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    My children are machines


  • CPU
    Ryzen 5 1600
  • Motherboard
    MSI B350 PC MATE
  • RAM
    16gb 3000mhz team dark
  • GPU
    Zotac 1080 amp extreme
  • Case
    Corsair 400c white
  • Storage
    2tb had 250gb ssd
  • PSU
    EVGA 600GS

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  1. It's fuck

  2. i watched the roast video


    linus had a threesome with dennis?????


    1. dizmo



  3. I mean that's not really surprising is it? They did it with 3/5/7. If they wanted to follow that trend (and not redo their naming scheme) there's not really anything else to name it.
  4. What's different about the 3rd gen Ryzen names?
  5. I found the PSU mount for my old P3 and was bored so decided to switch back for a while just for fun.


    Vertical GPU mounts are fuckin sick




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    2. savagepain


      @Sylvie05 got to remmber im legit retarded 

    3. Ashiella


      @savagepain I'm probably moreso.

    4. Sylvie05


      retard gang

  7. Hmmmmm


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    2. Techstorm970


      @FloRolf I don't think @Sylvie05 gives a sh*t...

    3. FloRolf


      @Techstorm970 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    4. Sylvie05


      @FloRolf too expensive.


      6T was $489 refurb

  8. oh



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    2. Schnoz


      you're dead


      have fun with 41 pages of notifications!

    3. Cyberspirit
    4. Jtalk4456


      3 weeks later

      *finally done, refreshes page

      "1000 more??!!"

  9. They use speaker wire (no connectors on end) The speakers and subwoofer plug into the receiver. The receiver has optical and RCA inputs that I would connect to my computer in order for the speakers to output sound. A sound card is kinda what I was thinking. Any relatively inexpensive recommendations? Edit: I just read the comment about 3.5mm to RCA. Would that work? I may have one.
  10. So my dad has a pretty great audio setup that we used to use on the basement TV, the subwoofer blew out recently so he doesn't use it anymore and he said I could use it if I could hook it up to my computer. It's pretty old and the receiver is meant for a TV however it has an optical input. Would I need anything special to convert optical to a standard 3.5mm audio cable? It also has RCA and probably some other things (maybe a 1/4in stereo jack but I'm not sure, that would make things easier now that I think about it) but assuming it doesn't and only has optical, how would I go about setting this up?
  11. Sylvie05

    Intel Confirms: Macs to switch to ARM by 2020.

    I feel like this is going to cause a lot of compatibility issues, maybe if they have some sort of x86 emulation it'll be okay but only for some apps.
  12. waht the fuck is a 1660ti

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    2. Skanky Sylveon

      Skanky Sylveon

      @Sylvie05 I have a very active (as well as inappropriate) imagination. 


      Admittedly if it was called the 1669ti, it would be much easier. 

    3. Schnoz


      @Skanky Sylveon Well Nvidia sometimes sells slightly overclocked versions of their cards and turns an XX0 or XXX0 into an XXX5 or XX5. So if you overclock it it could be a 1669 Ti.

  13. YOOOO my dad took off work and surprised me with this when I got home (shelf and LEDs)


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    2. Techstorm970


      Ya, you godda haf zat air for la @Schnoz! xD 

    3. Skanky Sylveon

      Skanky Sylveon

      @Schnoz I'll take the circuit boards.

  14. Sylvie05

    I have a question

    Well you'll be able to have more things open at once, and possibly some better CPU perfs since Ryzen works better with fast memory.
  15. Joycons are completely fine for me.