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  1. It still works in 2020, you’ll get windows 10 activated with windows 7/8.1 product key Microsoft didn’t fully close the windows 10 free upgrade after the free upgrade has ended
  2. No idea, I can’t even find any thing on google, and also in the screenshot shows that it’s somehow on my laptop either virtually or physically
  3. Hi, does anyone here know what's Asus Sync graphic adapter, the graphic adpater pisses me off by somehow having a virtual display connected to my laptop and causing windows to think that I'm projecting and disables the action center notification, disabling it in device manager doesn't work, it reenables itself after a reboot, even uninstalling the driver doesn't work, it would reinstall itself after a reboot This laptop does not have RGB Laptop model : asus S531FL windows 10 home single language(1909) Intel UHD graphics 630 Nvidia MX250 Intel 660P NVME ssd( OS, from factory) Samsung 1TB sata SSD(data storage, add on) 20GB DDR4 2400mhz ram
  4. Still use it to login to webui on my nas as it works better with IE 11
  5. Video editor PC upgrade from intel CPU to Ryzen threadripper
  6. Unfortunately windows 8.1 single language isn’t activated even though it comes preloaded with windows 8 single language
  7. Not on the machine as far as I can tell... don’t have the handbook with me, according to dell it’s supposed to be embedded in the bios which is supposed to be the case for machines with win8 or newer as far as I know This PC was never upgraded to windows 10
  8. There’s apparently no product key embedded into the bios for some reason or only the dell image can see like windows 10 setup would ask for my product key even produkey can’t see it
  9. Hi, So I got the prompt to activate windows but this laptop comes with windows 8, so I’ve contacted dell and they said that to use windows 8.1/10, you’ll need to “purchase a product key” Isn’t windows 8.1 a free upgrade to windows 8 user and windows 8 is EOL?
  10. Both are the same, they lead you to windows 10 1909.... some people might prefer downloading the file 1 time instead of many pc, so the iso file is for them for systems running Windows 10 1903, it’s faster to update via windows update to windows 10 1909 as the file download size are smaller and take less time to install vs the iso/ the method you’ve specified
  11. You’ll need to be logged into an admin account and you should see the option to “change settings that are currently unavailable” click on that to change the options that are grayed out
  12. This pop up only appear if your date is set to 15/01/2020, I've timeshift the VM to get this to pop up
  13. I've used MBR2GPT /validate to make sure that it meet the requirement then I use MBR2GPT /convert to convert to GPT partition but it won't boot in both legacy and uefi not really, would prefer UEFI due to more than 2 TB support, Secure boot