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  1. Kinda defeats the purpose of the family plan...... it should be called a household plan then. A family doesn’t mean that they need to stay in the same roof, they can have their son/daughter studying in another country.....
  2. What happens if you have a family member who's living far away ? And I would definitely reject Spotify access to my location, apple would probably pull the app from the app store first?
  3. My Samsung galaxy J12016 doesn't even get any android version update..... It's still running touchwiz on android 5.1.1 and they stopped providing security update to the phone already Upgraded to Xiaomi redmi 5 + 1 year ago and comes with android 7.1.2 miui 9, now running android 8.1 with miui 10
  4. Anyone here have tried the cloud download feature yet? Mine takes forever at 95% update: was able to reinstall windows, I just noticed that some fonts were corrupted though
  5. Update: Link: https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2019/08/26/situation-in-klia-under-control-despite-non-functional-fids-at-departure-hall FIDS apparently decides to stop working again But it's recovering
  6. Oops, my bad just updated the topic Thanks for pointing it out
  7. A network failure causes system/service disruption at KLIA sources : 1. https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2019/08/25/operations-at-klia-back-to-normal-four-days-after-disruption 2. https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2019/08/23/m039sia-airports-disruption-at-KLIA-due-to-network-failure-equipment-replaced 3. https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2019/08/26/situation-in-klia-under-control-despite-non-functional-fids-at-departure-hall 4. https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2019/08/27/airlines-to-seek-mahb-compensation-for-delays-losses An airport mission critical system such as flight information display systems, airport WiFi gets taken down by a Network failure which caused long queue and flight delays for four days.
  8. I agree with this, this brings no benefits other than the benefits of service at apple Original battery Clear the service warning $$$$$ if the battery has been serviced at a 3rd party or battery bloated
  9. That sounds a bit ridiculous, maybe they would give discount for battery replacement again well they should warn the user that it may not be the original battery but not block the battery health data in iOS/ battery diagnostic software on pc/ iOS( they’ve blocked it since iOS 10 )
  10. I wish/ hope that apple would revise their T2 chip, maybe T3 ? With a physical hardware key that a user must keep( in a safe place) for data recovery reason. The T2 chip is useful if you lose your rm10K ( MacBook Air), up to rm 40K MacBook Pro and you can rest assure that they can’t use your Mac at all or even sell it but at least to the original owner make data recovery possible.....
  11. Not only that, there should be an option for user to disable the T2 chip( encryption) if they decided that they don’t need it, and have their data easily recoverable also they should give a warning about the T2 chip and the consequences of not backing up to the user in case the hardware( motherboard) dies Long paragraph incoming Rant about Apple pricing of their Mac I have an ASUS laptop that is 6 years old and it’s failing for some unknown reason (random hardware stop working while I was using it or when I wake the laptop up from sleep ), since it’s a windows laptop, I plan to just buy a windows laptop (Vivobook ultra ) for Rm 3K with ram upgrade + ssd installation included ( base model is RM2899 retail - 4GB of ram) which has 2 extra cores from a MacBook Air and it’s way cheaper than a MacBook Air base model( RM6K ), for the MacBook Air with the specs I want, it cost RM 10K( and it’s still have a dual core ) and the student discount is not helping at all not to mention that it’s out of reach for most people in Malaysia. Also I would count that dead T2 chip as a defect from apple and refusing warranty claim is seriously unacceptable considering the price of their MacBook in Malaysia Rant/Issue with Apple service in Malaysia Malaysia only have AASP in Malaysia where they can set their own repair prices(this means that they can rip user off and some places is cheaper than the other ) also if you sent your phone to 3rd party repair shop, they will not even touch it at all( I heard that in the US, they were allowed to repair products that was serviced by 3rd party) I may still buy their products but not their Mac especially with the T2 chip , iPhones maybe 1-2 gen behind from the latest( I brought an iPhone 7 when the iPhone X is out due to ridiculous pricing ) also I would definitely need to research for official Serviceability from Apple before buying )
  12. apparently it’s not included in the minimal version of ubuntu, I had to manually install it So here’s an update after I’ve finished installing the Nvidia driver, Ubuntu failed to boot because of shim secure boot ( need to disable shim secure boot to boot into Ubuntu) so looks like grub is my only choice used grub customizer to make the timeout period shorter and bring windows boot manager to the top of the list seems like in windows 10, secure boot follows the bios instead of Ubuntu(Shim) secure boot
  13. I’m not sure about that, I haven’t boot into Ubuntu for the 1st time
  14. Well the main issue is I want windows 10 to be the default os( don’t see the option to set default from grub boot loader) and also I kinda like windows boot loader UI better than grub well worse case, I was considering setting windows boot manager as default in the bios and when I want to use Ubuntu, I would use the boot override to go into Ubuntu