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  1. So I work for one of the mainstream Japanese automakers. Basically, the Japanese name for my field is 設計, or "designer". But "designer" in English doesn't have the same meaning. People generally think fancy sketches of crazy cars when you say "designer". So I'd probably call it "design engineer". Basically, we take what the product planning guys say they want in next-gen ABC vehicle, and do our best to turn it into reality. We'll study the technical requirements, define specifications, determine where to place it in the vehicle, min/max parameters (weight, fuel economy, etc.), issue drawings for manufacturing, do revisions to improve things, file patents, etc. We're what happens between marketing's imaginations and mass production. Specifically, I am in Electronic Platform Design. So that means enabling all the various parts of the car to talk to each other (CAN/LIN communications from physical layer onwards between each part's CAN/LIN interface), enabling the car to talk to other things (think Onstar and internet services, and the associated cybersecurity aspects too), and enabling ancillary stuff like key fobs talking to the car, etc.
  2. I know the heading said a 2U box for pfsense, but I forgot to remove that. The one Netgate Appliance specified in there is the SG-3100, one step above the basic box someone else had recommended. I saw that it had two M.2 slots for easy upgrading later, if for whatever reason I need to have 64GB of storage on a router. Decided eh, I could upgrade it later, or if I'm doing something that really justifies the extra horsepower, I can always just deal with pfsense virtualization at that point. I think I might stick to ESXi + Virtual FreeNAS with HBA at this moment. There seems to be a lot more documentation about passing an HBA over to FreeNAS in ESXi, instead of portioning out a RAID array to FreeNAS. It'll make setup easier, so I can actually tinker with the fun stuff, instead of struggling just to get storage up and running at all. P.S. >> Thank you very much for all this free advice you're just giving out like candy. Pretty sure I'd have to pay for a training course or something without you and the LTT community. I'm an automotive development engineer IRL, so feel free to ask me for advice in that realm whenever you need it.
  3. Hrm, I was thinking of going 1 CPU for now, with a dual socket motherboard. Just leave one socket unpopulated, room for upgrades later. Does that work? Again, never played with dual socket stuff before, just like I've never played in the Xeon range. I changed the specs around, to use Xeon E5s instead of Silver Scalable. E5 was chosen because..., that seems to be what everybody on YouTube is using. Also decided that maybe it's worth it to keep the pfsense box separate, because I swear my wife and daughter are going to murder me if they can't access the Internet for hours at a time whenever I wanna tinker. Primary source of confusion now is if the HBA Card is the "correct" card for this. It's been wildly confusing, with some talking about RAID, and others saying you need to flash it, etc. etc.
  4. Back to the hardware a little... I still don't know WHY I'd buy a Xeon Scalable Silver for the purposes of a home server. I can certainly afford it, but at this moment it feels like I'm buying a Lambo as a grocery getter. I'm not saying I'd want a Corolla as a grocery getter either, even though it is fit for purpose. Perhaps something in the Mercedes Benz range? What would be a processor equivalent to the Mercedes Benz range?
  5. So having taken a quick look at ESXi, my fantasies started shifting. I might just go with 1 server with virtualized FreeNAS/pfsense. Here are the specs, mostly server grade I think: Never played with Xeon before. No idea if the Scalable series is suitable. I just picked the maximum I could afford. Also dropped some storage capacity, since I don't REALLY need 40TB.
  6. My guests often include co-workers and higher ups of my employer. Can't really boot them out without losing the means of building sweet ass home networks.
  7. Yeah, no, I'm not gonna run used hardware. I've had an unRaid box for a while now, and this home server/networking stuff is like crack to me. Endless tinkering, playing with nifty new Dockers, new VMs, etc. It's also a minor passion for me. I used to do physical networking for banks. Having my own mini "datacenter" setup is a minor dream, and these two servers are a starting point for that. (Sweet setup btw! I don't know what to do with all that space yet, but I wanna end up there some day.) From what I understand, the router processes data transfers between subnets (routing!). The pfSense box will eventually be processing data transfers between my home security network (estimated maybe 5-6 high res cameras), my smarthome network, maybe my own personal cloud accessible via VPN, etc. etc. I'd like to eventually kill off my Google Drive/MEGA subscription. Do you run multiple subnets? I see two people suggested ESXi. Sounds like more tinkering, which is great! But why? Is there any particular advantage to virtualizing pfsense/FreeNAS? My reasons for a dedicated pfsense box is at the start of this post. There will be multiple subnets. Does it matter enough to justify a dedicated box? Reason for using different cables is cost reduction, and ease of passing a Fluke test (for CAT-6). Back when I did physical networking it was a PITA to test/certify CAT-6A. Also, again, you're the second person to mention ESXi. Is there any particular advantage to doing so?
  8. Hey guys (this is Austin), I decided to start a new thread this time, because this is about the entire server system and not just the case. I'm building 2 servers for my new home, one for pfsense and another for FreeNAS (which will run a variety of things via Docker/Plugins like Emby, openHAB, etc.). I think I've narrowed down the specs quite a bit, but I can't help but feel that a sanity check is in-order before I pull the trigger on thousands of dollars of gear. In particular, I feel like the pfsense box is way overkill for home use, but I might also be wrong, and have no idea how to build a cheaper machine. Intel's website does not make it easy for a nub like me to figure out how to step it down sensibly. Can you guys take a look and tell me if I'm being an idiot? The setup is for my new home. I will be running 1x CAT-6A and 1x CAT-6 to every room for physical layer. There will be a rack in one of the rooms, with a patch panel for easy management. Connection wise, both my main PC and the Media Box will be connected via the 10G uplink ports of the switch for fast file transfers. Everyone else should be on 1G. Use case is primarily media serving via Emby, but I will also be using openHAB, and whatever IP CCTV solution is available to be investigated later. Here are the specs: (NO I am not Austin, but it just seems like a natural follow up to "Hey guys". Austin, please don't sue me for impersonation)
  9. This is a solution for my main server, but not my pfsense server. That is a 2U unit, so a regular ATX PSU will be choked for air.
  10. Uh, so dumb question, Do you have any recommendations for a PSU? Most ATX PSUs I find have an angled airflow, where air enters the bottom of a PSU. Obviously, this won't work too well in a rack chassis. Preferably something with modular cables. I like to keep my systems clean.
  11. Shit man, this is why I come here. You win. Literally within the hour too!
  12. Hey there, I'm building a FreeNAS server. One that will outpace my current home server by leaps and bounds. I am also going to be rack mounting this puppy, in a rack with a glass front. I want the front face of the server to be aesthetically pleasing enough to not offend house guests. Even better if there's tempered glass so I can play with RGB too. But I've yet to find a single server chassis that would qualify as "non-offensive". There's one from iStarUSA, the DN-400 that would work, but for some insane reason it has the 3.5" HDD cage oriented sideways, basically blocking the path of airflow to the motherboard. That's a no-go. So I figured I'd come to the folks who deal with server chassis more often than I do. Have you guys seen anything that made you go "damn, that's pretty"? If so, please tell me. I don't have many requirements: At least 1 USB 3.0 or greater front I/O. Supports mATX to ATX motherboard. Supports regular desktop ATX power supply. Uses 120mm fans at minimum, or is otherwise relatively quiet if smaller (i.e., not that Gigabyte watercooled server Linus showed) Supports around 6-8 3.5" HDDs Supports 1-2 2.5" SSDs NO HOTSWAP BS (FreeNAS doesn't really need it, and I don't really want to pay for hardware that I won't use)
  13. I find that hitting the Windows Key does the same thing. Yes, I am on Windows 10. But that really isn't a solution. Just a duct tape fix.
  14. Alright, I think I've hit upon a really strange problem. I have a GTX 1070 FE. I also have 3x Asus VS247 monitors. The monitors do not have DisplayPort inputs, so I have 3x DisplayPort to HDMI cables. All fine and dandy. I set up NVidia Surround and installed Flawless Widescreen some time ago so I can play games with all three monitors. I switch back and forth between Surround and Extend mode using NVidia Control Panel. Problem: When the computer goes into standby mode, it plays the "disconnect" and "reconnect" sound, over and over and over again. It will not stop until I bring the PC out of standby. The reason I suspect shenanigans with the graphics/display side of things is that my displays "jump around" during standby. So the icons, which I usually only have on Monitor 1, may end up in Monitor 2 or 3. Also, if you catch it *just* right, one of my monitors will come back on showing with pure static (like the old-timey television white/black dots static). If I turn the monitor off, and on again, the static goes away. Other symptoms include GPU activity being reported by GPU-Z. The clock speeds pulse on and off at about the same rate as the "connect/disconnect" sounds playing, which furthered my suspicion of the GPU/display. This activity is during standby. I have no idea what is going on. So far, I've uninstalled Flawless Widescreen and all plugins, but that didn't seem to work. Ideas?
  15. DaAznKnight

    LG PF1000U Ultra Short Throw Projector Giveaway

    I genuinely wonder why a design like this isn't more mainstream. Seems like a brilliant idea. In any case, if I win one of these, it's going to turn my office into a crazy media consumption center. Imagine, reading Word documents plastered over an entire wall!