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  • Birthday 1965-02-04

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    St.Austell Cornwall UK
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    Linux, PC Gaming, Hardware, Building computers out of junk!
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    My name is Stephen Morrish but most people online know me as Pendragon. I was born in Redruth Cornwall in 1965. I now live near St.Austell with my wife Julie. I have been messing with computers since I was about 15, the first machine was a Sinclair ZX81. A great many hours were spent trying to make this small computer do things. Computer related interest include Linux, Open Source and Gaming.

    Microsoft can bite my shiny metal ass, we shall have our own operating system with blackjack and hookers
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  • CPU
    3930K @4.2GHz
  • Motherboard
    MSI X79
  • RAM
    16Gb 2133Mhz quad channel
  • GPU
    nvidia 980 Ti
  • Case
    Define R3
  • Storage
    Couple of SSD's and HDD
  • PSU
    Corsair H1050
  • Display(s)
    iiyama ProLite E2773HDS
  • Cooling
    Corsair H80i
  • Keyboard
    Zowie Mechanical (Brown switches)
  • Mouse
    Zowie ZA11
  • Sound
    onboard bullshittery
  • Operating System
    PCLOS kde
  1. Mine was a video comparing Windows and Linux, where I ran Valley benchmark. LTT's video was a hardware video where one of the test run was the Valley benchmark. So large parts of the video were almost identical for some parts as both videos.
  2. I got one of these content claims today on one of my videos. As my video predated the LTT one by almost a year I put it down Youtube being Youtube and Youtube is a dick. I disputed it through Youtube system and I'll let Youtube sort it out. I don't have any issue with LTT or any of the team. Automated content screening is really dumb and I think everyone should know this by now.
  3. PendragonUK

    The TINIEST Nvidia SLI Setup EVER?

    I remember when the april 1 joke and thought at the time that I would like a drive like that. They should just sell them to whoever wants them.
  4. Computer-Simulated Image of a Supermassive Black Hole via NASA https://t.co/yldZ02GDpa https://t.co/xE9BBdOmeo

  5. Last week I ordered a new graphics card, a nVidia 980 Ti from overclockers.co.uk The green logo light up and the fans span but no output to the monitor. I was expecting an issue or two with drivers and such but I couldn't even get into the UEFI BIOS! It never got to the point of booting Windows for drivers to become a problem. I spoke to Overclockers and they suggested I send it back to be tested. The RMA process was painless enough. It arrived back with them yesterday and I have just gotten off the phone with them now. There is nothing wrong with the card! This is a Windows 10 issue... When you install Windows 10 it writes to your UEFI and it's this that locks the hardware config down. So the answer would be to clear the CMOS and clean install Windows or at least boot from the install media and attempt to "repair" the install. This is speculation at this point but it could be a way to resolve the issue of the UEFI locking the hardware out. Then there is the issue of the licence. When installing Windows 10 your key is injected into the UEFI. As you have just cleared the CMOS this key has been lost. Fingers crossed a quick call to MS will resolve this. Thing is this a lot of extra steps with a few "if's" along the way. It makes upgrading your graphics card a much trickier proposition. When talking to the tech at overclockers it was something they were aware of and he said that they should have a addressed within 48 hours.