or Audi outside of the warranty period 🤷‍♂️

      Just goes back to the fact that most people that buy European vehicles can't actually afford them and the maintenance they require.

      There's only two models of Volvo that has both the turbo and supercharger, the T6 and T8 iirc. The rest are still standard engines. I'd be a little worried as well, but they seem to be doing fine so far.

  15. Not gonna lie, I’m a shitty person. Everyone loves to pretend that they give a fuck about me, but everyone’s out for their own personal interests. I’m not here to be cared for, I’m just here to be exploited and to be used like a sex trafficked person. I don’t deserve sympathy nor does anyone need to listen to me, but I digress.
  16. corolla virus

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    2. RorzNZ
    3. VegetableStu


      > cornea virus
      what you'd call that eyeball-licking fad in japan a few years back?

    4. lewdicrous


      There's no vaccine for the ricer pandemic.

  17. What people forget is that personal opinions don't have to influence a corporation's direction. If I ran a business, I wouldn't force anyone to believe what I believe, but many companies out here do that. There's valid reasons to dislike the personal opinions of CFA's owners, but sometimes, the owners keep their personal politics out of their business so it works out.
  18. Uh... do you know how interlacing works, by any chance?
  19. Personally I'd piss it all on TF2. I have some weapons that could use the Professional Killstreak treatment. That being said, that probably does not matter to you, so I've got nothin'.
  20. Popeyes chicken is far superior to KFC. Hell, Publix makes better fried chicken than KFC and they're a mile from my house, literally.
  21. This where Doug and Tyler Hoover filmed those Autotrader videos