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  1. this is just a folder with 1 mp4 and 1 jpg file.. a 2gb mp4 file.. back then i don't have this issue. i even tried plugging the flashdrive directly to the motherboard...
  2. this is a sandisk 3.0 32gb flash drive. I don't remember having the issue back. it just suddenly happen. even just 2gb takes about 10mins to copy. what could be the problem? it does not happen before.. thanks
  3. I've just updated it before posting it here. its rx 5700xt Driver version 20.2.2 sux cant watch 1080 movies anymore lol
  4. Hello, Yes i can see 3 1080p But when i try each of them it just result a black screen with (no signal) hdmi message
  5. Also another note if i just entered a Progressive presentation even a 1920x1080. it will accept but when i try to change to that resolution the tv won't show anything. just a black screen.
  6. With this card no. but before i upgrade from (gtx 1050 ti) i have the 1920x1080p option here in windows display setting
  7. The windows won't detect 1080p. It only detect the 768p. but before (i have nvidia card) i can switch to 1080p from windows display setting.
  8. it says from here it can support 60hz. but i already tried lowering the refresh rate to 50, even 30. but when i click Okay. it still says the custom resolution settings are not compatible
  9. Hello, my TV can support 1080i (interlaced) only but i can't seem to find the right configuration in the radeon software. here is my setting Even if i try other Timing Standard i get this message Can anyone please help me? Thanks
  10. im trying to achieve 1920x1080 on my tv. but with my current setting in radeon software i can only go for 1280x768.
  11. Hello. Its 60hz. But doesnt work. Even trying to lower the refresh rate. Still says not compatible.
  12. Hello, This is the default config when i try to click the "create new custom resolution" button.
  13. No. Its just good to watch movie on larger screen. And my tv isnt smart tv. It just have hdmi port on it...
  14. Hello, So i recently change system to amd + radeon from intel + nvidia. Before, i have a television which has native 720p but can support 1080i In nvidia i can easily use this higher resolution with single click no problem at all. After changing to radeon. Im having difficulty creating the custom resolution because the radeon software is asking many options that i dont know. And if i try to use default and set only the resolution, it wont accept... My gpu is. Rx5700xt
  15. Hello, can anybody please help me with this? 1) problem is the music sync not being accurate. there is like a huge delay (about 3s). 2) the Memory (corsair rgb pro) is detected but when trying to change rgb settings from rgb fusion. nothing happens. This only happened after i install the ICUE software.. is this normal?? i've already tried reinstalling the rgb fusion sync 2.0. but still the same issues. thanks! Motherboard: b450 aorus pro
  16. rans


    Is there a noticeable performance difference using a cheap case fan vs a higher price. Ex. Corsair ll120? Aside from the rgb and noise. Is there a difference when it comes to blowing/cooling air? Thanks!
  17. Hello, how can i turn back this volume ui to original windows 10 style? I'm not so sure how this happened but its now looking like windows 7 style. Even if i plug a audio jack. it still like this. and it takes so many steps before i can change the audio output. thanks!
  18. thanks. what do you think of aorus b450 pro? I kinda want to stay away from msi had a bad experience with msi motherboards not just 1 board but 3. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1d9_E3h8bLp-TXr-0zTJFqqVxdCR9daIVNyMatydkpFA/edit#gid=611478281 I found this googlesheet but i don't actually understand the 200A 150A 100A 75A
  19. okay guys thanks for the replies. but its kinda split answers. I've read a review online that my current psu is outdated. but does this means its not SAFE to use it with 3700x? I might just use b450 board and buy a new PSU if its not recommended to use my current psu.
  20. Hello, i currently have the MI12 seasonic 620w. and looking to upgrade my system. here is the plan upgrade: CPU: Ryzen 7 3700x Motherboard: Gigabyte X570 AORUS Pro Wifi Memory: 32gb ddr4 3200 Corsair Vengeance GPU: Aorus RX 5700XT Windforce OC (currently have)Storage: 2 Hard drive, 1 Sata SSD, 1 Nvme m.2 Do i still need to upgrade my power supply? or its enough. i might do some minor overclocking.. Thanks!
  21. My keyboard is automatically pressing F12. but stop when i press other key. and then it will resume to automatically typing after a few seconds. when i press F12. the keyboard backlight isnt working. but it will glow when the spamming resumes. can anyone please help me what to do? im having trouble finding a replacement here in my place.. im using ubuntu, tried to disable it with xmapmod. but its still typing F12 even after being disabled. already tried reinstalling ubuntu. and also tried using windows 10.
  22. Hi there, I've just finish stress testing it with memtest64 for 9loops. But it did not freeze.
  23. Hi, Can anybody please help me what to do? my computer just start to freeze randomly while browsing the internet. Actually its not really freeze but the frame rate drops to like 1fps and the sound stutters until it freeze. sometimes it can recover but most of the time computer will just automatically restart. I've tried to reinstall a fresh windows 10 and then stress test both my gpu and cpu, but i can't still find where the problem is. My PC: CPU: g4560 GPU: Gtx 1050 TI RAM: 16GB ddr4 Motherboard: Asrock Fatal1ty h170 Thanks in Advance!
  24. theres no available 3200mhz 14cl here in my place