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  1. worked 2 months for this i'm only 16 (i mean only the pc and monitors)
  2. ok thanks for the info ! can i make a costum theme for ubuntu without those icons (the sidebar thing) ?
  3. so i have a new pc .... i'm new to linux but i want to dual boot it on windows ... i have made a partition on the hdd how do i install it ? my windows is installed on the hdd Se image
  4. so can i use the serial key form a windows 7 upgraded machine to windows 10 ? i wan't to install a clean install windows 10 os so yha ....
  5. i need one with a wall mount option
  6. so i'm making a triple monitor setup but i need monitors with super thin bezels price range : under the 200 euro's
  7. what water cooler should i use for this cpu ?
  8. is it possible to build a water cooled pc with a skylake and a 980 ti under the 1800$?
  9. around -200$ is good and belgium
  10. what are the best monitors for a tripple setup ? (thin monitor bezel)
  11. you know what ? fuck it i'm just going for a non-curve monitor i'll buy later a curved and se what the difference is.
  12. thanks for the tips ! i'll try it ! have some ideas for starting
  13. so i'm looking to build a setup now ... I really want a ultrawide screen but i have a tight budget. Dous the curve really metter to a ultrawide screen ? Or can i use a non curve ultra wide monitor ? help me with this one please
  14. JerreFL

    Dutch Talk

    ha idd ... #belg hier love those linus his video's !
  15. looking for a keyboard under 50$