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Everything posted by Sylvie05

  1. Really thonkin about Ryzen 3rd gen since I've got a summer job.


    really thonkin...

    1. Schnoz


      i waun 2 by it

    2. Cyberspirit


      Do eeet! (After the reviews are in, of course.)

  2. Sylvie05

    laptop not loading games

    That sounds like either a bad windows installation or a faulty/dying hard drive. That laptop is plenty powerful enough to handle playing games. If reinstalling windows doesn't work try contacting asus.
  3. Sylvie05

    Pc not booting into os

    Install a modern operating system.
  4. Sylvie05

    song can't play on spotify

    did you set it to a country outside of your own?
  5. windows network file sharing is annoying

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    2. Schnoz
    3. Windows7ge


      Don't waste your time with Network Locations in File Explorer the Domain Name Resolution function is terrible. God forbid you want Windows DNS to recognize a Linux server on the network.


      Go to the navigation bar and just use the IP of the opposing computer. Type "\\" (no quotes) then the IP (Ex. \\


      You'll still have to login but then you'll have access to any shared drives on the computer.


      It's easier IMO unless that has nothing to do with why it's annoying for you.

    4. Sylvie05


      @Schnoz needed it done tonight.

  6. Sylvie05

    Does this bother you?

    To an extent yes, probably because of how lifelike the motions of the robots are. Although this is probably necessary for it to figure out how to get out of those situations. If I'm thinking emotionally I feel bad for the things but logically there's not really a reason to.
  7. linus.png.e9f77b44d21eced3f7691dc955c53d4b.png

    1. lewdicrous


      "Identity theft isn't a joke Jim!"

  8. Almost looks stock????


  9. 🤔


    1. Queen Chrysallis

      Queen Chrysallis

      getting rid of that pesky airflow

    2. Sylvie05


      @Queen Chrysalis making more of you mean?

    3. Queen Chrysallis

      Queen Chrysallis

      oh i got it backwards e...e 

  10. Really impressed with Apple right now tbh.

    1. Schnoz


      Still, it costs more than anything you could purchase yourself. 

    2. firelighter487


      same. i'm so pleased with the event. the hardware isn't interesting because i can't afford it anyway but the software is amazing.


      nevermind the software support still.

      for MacBook Pro's the oldest supported is 2012 and in terms of iPhone the 6s is the oldest.


      also the iPad demo's looked amazing. i'm seriously considering an iPad now.

    3. Sylvie05


      @Schnoz the Mac Pro is amazing but yeah I can't afford.


      What I will get a benefit from is iPad OS, I hate using an iPad for school work (our HS provides iPads to students) so hopefully that'll improve the experience.

  11. @Cyberspirit Update on the cooling stuff. I cut some plastic off the inside of the front panel (no aesthetic difference from before) that was blocking a decent bit of airflow and that dropped average CPU temps to around 55-60 and GPU temps to mid 70s.

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    2. Cyberspirit


      If you don't mind the way it looks without, you could get some magnetic or screw on dust filters and slap them there instead.

      For the dust, it depends on where you live and how often you like to clean stuff but if you look around the place and you don't see much dust buildup you'd probably be fine without.


      I have a Corsair 280x and I used to run it with both filter and front glass removed but, I opted to keep the filter because it was a little too dangerous with a cat around.

    3. Sylvie05


      @Cyberspirit The temps don't seem too terrible, so I'll probably just keep it on for looks. I might figure out some other solution with more case modding or something like that later on.

    4. scottyseng


      Steve from Gamer's Nexus approves this mod.

  12. image.png.34b9b42f08221701d317b6e083885706.png

    1. TacoSenpai


      Y'all need jesus





  13. Sylvie05

    LGBT community

    howdy gaymers how yall doing
  14. Use some standard circular cooler but "connect" the exhaust fan to it with one of these
  15. Sylvie05

    ps3 water cooling

    Do they just make waterblocks for PS3s?
  16. s p i c y


  17. Sylvie05

    Autism / High Functioning Autism?

    aspie bitch here 1. Terrible 2. What are those 3. A lot
  18. been a while since i paid attention to this stuff and I reapplied thermal paste recently



    are these good temps (while gaming)

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    2. Cyberspirit


      Yeah, looks good. Have you reapplied it on the GPU as well? That one is a bit higher than I'd let it go but, it's still fine.

    3. Sylvie05


      @Cyberspirit Sorry didn't see this till now, I didnt reapply paste on the GPU but the fans run at low speeds most of the time by default. I recently got a new case and the intake isnt that great so I'm trying to think of some way to possibly improve that with some sort of case mod 

    4. Cyberspirit


      Does your new case have fan mounts under the GPU? If it doesn't then, try messing with fan curves because the stock GPU ones usually favor low noise instead of lower temps.


      Your best bet is usually repasting but, I don't blame you if you'd rather not open your GPU up.

  19. Sylvie05

    GTX 1050ti vs GTX 960

    If OP can find a 570 at the same price that's a good idea.
  20. If you're not going to overclock, go with the one you like aesthetically the most. Your memory should work on any of them with some small tweaks.
  21. Sylvie05

    Slow boot - Windows 10 - BIOS problem?

    This looks 100% like a bios problem, since you're already on the latest all I can suggest is poking around in the bios settings for things related to fast boot.
  22. Specs are in my signature, trying to download it for the RGB controls.
  23. That could be it, will try later.