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  1. Think AMD registered the 5950XT and 5950 SKU's as well.
  2. As others above said, definitely sounds like a solder issue after being dropped. Ryzen 3000 series chips have had voltages set way to high from factory, but seeing what you have said about your voltages, that is not the case in this instance. You would be best to RMA it. Edit: Didn't notice that you meant title as Joke. I still think @Jurrunio is correct that it is a solder crack.
  3. Sell both IMO and get a new GPU. Perhaps a 2070S if you can find them priced well. I think a 2060 Super would end up being a downgrade from a 1080.
  4. ThePD

    Spot on launch

    When Elonn Musk was afraid of AI taking over, this was why.
  5. Might be worth the wait. Puts you right in the middle for price/performance. November release time if I recall.
  6. How long before you decide to create his new build? Might the 3950X be something worth looking at. Releases the same time as the Threadripper chips talked about above. Might meet your needs without costing you as much as a TR but giving you significantly more performance than the 3800X or 3900X.
  7. Did you install the Intel Spectre+Meltdown and other various security patches? Edit: Also, check in Nvidia Control Panel underneath the CSGO settings. See if the GPU is running in adaptive mode. If it is, set it to Always perfer maximum performance. Issue could be the resolution your playing at is not generating enough of a load on the GPU so it is entering power savings mode.
  8. Was the CPU usage being measured on the CPU as a whole, or individual cores. I would expect at least 1 core would be maxing out, given the resolution your playing at.
  9. Check CPU Temps. Your running at 1024x768. You are putting way more stress on the CPU than the 2080ti. If your CPU temperatures are getting high that will be a huge limiting factor in the FPS you are seeing. I only suggest this because you paired a 2 fan AIO with a overclocked 9900K. The 9900k is a super hot chip. If your thermals are all over the place, consider looking at a 3 fan AIO and using Thermal Grizzly.
  10. Razer Products are complete trash. The 120 dollar Razer keyboard I bought started changing colors when I did not want it to. The headpiece with the headrest to my headphones broke off so now I am using them with the hard plastic resting on my head. All in All, my Mouse/Keyboard/Headset all had major issues within the first 4 months. I remember years ago when I had a Razer Naga Molten, that lasted for years. Razer certainly isn't the same company that they used to be back in the day.
  11. Great point on the bloat of those website builders. I completely skipped that in my original post.
  12. Knowing CSS and HTML is very important if you get an in-house development job at say a manufacturing company. Many manufacturing companies will have custom applications usually written in HTML/CSS/JavaScript and PHP. The last three companies I have worked at needed custom applications hosted on an in house web server and have the knowledge of how those 4 languages can work together can help you produce projects that are of huge gain to the company. Some companies also will use Java, but around where I live its been HTML/JS/PHP. We have a custom application written in PHP that looks at how many records are pulled from the database, it then dynamically builds the HTML around those records, then that HTML takes advantage of our global CSS allowing us to write a fully developed page with very minimal work.
  13. If you are going with Ryzen, then go for the 2600. IF you get the 2600 you need to get memory that is 3200. Ryzen 2000 series scales dramatically with memory speed. And I would recommend at least trying to hit 12 to 16 GB of memory if possible. Games are starting to eat up a ton of memory.
  14. I am not excited about the 5700XT. But if there was a 5800XT/5900XT that would compete with the 2080S/2080TI and happened to use the same design as the Nitro+, I would buy it in a heartbeat. Sapphire has been a fantastic brand for AMD hardware. I remember upgrading my GPU with a Sapphire card way back in the day for DOOM 3.