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  1. Informative
    Yongtjunkit reacted to Kilrah in Laptop slow bootup/ bootup delay after installing KB4535996   
    Yes, there has been quite some talk about it. 
  2. Like
    Yongtjunkit got a reaction from AngryPandaPC in Thread for Linus Tech Tips Video Suggestions   
    Video editor PC upgrade from intel CPU to Ryzen threadripper 
  3. Agree
    Yongtjunkit reacted to Arika S in Be wary of free antiviruses - Avast selling non-anonymous user data   
    as always; If you're not paying for a product, you are the product.
  4. Agree
    Yongtjunkit reacted to Commodus in Security updates for Windows 7 ostensibly end tomorrow, but also officially continue until 2023   
    Antivirus software only protects against known exploits that it can defend against.  If it's a zero-day exploit or something the AV software couldn't stop regardless, you're still in trouble.  I'm sure many WannaCry targets were running AV software, too... ask them how well that worked.
    Good IT security doesn't involve hoping your anti-malware tools will make up for known vulnerabilities in the underlying OS.  If you actually want an airtight system, you run an OS that's still actively receiving security updates.  No exceptions.
    Also, as I told jagd earlier, please don't assume that the world revolves around you.  You might not want your PC linked to your phone, but that doesn't mean others can't appreciate it.  You have a slight point on sending info to MS, but if you're in that kind of situation and genuinely concerned the info could be misused, you can likely either block the transmissions or make arrangements with Microsoft to limit collection.
  5. Informative
    Yongtjunkit reacted to homeap5 in UEFI or UEFI+LEGACY for win 10 instlalation?   
    This limitation is only for boot drive. If your boot drive is smaller than 2TB, you can have legacy boot and still use drives (other than boot) larger than 2TB with GPT partition table.
    And secure boot may work or not - depends on hardware. No real benefits of using it.
  6. Informative
    Yongtjunkit reacted to homeap5 in UEFI or UEFI+LEGACY for win 10 instlalation?   
    Not really, USB you're using for boot is disk too.
    Just follow that link I gave you or stay with legacy boot . There is no big difference anyway. If your system boots then just use it.
  7. Informative
    Yongtjunkit reacted to Spotty in Loud PSU fan   
    It means: "No-one would buy a crappy 250W power supply so let's just lie and call it a 500W so we can trick people into buying it"
    Why does it say +12V 21A but +12V 192W max? That doesn't add up. 12V 21A is 252W. 192W max on 12V would be only 16A.
    Quick google search shows it selling in Malaysia for between $8-$11 USD. At least it comes with a free power cable. ?
    "Micro ATX" is wrong, but if the dimensions listed there are correct then the power supplies you were looking at won't fit in your case. 125mm (W) x 63mm (H) x 100mm (L) are the dimensions for SFX size PSUs. A standard ATX power supply won't fit in the case.
    ATX PS/2 (standard power supplies like the ones you were shopping for) are 150mm (W) x 86mm (H) x ≥140mm (L)
  8. Informative
    Yongtjunkit reacted to Whiro in Replace thermal paste on intel cpu   
    Yes that’s what I meant, so cpu will be sitting on that plastic not on the pins.

  9. Funny
    Yongtjunkit reacted to Whiro in Replace thermal paste on intel cpu   
    I seriously was trying to think about any scenario where this may be possible but I got nothing. Even if you decide (for some really strange reason) to take out cpu from the socket and put the cpu on the table when applying new paste your pins on the socket are far far away ?  
  10. Informative
    Yongtjunkit reacted to Bombastinator in Replace thermal paste on intel cpu   
    Yes.  That
  11. Informative
    Yongtjunkit reacted to Mezoxin in Which psu is better?   
    coil whine is normal and its completely random when it happens and varies according to operating conditions and psu orientation inside the case , sticking your ear next to the PSU will almost certainly make you hear coil whine , i wouldn't exchange a psu if it had coil whine unless it's too loud and audible from a distance that you would normally be with when operating your pc   and causing significant discomfort , the whine noise is high frequency and very directional  and can easily be dampened by changing the orientation of the case 
  12. Informative
    Yongtjunkit reacted to Tanopo in Which psu is better?   
    Well that is when the warranty kicks in i guess(if you dont like it). I think if you'll get a replacement psu the whine will be gone on that one. However i dont think that this wine will have an effect in terms of longevity. Ive had an nvidia videocard (from gigabyte i guess) that had insane coil whine under load(much louder than the fan) and vendor was like "its normal  no RMA for you". Went to aquainted electronics guy who covered all coils with PCB warnish and all became silent(warranty was tampered obviously). Card worked ok for 3 years(then i sold it)
  13. Agree
    Yongtjunkit reacted to LogicalDrm in Why Linus still has good things to say about Apple products   
    So are you actually asking why Linus does his job and gives fair evaluation of products disregarding his bias? Or why he even tries with Apple when those videos are most watched on the channel?
    Seems to me that you have some issues with Apple, and I have very easy solution. Stop watching Apple related videos.
  14. Informative
    Yongtjunkit reacted to Tanopo in Which psu is better?   
    Because its on higher level in everything - oem enhance+all japan caps. If you can afford V550w its not even a discussion
  15. Informative
    Yongtjunkit reacted to SpookyCitrus in Which psu is better?   
    The MWE Gold is a great option, it's the best one of the units you posted.
  16. Informative
    Yongtjunkit reacted to Bombastinator in Replace thermal paste on intel cpu   
    I’m going to give A somewhat sloppier answer.
    @OlympicAssEater is correct.  The thing is that removing all the paste especially if it old, requires several goes because you need to get it ALL off.  Every last little bit. To do the rough work a paper towel is ok, but you can’t get it all off that way.  His advice will need to be followed for final cleanings.
  17. Informative
    Yongtjunkit reacted to Flying Sausages in Replace thermal paste on intel cpu   
    Isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol with 70% or higher concentration and a clean micro fiber towel, cloth, or coffee filter to clean the thermal paste on top of Intel heatspreader. Alternative is you can get an isopropyl wipe.  
    Clean the top of the heatspreader gently and thoroughly. Require no pressure for cleaning. 
    Do not use paper tissues because it can leave the them white stuff behind and can affect thermal transfer performance. 
  18. Informative
    Yongtjunkit reacted to LukeSavenije in Loud PSU fan   
    likely just luck... even if the two are internally different, they're similar in performance
    though, as shown above, cx over both
  19. Like
    Yongtjunkit reacted to AlexTheGreatish in AMD is Making Laptops Affordable - Lenovo Flex 14   
    Wanted to compare the Intel vs. AMD versions of this laptop.  I don't there there are currently any 10th gen Intel chips in budget laptops (although that will probably change soon).
  20. Informative
    Yongtjunkit reacted to Streetguru in windows 10 recognizes external devices as a generic device   
    As long as it works just leave it alone...

    You can try changing the driver windows uses to interface with it, but I really wouldn't worry about it.
  21. Informative
    Yongtjunkit reacted to Electronics Wizardy in Adding a storage SSD to a laptop( secondary drive)   
    Probably noting, both will copy files near the sata limit, it only really matter in heavy random io.
  22. Agree
    Yongtjunkit reacted to samcool55 in Apple Blows All Competition With Update to 4S   
    My guess is because they say it will go to a random time 20 or 40 years ago if you do miss the update, certificates will be seen as expired or invalid because the time of the phone does not match the time window when the certificate is valid.
    It's very likely the app store, icloud and whatever use certificates to allow an encrypted connection, if the certificate is invalid, you can't connect because you can't set up a secure connection so it stops working.
    If you want to see it for yourself, put your clock a few years ahead or behind and visit an https website, it won't work anymore. Can be done on a PC btw. (basically every device that allows you to manually change the time and has a modern web browser)
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    Yongtjunkit got a reaction from ZacoAttaco in A Network Failure cause service disruption at KLIA   
    Some update 
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    Yongtjunkit got a reaction from LAwLz in A Network Failure cause service disruption at KLIA   
    Some update 
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    Yongtjunkit got a reaction from leadeater in A Network Failure cause service disruption at KLIA   
    Some update