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  1. If you can get there on a bike and have a passport book/card/nexus/bribe money, then yes, they will let you in.
  2. About ATMs: A note about money and avoiding fees for international travelers (ik its a lot to read but it can save some serious $$$ and headaches) Tl;dr : Using ATMs, debit, and credit cards can be: 1. verrrry expensive, 2. absolutely free, or 3. somewhere in between. Do your research to find the cheapest option. Don't let the bank fees cost more than the trip. Younger people talk to your parents. ATMs can be a great or terrible to get money abroad, depending on your account. For a lot of people the bank will charge both a fixed foreign ATM usage fee (like $5 per use) and a foreign transaction fee for some percent of the transaction (generally 1%-3%) on top of the fee the ATM itself charges. That can add up to be a lot of money really fast and for people with these accounts it can be a terrible way to get money. GOOD NEWS: A bunch of banks (especially online banks and credit unions) have the perk of free ATM usage where they will refund any fees from the machine, and will even refund those fees internationally. If they are refunding the normal ATM fee they also shouldn't charge their own international usage fee, but most will still charge the small foreign transaction fee. If you are lucky enough to have an account like this where you only have to pay, say 1% to use the atm, it could be MUCH cheaper than using a traditional currency conversion, and could be cheaper than the fees on a credit card as well. Check the terms on your bank account to see what charges you will face at a machine or by using the card at a store. This should be available online in the details of your account or by calling and asking. Credit cards are a similar story. While you do not use a credit card at an atm, most cards will have the foreign transaction fee for anything you buy. Many premium and travel cards have no foreign fee at all, so if you have one, bring it. For most of you who probably don't have a credit card, talk with you parents about all of this. They can help you out and may know what the best option for you. It all depends, personal example: the last time I went to Canada the cash exchange fee was huge, my credit card had a 3% fee in store, my debit had a 3% fee in store, but only 1% at ATMs and refunds all other associated fees. So my best option was to pay for everything with Canadian dollars I got from an ATM after I got to the country. My best friend would have been charged $8 plus 3% every time she used an ATM with her card.
  3. Whats the problem here exactly? According to that its only a 9 day bike ride...
  4. You can also ask around your friends and family, lots of people may have old tech sitting in storage that will never be used. Also look for other connections, I've seen many companies and schools where (for example) the head of IT has a bin or full room of parts/machines waiting to be recycled or used as spare parts and will let staff/students occasionally take something home. Back in high school almost all the parts I gathered to work with came from people who were happy to give away their 'junk' electronics that were taking up space.
  5. The site groupcarpool.com could help coordinate this. Lets drivers add their car with location, time, and number of seats and allows riders to sign up for a spot. I've set up an example here. lmk your thoughts
  6. Lie to Me Westworld Person of Interest Scooby Doo Where are You? Bojack Horseman The IT Crowd The Blacklist
  7. It looks like that is a problem booting windows because it can not access all the needed files. It could be inconveniently corrupted files or sectors on the hard drive, something got moved or deleted, etc. If you can use repair options or safe-boot try that, or get a fresh ISO to fix or reinstall the os
  8. The best game that never made it to consoles
  9. Tickets for PAX East just dropped. Looks like all days are individually purchased at $53. http://east.paxsite.com/registration
  10. I just got the Brainwavz Delta which are a pretty decent cheap pair. For even cheaper Monoprice 'Enhanced Bass Hi-Fi Noise Isolating Earbuds Headphones' are $7 and go on sale even lower but are surprisingly decent to have around as a spare.
  11. When you are shopping used it can be hard to stick to a specific brand because the supply in the used market is always changing. I would recommend not putting to much care into the brand and instead just try to find the best deal in your area. Use sites and apps like craigslist, letgo, and Facebook groups so you can test the monitor and get an in person experience before buying to make sure it meets your needs. If you cant find anything, eBay.
  12. I would do some cable management for sure; desk organization to get more usable desk space - bins/shelves to stack stuff, finding a storage area away from the desk to move things to some LED strips on the back of the desk. White walls will carry color well, and a splash of color will help diffuse the contrast between the black desk + equipment and white walls
  13. Have a look at this, may answer some more questions
  14. It is possible, look into Dynamic DNS (with a service like No IP) to essentially use a domain name instead of an IP which makes things easier for your friends.
  15. 20 down isn't the worst. Browsers running at 100% utilization is weird, and it happening on 15 devices is weirder. Ill look into it tonight and see if I can find anything. If you resolve the problem be sure to update the thread
  16. Just found out Ubiquiti has a new powerline product. It is currently in beta but may be worth looking into if you don't plan to purchase right away. https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2017/10/can-a-new-powerline-kit-solve-an-urban-apartment-dwellers-wi-fi-woes/
  17. Dell SE2717H is a 27" IPS display. If you dont have the desk space for it would recommend at least a 25" for productivity.
  18. Upload and view in Google docs or a google app PDF viewer called Kami. Or try Soda PDF for desktop
  19. Can you provide a bit more about the issue? How many employees are having this issue Are they on WiFi or wired What are speedtest results from the AIOs What are speedtest results from a desktop on the same connection as the AIOs These can help determine if the issue is with the devices or the network.
  20. I was thinking the same. If they started set construction before moving them I imagine they would be covered in saw dust
  21. I haven't used that model, but monoprice is generally a solid choice. They are my go-to place and I have yet to receive a bad product. So long as the specs meet your needs it is a safe bet, and since it has 4k support you should be good.
  22. Just know that depending on how your house is wired these may run into interference, run slow, or not work at all. They are defiantly worth a shot as they usually work better than wifi or a range extender, but don't throw out the receipt.
  23. They are all different and I would recommend spending time working with all of them to find what you're most comfortable with. If you are starting out I would recommend trying HitFilm free, it has a good suite of features available with plenty of tutorials to get started. The free version is fairly capable and more advanced features can be purchased for low cost (between $10 and 50) to suit your expanding needs for a while. The latest version of Resolve has put a lot more into the edit and audio areas to make it a much more well rounded NLE than before and can do more than HitFilm but it comes with a higher learning curve. People will rave about After Effects and other pro-grade editors, but the truth is if you are not working on very advanced features you will be better off with something else. All of these options are tools for video creation, and like everything you want to pick the right tool for the job. Give them all a try and see which one is the right tool.
  24. It is a Netflix original that a lot of people see as similar to Rick and Morty. It takes a great look at depression and mental illness, popular lifestyles, and the meaning of life (or the lack there of)