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  1. So, I'm just going to copy all my data with Recuva and then I am going to RMA the drive. Cannot be stuffed to do it. Hopefully, I get a new drive out of them.
  2. Justin, I believe I do. Should I send it back?
  3. Justin, I believe I still do. Should I send it back to the manufacturer?
  4. Um Leonard, I tried running the scan and fix thing and it is stuck near the end. What do I do. It has been like that for 2 hours now. Should I just wait and maybe let it run overnight or is my hard drive gone for good?
  5. im shitting my pants

  6. So I have a WD Passports Ultra 1TB USB3.0 HDD and today it started to act funny. Like when I was copying something, it would say that the file didn't exist and shit like that. It started buzzing really weirdly as well. Not the normal HDD spinning but really weird buzzing. It's hard to describe. Moreover, it would be copying something and then just stop and go to 0 bytes per second and not copy anymore. So I used Crystal Mark Disk Info and it said Caution and that I have a high current pending sector count I am really scared that it is going corrupt and really need to back it up as I have over 800GB of data. What software should I use to back it up? Recuva? TeraCopy? Some other software? Please tell me. I really need my data. So please tell me Linus Tech Tips Forums. Attached is a screenshot of the Crystal Disk Mark Info Result
  7. So, I want to clone my laptop hard drive and want to put it in a ssd. I heard that it is not possible to clone hard drives anymore in Windows 10. Is that true? If so, is there anyways around it. P.S. I saw JayzTwocents clone a Windows 10 hard drive. Did he do something other than clone it? His Windows still works and there is no authentication problem.
  8. Ey b0ss. Gibe de pusi b0ss.