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  1. If you want your GPU to have the longest life it can, don't overclock. It's a fact that overclocking does decrease the lifespan of technology. The Power limit is linked to the temperature limit in Afterburner, so it's telling the GPU that it is allowed to run hotter and take more power to achieve better results. Is it safe? Depends how hard you push it, in Afterburner you should be absolutely fine, it has built-in limits to not allow you to mess up too badly. The worst that'll happen is you'll crash and after restarting it'll be fine, except for if you get Afterburner to apply the overclock on start-up and it's not stable, then you'll continuously crash haha CPU overclocking in the BIOS is much less restricted and it's very possible to kill a CPU quickly. If you're getting performance that you're fine with, and want to keep your GPU alive as long as possible, just leave it. Note: It sounds scary when I say that it takes some lifespan off, but it usually doesn't take too much off the lifespan enough to bother many people.
  2. If you can accurately discern between 150fps and 130fps then damn I need some better eyesight haha. V-sync on the other hand, it caps your frame rate to the refresh rate of the monitor. If you monitor is 60Hz, it means it can display 60fps and thus there's no need for the GPU to be producing anymore than it needs, hence why your fps drops to 60 when V-Sync is on. For the fps drops, I'm not sure - there's plenty of reasons for fps drops. I doubt it'd be your HDD in your case, if you're getting fps stutter while the map is all loaded in and no new textures are being pulled from the HDD then it's likely to be something more core i.e. the memory speed. And about the GPU overclock, it varies from GPU to GPU - something you'll have to try and test yourself, if you get MSI Afterburner, set your power limit to 109% (or the max it can be), slowly increase your Core clock speed and memory clock speed until you find a value that causes a crash when under stress (load up some intensive game/process). Dial it back from there when you next boot up and find a value that is stable in the games you want to play. (Some people will say to run stress tests but I don't, as long as it works for the game I want to run I'm fine) If you want more in-depth there's plenty of youtube videos on how to overclock a GPU. Pretty sure JayzTwoCents made one a while ago. Edit: When I say 'Some people will say to run stress tests' -- I meant that some will say to run some hardcore stress test for an hour or two and I think it's overkill for me personally.
  3. Ryzen 1200 is pretty cheap and still an okay processor imo, for schoolwork and light-gaming it should be fine RAM, 8GB of 3000/3200MHz is pretty cheap nowadays, Patriot Viper 4 3000 Kit is $35 if you're US Motherboard, probably won't be overclocking that harshly so as long as it works, anything will be fine. https://pcpartpicker.com/product/WcjJ7P/gigabyte-b450-aorus-m-micro-atx-am4-motherboard-b450-aorus-m something like that.
  4. Is it a USB microphone? Sounds like it's not properly in the port. Or this might be the infamous static sound that comes from not having a decent sound card in your motherboard or externally. I'm not an audio person so this is all purely speculation on my part, best to wait for some other opinions before doing or thinking anything too seriously
  5. Hi guys I'm looking to get something 1080p for <£90, gonna be paired with a 1660 ti and will be gamed on so I'd probably prefer a lower response rate but it won't be anything pro league, Six Siege is probably the most twitch-intensive game that'll be played on it. I'm currently looking at either https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/product/7x6qqs/asus-va229hr-215-1920x1080-75-hz-monitor-90lm0351-b014b0 or https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/product/hqmxFT/aoc-monitor-g2260vwq6 which has been my goto budget monitor for a couple of times now. It's cheap, 1080p, 75Hz and freesync compatible, but with this build using a 1660 ti I felt like maybe a different monitor would be good Thanks, vK
  6. Techquickie made a video about this a while ago, it explains it a lot better than I could in a short amount of time and is definitely worth a watch. The basic is that it's a balancing act between frequency and CAS, where a lower CAS and higher frequency is best. Hypotheticals (where a value of 1 is peak performance): 3600Mhz and C18 might have a value of 0.8 3400Mhz and C14 might have a value of 0.9 Because the C difference is large enough, the 3400Mhz RAM performs better
  7. For FPS I'd usually recommend Six Siege, it's painfully rewarding to get good at, and I think the skill curve is higher than a normal kind of FPS. Dying Light as flashiling said is good, I have like 80~ hours in.
  8. Hi I'm putting together a really budget entry-level gaming rig, currently looking at putting a Ryzen 1200 and GTX 970 in as the two main components, wondering what kind of upgrade path the CX 450W would open? The 450W part specifically. I would usually get a semi-modular PSU or fully modular but again: Super budget haha Anyone know what cables we've got here too? Obviously a 24 pin and CPU cable, what VGA cables does this have? The pictures are a little hard to make out for me, I can just see molex, sata, 24 pin and CPU cables. I had a look on corsair's website too -- maybe I'm blind but I didn't see anything that specified what exactly comes attached.
  9. I understand, I personally have 3 TN panels and I think they're fine, at the end of the day it's an entry-level gaming system and tbh I think for a university student who's surviving on maintenance loans, it'll be fine Edit: however, I will bring this up to my friend and ask what they're willing to do
  10. I'd end up with something like PCPartPicker Part List Type Item Price CPU AMD Ryzen 3 1200 3.1 GHz Quad-Core Processor £45.86 @ CCL Computers Motherboard Asus PRIME B450M-A Micro ATX AM4 Motherboard £59.99 @ Amazon UK Memory Patriot Viper 4 8 GB (2 x 4 GB) DDR4-3000 Memory £27.99 @ Ebuyer Storage Patriot Burst 480 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive £38.82 @ Ebuyer Case Deepcool MATREXX 30 MicroATX Mini Tower Case £21.60 @ Amazon UK Power Supply Corsair CX (2017) 450 W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply £44.99 @ Amazon UK Monitor AOC E2270SWHN 21.5" 1920x1080 60 Hz Monitor £69.95 @ Amazon UK Custom 970 4GB £90.00 Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts Total £399.20 Generated by PCPartPicker 2019-12-18 22:00 GMT+0000
  11. From CEX I could pickup a 970 4GB instead for £90?
  12. Excellent idea friend, the small SSD would be an issue for siege alone as it's >60GB, and the lack of a monitor is also an issue, but if this comes down in price I'll consider it more And I think a 3400g will be a stronger option instead of the 1200 but I could be wrong
  13. That's a fair enough point, I'll scrap the idea of 3000g then.
  14. I honestly just looked up some statistical comparisons between 750 Ti and Vega 11, it's perhaps possible that they didn't take into account 3000+Mhz RAM and then the Vega 11 will truly shine at that point. My issue is, with the 3400g I'd be at about £380. I have a friend who has a 2200g, because of the APU's need to take up 2GB of RAM for itself he only had 6GB of memory for Siege (He had a dedicated V card installed too, I think the APU was still taking the memory even though it was disabled in bios) and because of this, he'd keep getting disconnected from Discord when playing Siege. This makes me feel like 16GB would be a better idea, but this would send me over £400... Once again, the price is pretty important, don't get me wrong - if closer to the date RAM price goes down to a point where I can pickup 16GB for cheaper and get it under £400, I'll probably get the 3400g