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  1. Hi, I was wondering if the new landscape ui for waze only available for selected devices or all iOS devices are supported?
  2. Does this apply to iPad or iPhone only?
  3. Hi, I was wondering how to properly store my iPhone 5? The iPhone 5 will not turn on/boot up without a power source probably due to not enough power supplied by the battery, every time when I unplug my iPhone 5 from a power source, it’s shows the Apple logo but it won’t go to the lock screen.
  4. My iPhone 5 doesn't seem to scale back performance but instead, it keeps auto restart when opening apps like snapchat unless you plug in to a power source
  5. Reseating the both 2gb ram stick on the same slot fixes the problem. But since this is a pre-built from Dell it's weird for it disappear from the computer till it's reseated. -It's not both sticks since only 1 of the stick shows up in windows/memtest86 - each stick, pc post correctly - didn't try different slot - swap side of the both ram fixes this issue. - dell bios update software(on their website) is sort of a disaster
  6. Hi, I was wondering if the Ram disappears without warnings(no beeps, doesn't show up in windows, memtest86 at all) but appears when reseat on the motherboard, is it reliable? specs: dell inspiron 580(prebuilt specs , no upgrades done to it so far) 4gb ram (2x2gb) 1tb hdd windows 10 Nvidia GeForce gt220
  7. Hi, I was wondering how long would an iPhone and iPad would last beyond its rated charge cycle? I know that an iPhone is rated at 500 charge cycle while an iPad is rated at 1000 charge cycle. (Apple says that it will have 80% of its original capacity, how long till it would go to 0% or an unusable range)? Also any device running iOS 10.2.1 or newer are affected by this? https://www.google.com/amp/s/9to5mac.com/2017/12/10/iphone-6s-slow-down-battery-fix/amp/
  8. I've been noticing app crashing lately, apps like whatsapp
  9. Hi, I was wondering if this affects my iPhone 5 currently running ios 10.3.3 https://apple.news/Arlu8BKr0Tb6Ba0IIVeYd0A
  10. What Phone Do you have

    Iphone 5 (pass down)
  11. Good powerbank(external,universal)

    Is it possible for anker powerbank to handle both an iphone and a ipad? My current yoobao power bank can't handle both of them at once and it will turn of within a few seconds, would be nice to carry only 1 powerbank instead of 2( looking for >10000mah model)
  12. iPhone 5C 32bit Downgrade

    You probably can't as Apple stopped signing iOS 9.3.5 long time ago
  13. Hi, I was wondering which power bank is better? Mophie or anker or yoobao or energizer?
  14. windows 10 update

    Turned on my pc today and the update doesn't appear anymore