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  1. I left one stick of ram in my pc turns out the other one is slightly different and now my pc gets stuck in a restart loop as soon as it reaches preparing for automatic repair.What to do?
  2. OK I removed the ram and it finally lets my atleast get into bios but the 2 sticks work but seperatly together they just make a black screen alone they load to windows automatic repair and it gets stuck in a loop. my motherbourd supports only 8 gb. and in bios one stick is 4064 or something so maybe 2 stics are too much? I dont know at this point.
  3. Didnt do the trick. The thing is windows doesnt even start booting it justsays resuming from hybernation.
  4. Hi I just insttaled 2 new sticksof ram on my PC it runs Windows 10 Pro 64bit. and they are the same brand as my previous ones just 4gb each not not and as I turned my pc on it just get's stuck on resuming from hyber nation and I don't even get a choice to load bios. Plz help. Tnx in advance.