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  1. windows 10 update

    Turned on my pc today and the update doesn't appear anymore
  2. windows 10 update

    For some reason it gives me this update which fails to download as shown in the picture. I'm running the public version of Windows 10.
  3. windows 10 update

    hi, I've noticed that windows 10 is intalling an update for insider preview but i'm not in the insider preview program
  4. Phone wifi speed bottleneck?

    Hi, I've been noticing on my android phone was able to receive great speed from its carrier Link: http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/a/3351000394 But when I use mobile hotspot over wifi and Bluetooth, I got the following result Test #1 Link: unable to share due to an error Test# 2 Link: http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/i/2325352977 Device used in this test: Android phone, mobile hotspot device: Samsung galaxy j1 2016 Client : iphone 7 Need help on how to make the clients(there are more clients than the one used in this test) device to receive the same/ close to same speed over mobile hotspot.
  5. Hi, I've been noticing lately that I can't connect to certain apple service such as Apple music and apple news when connected to my asus rtac 68u but when connected to mobile data, both services works normally. Troubleshooting Tried rebooting and the services works fine for a while then both services have issues again. But this doesn't happen everytime just sometimes
  6. Wpa 2 wifi patch windows 10

    Let's say asus patches their router and we updated to it, would the attacker be able to do the krack attack on the normal network with patched devices? While the guest network for unpatch devices?
  7. Wpa 2 wifi patch windows 10

    So a guest network would not help? Like separating device that is patched and the device that isn't. so that there won't be a backdoor for the device that is patched? so basically would be -wifi 1 would be for patched devices -wifi 2 for unpatch devices which would be vulnerable to this attack
  8. Wpa 2 wifi patch windows 10

    What about creating a guest network for the iPhone 5/ devices that doesn't get updates?
  9. Wpa 2 wifi patch windows 10

    Will using only 5ghz reduces the chance of the attack? Like less devices compactible
  10. Wpa 2 wifi patch windows 10

    The tplink powerline adapter is this model Wpa8630p kit http://www.tp-link.com.my/products/details/cat-18_TL-WPA8630P-KIT.html UK version v1
  11. Wpa 2 wifi patch windows 10

    - for the tplink part, the powerline adapter that I have has a built-in acess point
  12. Wpa 2 wifi patch windows 10

    I can't get firmware update(software update ) for every device that uses wifi unfortunately... I'm using asus rtac68u as the router which didn't get any patch yet, my iphone 5 is stuck on ios 10.3.3(unless apple is kind enough to release ios 10.3.4 for iphone 5) currently the pc in my home is running windows 10 fall creators update, tplink released a statement saying which device are affected but my power line adapter is not affected by the wpa 2 flaw according to the tp link website. dlink didn't specify which device are affected by this flaw at all.
  13. Wpa 2 wifi patch windows 10

    since windows update shows up to date, so i'm guessing i'm even though manufacturer(wifi adapter) didn't release the update at the moment i'm safe?
  14. Anti virus(free) for windows 10

    currently logged in as admin(only user account) -update- installed all suggested extension on google chrome. when browsing the ltt forum, 1 extension seems to be conflicting with another extension that does the same thing ublock origin and disconnect hopefully they would go easy on the CPU since im using an intel core i5 3337u(dual core) but I do have 12 gb of ram which is not a problem for my laptop but it maybe for my father's desktop since his pc is a prebuilt dell inspiron 580 with intel core i5 760 and 4gb of ram... both copy of google chrome are sync with the same google account
  15. Wpa 2 wifi patch windows 10

    hi, as we all may know that wpa 2 had been successfully cracked/hacked and I was wondering if windows 10 fall creators update is enough to patch the wpa2 attack? or do I need a driver update to patch against this attack? @GoodBytes do verify if this is the correct section since this post can be either in networking or in windows sub forum(move this post if needed to it proper place)