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  1. I have a similar one (forget the model number), i thought it felt pretty great when I picked it up but I realized it was pretty meh when I compared it to the blues in my QFR. I still use it occasionally though
  2. Have you tried Lubuntu or Xubuntu? Both are very lightweight distros, good for a low spec laptop like that one (Lubuntu is lighter though). If you have and they didn't work, I can suggest a couple others. EDIT: Lubuntu Xubuntu
  3. You're right, I guess most people wouldn't need to touch the terminal, they'll probably install OpenOffice and Google Chrome and call it a day. I like to fiddle and tweak, so I guess my view is kind of skewed on that.
  4. I know, I'm typing this from an Ubuntu machine as we speak, so I know what you mean, but it's not always that simple. That "not always" is what I think really holds Linux back from becoming mainstream.
  5. Wait, it's seriously called the Portal? It (the white one at least) looks eerily similar to the sentry bots from Portal, that name can't be a coincidence...
  6. Sure, but that's a little out of context. zMeul was talking about pirating Windows. Even in that situation they'd be dealing with either buying a key, hoping Jack has a couple spare keys, or leaving it inactivated (which yes, is still usable, but it isn't a perfect situation). I think the conversation would be more like, "Hey Jack, I just bought this cheap computer and I can't get Norton to install! And Windows looks real strange, they changed everything!" "...please tell me the wallpaper isn't orange?" "Yeah it is, why? Do I have a virus?" "No, Tim, you bought a laptop with Ubuntu on it. I'll be right over with the Windows 7 disc" You're right on the second one, that'd definitely be better, although I can't imagine that happens very often. I'm not really sure what the point I'm trying to make here is, other than that I think Linux prebuilts could be a good idea in some cases, it's really not for the general public. Too many people can't even figure out how to set up their printer, let alone install a .deb package.
  7. I have the Athlon badge, Powered By EVGA badge, and the HyperX badge on the front of my PC, but my case was already ugly so it didn't matter. My laptop has all of them removed because they annoy me much much more
  8. The majority of people wouldn't know how to do that though. Sure, you do, and so do most of us on this forum, but for the most part anyone who buys a machine with Linux because it's cheaper is going to be in for a shock when they boot it up and are greeted by the Ubuntu logo. Most consumers are extremely poorly informed. Remember this video? Ubuntu Causes Girl To Drop Out Of College . I'm all for Linux coming on pre-builts, but I'm afraid that this is what will happen, and that it'll hurt us (the Linux community) more than help us
  9. That wouldn't make any sense at all, even if the device was cheaper with Linux, they'd still have to buy a Windows licence after the fact and it would be just as/more expensive? Unless you're saying they would just blindly buy it because it's cheaper and have to buy a Windows license because they don't understand Linux and end up paying more (which definitely has happened), then forget everything I said. I'd love to see more Linux pre-builts, but sadly I think this is what would happen all too often.
  10. Hotline Miami A Story About My Uncle Audiosurf The Stanley Parable Portal/Portal 2 Postal 2 Those are the games in my library that I play when I don't want to play anything too stressful/just want to chill
  11. Bebian? Hannah Montana Linux? Rebecca Black OS? Ubuntu Christian/Satanic Edition?
  12. This is what I usually use. OP, type "shred -v /dev/sda" and it should write zeros over everything on the disk 3 times by default. All you would need to do is burn an Arch Linux ISO to a USB drive, and type that command when you load the system.
  13. I'm going to give Arch one more try, then if that doesn't work I'll give Tiny Core a shot. Thanks!
  14. Oh, you were being serious. I thought you were trying to be sarcastic. I think it came with Windows 2000, but by the time I got my hands on it, it was on XP. That'd be interesting to try if I can't get anything else to work, but I'm pretty keen on using Linux
  15. Funny, never thought I'd have to make a post like this. I'm trying to revive an old Dell Inspiron 8000 just for shits and giggles, and so far I haven't had much luck. The two biggest problems are the lack of a wireless connection (I have a PCMCIA card, but I can't find the driver for it), and the ATI M4 gpu (this might be a hardware issue, but the screen gets distorted at times). I need advice on what distro to use. So far, I've tried Xubuntu (ran very poorly, couldn't figure out how to set up wifi driver), Absolute Linux (graphics issues out the wazoo, couldn't do anything) and Legacy OS (would've been perfect, even managed to install the wifi driver, but it has no support for WPA2), and I've been unable to get Arch, Lubuntu, and BunsenLabs to even boot to the installer properly. Also, let me note that this machine doesn't support USB boot, so I have to burn a CD for every distro I try. I think Arch or Gentoo + i3 or OpenBox would be my best bet, but Arch won't boot (although I read that it might be an issue with the way Windows burns CDs, I'm going to try again on that), and Gentoo will probably NEVER compile on that machine. TL;DR I think what I'm really asking, is where would I find the best support for the ATI M4 and the Dell Wireless 1350 PCMCIA card? Specs of laptop: 850Mhz Pentium 3 128MB RAM ATI M4 GPU Dell Wireless 1350 PCMCIA networking card
  16. High capacity drives. I remember when all I had was my laptop with a 150GB HDD (Which I swapped out with a 120GB SSD, which also spoils me) and I was always deleting stuff, but now my PC has two 1TB HDDs, and I could add more if I really wanted. Android phones, though this one is still kinda up in the air. I switched to an iPhone SE from my 2014 Droid Turbo because it was the cheapest option available on VZW, and it just shocks me sometimes to find out that iOS still doesn't have certain features (battery stats & data usage graph are missed for sure). The iOS Fleksy keyboard pales in comparison to the Android version (crashes, doesn't work with Firefox??, other weird things). Firefox doesn't have extensions, which means I don't have an ad blocker in my browser anymore. 4G LTE, because holy hell is 3G slow. My CM Storm Quickfire Rapid with MX Blue switches. I HATE typing on membrane keyboards now. I've considered on multiple occasions bringing it into school for my programming class, but I have a feeling that my classmates would hate me...
  17. Top 5, no specific order. KDE Neon (up to date, looks great, cool concept) Xubuntu (Stable as can be, extremely customizeable [note: that's because of xFCE, which can be installed on any distro) Fedora (rock solid stable, extremely up to date) Arch/Arch-based (you've all heard the reasons to use Arch repeated over and over, I won't go into it) OpenSUSE Tumbleweed (same as Fedora)
  18. I'm sorry, I hate to be that guy, but how has nobody corrected you on this yet? macOS is not based on the Linux kernel, and is definitely not Debian. macOS runs on the Darwin XNU kernel, which is based on the BSD kernel. They have similarities, but are also very different and shouldn't be confused. I'm not going to lecture you on this, but I just had to point it out. Linux Kernel BSD Darwin macOS Debian EDIT: I read my own links, and Darwin is apparently the name of macOS itself, which runs on the XNU kernel. The more you know I guess?
  19. I have 51 (a couple are freebies) 1: Skyrim 2: Fallout 4 3: Bioshock Infinite/Dishonored
  20. I think you have two choices here. Use a Windows install CD/USB to repair the Windows bootloader, or install a different Linux distro (making sure not to overwrite your Windows partition), and run "sudo update-grub" after installing.
  21. I do, but only because my laptop was already ugly to begin with. I don't stickerbomb it quite like you, OP, but I have a few placed around the lid (3 Android stickers right in the middle, a couple skateboard company stickers, and an Elder Scrolls sticker). Doesn't exactly look professional, but then again I am not a professional, so I could care less lol
  22. I'm assuming that is a Conky script, and they can be customized to show different information. Conky Homepage Arch Wiki: Conky Were the games previously installed in Windows/are those drives formatted in NTFS (windows file system) or a Linux filesystem like ext4 or some type of FAT? If so, you need to either move the games off those drives and format it to a Linux FS, or you need to install the Linux versions of those games. I'm not sure what the problem with the RAT3 might be, but (I'm assuming?) the K40 requires a proprietary Windows program for the backlight colors, which you may be able to run through Wine, but no promises on that.