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  1. Source http://wccftech.com/nvidia-volta-tesla-v100-ai-research/ Lots more information in the article. Also, what I find interesting is last year in April when Pascal was announced at GTC it was already shipping to non-consumer places - Then by May it was shipping the consumer version. Does this mean we may have consumer Volta later this year? (Sept/Oct?)
  2. Well, Tesla is supposed to have more information regarding both an electric pick up truck and electric semi later this year... Lets wait and see what good ol' Elon has come up with...I find myself rarely disappointed with news from that guy. The model 3 appears to be coming along quite well.
  3. It's just too bad Alphacool's quality control is complete trash.
  4. It probably has something to do with... They have some sort of voodoo going on to make it work...
  5. Eh, you can't get the same colors in tubing as you can when you mix your own pastel color. Also if you want to change colors, you have to rebuild your loop. Not a fan.
  6. Thats really cool. So theoretically speaking - those "mineral oil" pc's - You could use this fluid? Also in terms of other sectors - Could this be used as a "safe" way to extinguish electronics that were on fire? (Like for instance when Linus's server room goes up in flames )
  7. Another thing to try is to get a flow meter and measure that. If you still have a high flow rate - yet temperatures are this high - It must be the contact points on the blocks. I suppose we can't rule out a "bad" pump either - From my experience they either work or they don't. I don't think it's very common to have a semi-working pump. You should be able to hear an audible difference between the pump speeds - Give it a listen. If it sounds the same at the low and high levels - something is not functioning right.
  8. I'm happy you stopped by Mick, thanks for giving out some more information - Looking forward to trying this out. Graphene is such an amazing material with so much potential - I'm always following energy related graphene news (Batteries, solar panels, etc), it never even occurred to me that it could be (In simple terms) "mixed" with water to aid in heat dissipation. It's really cool that you guys utilizing this new technology.
  9. The problem i'm having with wanting to cite that is they mention nothing regarding using graphene - The only mention something regarding heat removal, which could have been from early Pastel / Aurora mixes. Since their partnership goes back a long way, it really could be referring to a lot of things as they even mention helping them with their soft tubing. Further more since the product has not been released, I find it hard to believe CPI would post information publicly about what they are working on, until it has been released.
  10. What speed is the pump on? The D5's are the "go to" pump currently - A single GPU and CPU with your rads - I would be blown away if a D5 could not handle that. They have 1500 L/HR flow rate and 3.7M head pressure at 12V. There are plenty of people out their using SLI + CPU with D5's
  11. True enough - Although I find Mayhems really does their RND well - I follow them a lot on OCN and have to say, they are very communicative with the community and go leaps and bounds (at least publicly) with results they find working with different products on theirs. I'm hoping Luke comes across this - I know he's quite keen (Myself as well) on Graphene technology.
  12. Need more information to help you - You never mentioned where you live or what temperatures it reaches at the low points. Radiators are generally made from copper/brass and painted. I'd worry more about long term exposure to rain rusting/corroding them unless you shield them. Depending how cold it gets, i'd worry about plastic fans becoming very brittle and breaking if they freeze. Coolant, if you use an anti-freeze mix I wouldn't worry. The big worry here is condensation IMO. How you would solve that, I do not know.
  13. Thats a D5 pump from EK right? That should be sufficient for a gpu/cpu blocks and 480+360 rad. I also believe that pump is controlled via PWM - Have you set a curve to it? Try switching it manually to the highest level and compare results. Aside from that all I can think of is maybe your blocks are not in full contact, maybe try re-doing them with new paste. Edit: Looking at your bends - It could very well be that. Look at the bend going into the top of your GPU...it doesn't look "a bit kinked" - It looks nearly flattened!
  14. From OverClock.Net forum in the Mayhems thread. Update: Mick from Mayhems posted this below, updating original post to reflect new information.
  15. Without question, Jon. Appears to be a highly intelligent guy interested in a lot of things that I find interesting. It's great when he appears on WAN show.