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  1. recently i have bought a g560 from Logitech. its an amazing speaker for the price but im not satisfied with the surround effect. dtx x ultra or the virtual surround sound sound was the main reason i bought it. but the surround sound is not as good as a regular real surround speakers. there are some dolby atmos and dts x capable home theater receiver. but they needs to be connected with a hdmi connector. but i use a 1440p 144hz monitor ( gigabyte ad27qd ). which needs to be connected through dp to get the full experience. so i cant connect it like a console, console to receiver then receiver to tv or monitor. i think none of the sound card right now can do dolby atmos or dtx x through optical out. so what is the solution? is it possible to connect the receiver through hdmi for sound and dp to monitor for display out. does nvidia hdmi can output dolby atmos through the hdmi? a dolby atmos receiver and sound system is very expensive i really wanna know it through before i invest so much in the system. im not a headphone guy..
  2. i;m new in this forum so showing off my old pc ( a year old ) i have 3x 22 inch asus vx229h ips monitor ( i dont like bigger then this size for multi monitor setup). 2x 290x in xfire and a 4770k. 2400mhz ddr3 ripjaz memory. 1 ssd 256 gd adata sx900 series.. plning to upgrade next year caz i dont think b4 dx12 games arrive it will be wise to buy new cards.
  3. as the title saying drr3 2400/2600/3000mhz vs ddr 4 2400/2600/3000mhz- i mean at the same speed which one is faster ddr3 has lower cl at same speed. can anyone explain or show some benchmarks.. or can linus make a video on this. yes yes yes i know he has done a ddr3 vs ddr4 video but i want a pure ddr3 vs ddr 4 apple to apple comparison like 2400 xmp ddr3 vs 2400jedec. or 2600 ddr3 vs 2600ddr4