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  1. Such cool tech short throw projectors, would love a chance to make a BA setup with one
  2. Thank you Linus media group for all the hard your you put into your production etc I really do appreciate the added professionalism over the last year or two. Your the once out of literally about a 100 channels I'm subbed to that I will drop everything to watch your videos i really love your take/ opinion on things and the style of your videos, keep it up Surface pro 3 you say? give away you say? well I do happen to love the pro 3...
  3. as a videographer 720 120p is amazing and dat 4K mode good screen and waterproof for all those sick underwater shots, sounds awesome to me. All while looking awesome in dat dbrand skin
  4. I think 1440p is definatley interesting, however not so relevant at this screen size... Ive tried lots of custom android ROM's etc and would be keen to try out LG's flavour
  5. Love HTC, would love an upgrade from my HTC desire! Served me well...