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  1. Pendrive inaccessible

    It has partition on it(fat32) it was till a reboot before the software recognize the partitions
  2. Pendrive inaccessible

    Haven't run the surface test on the software that you suggested I've reformatted the drive to fat32 after recovering my data but i noticed that the software doesn't seem to recognize the filesystem
  3. Pendrive inaccessible

    Can't access it within windows. Any way of fixing the partition? on my laptop update: recuva seems to be able to find the files also by any chance if I got this pendrive working again should I trust it?
  4. Pendrive inaccessible

    Anyway in retiving the data other than data recovery service? I plugged the pendrive in today and works just fine but after unplug(restart pc since safety eject doesn't work) and plug back in it doesn't work anymore
  5. Pendrive inaccessible

    Hi, I'm unable to access my pendrive. Windows says that it needs to be formatted before I can use it, the pendrive worked when I last used it a few months ago. The pendrive is Kingston dt101 g2

    I've no idea where my device registry located

    hi, lately my laptop has been crashing lately with a xiaomi redmi 5 plus plugged in to the usb port with usb tethering turned on. OS: Windows 10 OEM x64 original os : windows 8 age of system : year brought november 2013 age of os : last reinstalled jan 2018 system manufaturer: asus model: asus x550cc(laptop) 070118-11343-01.dmp 070118-11484-01.dmp 070118-11843-01.dmp 070118-12218-01.dmp 070118-9781-01.dmp
  8. Windows battery meter jumping around.

    That do far happened to me no unexpected shutdown yet
  9. Windows battery meter jumping around.

    hi, I've lately noticed that my laptop battery meter in windows is jumping around in percentage, for example it would go from 70% to 20% suddenly and jump back to 70% again. My laptop is Asus x550cc(brought it November 2013) running windows 10 April update. Not too sure if this is a windows issue or the battery is dying
  10. What happens if you turn off Sync on Android

    Apps like YouTube notification would be affected?
  11. What happens if you turn off Sync on Android

    No notification would be missed if I use battery saver which turns off sync to conserve battery?
  12. Hi , I was wondering what would happen if I turned off sync on Android ? What would I be missing out on?
  13. is this normal in windows 10 April update?

    can't seem to find windows update in the directory but i can find it at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ the "some settings are managed by your organisation" message now seems to disappear from windows update without doing any changes basically restart to install update. sounds weird
  14. is this normal in windows 10 April update?

    Is there by any chance of fixing it without reinstall windows? Did an upgrade from windows 10 fall creator update to windows 10 April update via iso with keep all files, settings, program
  15. is this normal in windows 10 April update?

    1. I don't use any tweak tool to modify windows. 2. All of them were my personal account