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Everything posted by handymanshandle

  1. Guess who’s looking into a Chevy Astro?

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    2. handymanshandle


      nah he’s dead set on something from this decade or a late 90s camry or 4runner

    3. kelvinhall05


      Your "new" pfp reminds me...I have a Conscientious Objector in TF2 with that picture on it.

    4. pinksnowbirdie


      Or a mid 2000s mazda6

  2. For one reason or another, both the Ivy Bridge, Haswell and Haswell Refresh i7s have held their value tremendously well, probably due to nostalgia and them still being decent performers while being really good overclockers. Hell, even Sandy Bridge i7s are still a pretty penny while FX 8320s are sitting for like $50.
  3. handymanshandle

    What is the difference between 60 and 144 hlz?

    I've seen better shitposts on reddit and that's saying a lot because that's the most unoriginal place on earth
  4. handymanshandle

    Motherboard Will Not Let Me Install Windows 64-Bit?

    My only guess would be to make a custom ISO with all of the motherboard's drivers. Probably a long shot but it'll never kill ye.
  5. I'm pretty sure it's just referring to blank Blu-ray discs, which do exist.
  6. I know that a lot of Simpsons fans really don't like The Principal and the Pauper, and honestly, its biggest problem isn't that the episode isn't funny. It honestly is a funny episode.

    Its problem has to do with them throwing away all of the time they invested on building Skinner's character and just throwing it away for an episode... and then that not even mattering, anyways, because Skinner is granted his identity back rather than what his identity was. That's what irritates me about the episode: they made an entire kaboosh about Skinner being a fake and then they throw it away only for it to be referenced sparingly as a gag in future episodes.

  7. handymanshandle

    The Kitchen.

    Ground beef, a slice of American cheese, pickles and bread. It's basically a cheeseburger grilled cheese and it's absolutely amazing. At least to me, anyways.
  8. handymanshandle

    What song are you listening to right now.

    It is my absolute goal to find a reel-to-reel non-ripped copy of this song. The original mix of Eric B. is President by Eric B. and Rakim, the song that didn't change the game but became the game.
  9. The LED Traffic Light and the Danger of "But Sometimes!"

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    2. handymanshandle


      Fuck, man, that toaster just screams 50s and 60s.

      It's almost a level of aesthetic that doesn't involve shitty VHS effects made in After Effects.

    3. Dylanc1500


      Lol is that a good thing or bad thing?


      I would seriously take a shotgun to my toaster if I could get my hands on one. I could spend over a $100 and still not get the build quality of those.

    4. handymanshandle


      I dunno, I guess it's all up to you. To me though, it just kinda screams the ideal 50s and 60s aesthetic, where chrome was really popular.

      I kinda like it, though.

  10. handymanshandle

    What is your sleeping position?

    I sleep either on my back or on my side if space is restricted. I can only sleep on my stomach if I’m truly worn out.
  11. whip and nae nae

  12. Generic Clickbait?!?

  13. handymanshandle

    Talks of Disney to buy Game Giant Nexon

    I'm a little shocked that Disney wants to get back into the gaming industry again. That being said they're probably doing it for the mobile side of things rather than doing shit like Split/Second or Pure again.
  14. Got a couple of Steam keys for games I already own. Please comment if you've taken one or both of the games.


    Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo: 656WX-3KJHG-0VTLB

    Freddi Fish and the Case of the Missing Kelp Seeds: 5JMTC-0P7DT-KZL6A

    1. pinksnowbirdie


      I was gonna give anyone who wanted them a chance to snipe em but welp I took both lol


  16. handymanshandle

    How Do You Like to Dress?

    Title, how do you like to dress and why do you dress the way you do, if you want to explain it. Personally, I'm very casual: I usually just wear a t-shirt and jeans or athletic shorts. It works, why make it more complex? Although, I'd like to throw more chinos in there at one point...
  17. Escape from the City, Super Sonic Racing and the American version of the Present Collision Chaos theme are my favorite Sonic songs in any of the games.


  18. handymanshandle

    What song are you listening to right now.

    NO I DIDN'T COME HERE BECAUSE IT WAS NORMALIZED AT 89% I FUCKING SWEAR And yes, I'm listening to this. Already Taken by Trey Songz
  19. Should I review my laptop sometime?

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    2. handymanshandle
    3. GeneXiS_X


      Hmm maybe you can focus more on the user experience if you want to do a review

    4. handymanshandle


      That’s what I wanna do: my personal experience with it rather than strictly performance because, well, it’s hardly unique.

  20. handymanshandle

    Gaming screenshots

    Grinded the shit out of Chapter 3 in Driver: San Francisco and some of the dares.
  21. handymanshandle

    Would This work for CS/LOL

    CS:GO is gonna struggle like hell on any Core 2-era CPU.
  22. handymanshandle

    How Do You Like to Dress?

    Title, how do you like to dress on a daily basis? Whenever I'm not working I just wear a normal t-shirt and a pair of jeans or pants I have.
  23. handymanshandle

    Dark Theme or Light Theme

    Dark theme on LTT and Discord, light theme on YouTube and most other apps with optional themes, including Windows.
  24. socal > norcal don't you fucking @ me

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    2. handymanshandle
    3. Mira Yurizaki

      Mira Yurizaki

      I applied to CSU SLO, but they didn't accept me.  They told me if I applied to Chico they'd take me in.


      In hindsight I'm wondering if this was a veiled insult.

    4. TopHatProductions115