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  1. https://www.asus.com/uk/Monitors/ROG-Strix-XG32VQ/ I have used this monitor (only to game on) for a fair while now and still love it.
  2. My focus on keys was for heavy FPS gaming and the ability to type ok. I first tried (all cherry) reds, the Speed but suffered with mistypes/hits. I then got browns and couldn't be happier.
  3. This is refreshing to hear. I built a detached shed in the garden to game in, I leave for it quickly after dinner. I then return when my gorgeous wife and wonderful daughter are fast asleep. But thats what 15 plus years of being married does to a man!
  4. I have used this VA panel for a good while, I only care about gaming on it and it has done a great job. https://www.asus.com/uk/Monitors/ROG-Strix-XG32VQ/ The only gaming application I would say it may suffer a little is with pro level twitch shooters.
  5. Sorry I don't follow threads so just saw this, yes it works great - I can go to 5Ghz and in intensive gaming the CPU is low 70's at worse.
  6. Also the mic on the game series from Sennheiser is really good, I used their PC360 for ages and the mic was top notch for gaming. I now have mod mic and it is great as well, but my friends comment on no real noticeable difference in quality.
  7. I havnt played RUST for well over a year but when I did I would only play community run vanilla servers - the mods were fantastic. Have a search around and you will be fine.
  8. I'm cool mate. I am very happy with my 1080ti for now and see no reason to consider upgrading until there is a more significant performance jump and effectively 4K 144hz is a thing in the games i tend to play. Which is likely a long way off as i mostly play hugely demanding, online multiplayer team shooters.
  9. not for gaming, yet. I agree, but it will go that way like it always does.
  10. I paid £633/$803 for my MSI Gaming X 1080ti in march this year. Usually I don't care so much about price but in this case I am starting to feel I did a great thing, still loving the card and am likely to consider changing it out once the next generation from nvidia is released and everything just out, settles down and matures.
  11. Thanks for that info - I have been unsure about this for so long! I run 32GB RAM, yet in some games I was using say 15GB RAM and (according to MSI Afterburner) say another 18GB on page file. Now I know it means only (in this example) 3GB pagefile, which makes so much more sense.
  12. I found a huge difference between open and closed back headphones. I thought open was the only way for me until I got my Fostex T50RP Mk3's which are classed as semi open, semi open seems great for what I want and do with them.
  13. I have the medusa true 5.1's (played alot with these long ago) and also the roccat kave 5.1 true analogue headsets (not tried yet) and found the directional sound to be a tad better, when a game supports it and it's all set up right. BUT, a drastic reduction in overall audio quality. This is in direct comparison to cheap normal audio, right off the motherboard with a cheaper set of Sennheiser PC360's. I really wanted true 5.1 to be a thing for me, but found it wasn't. So i invested in a much superior stereo set up and now understand what the audio lads are going on about. My sound is now fantastic, accurate, clear and immersive. But that cost some good money and research time. One day I will hook up the roccats just to see, but never seem to remember to bother!
  14. If you havn't tried VR Racing sims yet do yourself a favour and do so, then decide.
  15. This is very true in my experience.