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  • CPU
    i5 4690k
  • Motherboard
    AsRock Fatal1ty Z97x
  • RAM
    16gb Corsair Vengeance Pro
  • GPU
    EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 SC
  • Case
    CM Storm Trooper
  • Storage
    240gb kingston v300 ssd, 1tb Western Digital
  • PSU
    750 watt EVGA SuperNova 80+ Platinum
  • Cooling
    Zalman CNPS 9900-R
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro
  1. The second processor works, but not in that socket. is it a setting I could be missing?
  2. I'll test the second now
  3. Hello, I have two X5660s and a Tyan s7012. I had some issues getting it to post but was able to get it to post with a single X5660 installed. When I install the second, the system fails to post. I have updated the bios to the most recent revision. A green light blinks near the second cpu. I've tried multiple ram configurations
  4. Baron623

    tyan S7012 and X5660 won't boot

    update: I removed one cpu and am now able to enter the bios. The bios version is from 5/11/2011
  5. Baron623

    tyan S7012 and X5660 won't boot

    Before I do that, is there any chance that it is a dead board?
  6. Baron623

    tyan S7012 and X5660 won't boot

    I'm not sure. That could be it. It there anyway for me to update the bios without a 5500 series cpu?
  7. Hello, I have dual X5660s, 32gb of ecc ram and a Tyan S7012 motherboard. When I turn on my PSU, fans begin to spin immediately, even without the front panel i/o. I was wondering if anyone would be able to offer some suggestions. Thanks!
  8. Hey guys, So I'm building in the Rosewill RSV-R4000 and I picked up a SSI EEB board instead of a SSI CEB board. This case is only suppose to fit an ATX of SSI CEB board. Has anyone had experience building in this case? Do you think I could squeeze in a EEB board with a little modification or would it be worth returning for a CEB board? Thanks!
  9. Hello, my Uncle gave me four Cerwin-Vega VS-120 speakers. I decided that I would set up a second home theater in my basement. I ran speaker wire, and have them all running off of a Yamaha RX-V773 reciever. I haven’t been able to get any audio, not even static! I checked the fuses on all of the speakers and they are all good. I’m not very well versed in this stuff, if anyone has any suggestions I would be appreciative, thanks!
  10. Baron623

    Searching for a new keyboard

    Yes, the joyeuse is the only keyboard with a number pad, and it is sold out or unavailable everywhere I have looked.
  11. Baron623

    Searching for a new keyboard

    Hello all, my keyboard died on me so I have started the search for a new one. I'm looking for a full sized backlit mechanical keyboard with bluetooth. My current keyboard was a wireless membrane keyboard that allowed connection with up to four devices via four keys above the number pad, and I would like something similar. If possible I would like to find something that is also low profile. I have only found two keyboards that have these features, and I have listed them below. The Azio keyboard is out of my price range, and the Drevo keyboard seems to be unavailable anywhere I look, and it also seems to have poor reviews. I have looked at other Drevo keyboards, but this seems to be the only one with a number pad. Does anyone have any suggestions for a keyboard? Thanks!! http://www.aziocorp.com/webe/html/products/index2.aspx?num=172 https://www.drevo.net/product/keyboard/joyeuse
  12. Baron623

    HDMI Switcher

    I see some good options but I need a stereo audio out
  13. Baron623

    HDMI Switcher

    Is anyone familiar with a good hdmi switcher that can output at 4k 60+ hz with a stereo audio output? If anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate it.
  14. Baron623

    It's an audio emergency

    There must be a better way, my hdmi switch outputs at 4k, and all of the audio extractors output video at 1080, and most do not have auxiliary outputs.
  15. Hello, I was accessing a hub via EiskaltDC++, and accidentally shared some files that I should not have shared. Is there any way to take them down? Also I do understand that if someone has downloaded them, that cannot be changed, but if these files remain, it will be easy to identify me.