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  1. Oh wow this case looks great,price wise as well. I'll have a look thanks!
  2. Anybody here have this massive cooler top mounted? It's 63mm thick with fans on and for love of God I cannot find any info what case would support top mount of this chungus as I don't want to heat up my 3080 with front exhaust. Price of the case doesn't matter, preferably mid tower but if it have to be full ATX well so be it. Thanks
  3. A lot of people here and there reporting that plugging 2 separate 6+2/8pin connectors instead of daisy chaining solved the issue.
  4. Just pressing enter doesn't work I'm afraid. Man it sucks
  5. I decided to get rid of my bios password, there was no option to delete it so I when create new password window appeared I just hit enter and now it asks me for a password that I don't know. Can't even go to bios. Pc is Asus all in one zn220ic. Anybody knows if there is CMOS battery or pins to reset the damn thing? I want to make sure before I open it since the screws are under glued plastic strip that I will probably inevitably mess up if I attempt to take it off.
  6. Well I'll be here waiting for 7nm cards unless my 1080 won't be able to run 2k with minimum 60fps anymore which I really doubt gonna happen this year looking a games. New metro might be the only challenge here but I definitely won't buy £700+ gpu for one game. Plus I would have to buy stronger psu which adds extra so I rather wait one year get some extra cash and than go for the Ti version of whatever Nvidia spits out next year
  7. Are you using microphone? I have electrical buzz when I plug my mic when software boost is on
  8. My bad I thought 80+ by itself is a certification that guarantees performance
  9. If it have 80 plus gold rating it will run. I have be quiet 630w 80+bronze and running 1080 on it.
  10. U need NVIDIA gpu and gsync monitor to use it, freesync monitors works only with amd gpu. There is no way around it. Gsync monitors are expensive but it's well worth it so maybe consider saving some cashola and buy one with gsync
  11. Don't bother, honestly wait for next year release when ray tracing will be much more optimized. Don't pay 1200$ just to play 11 games that support it(at the moment). Or at least wait for benchmarks and don't get into pre order wagon, most of it is probably companies buying it for rendering purposes. If you have 1080ti than stick with it for another year.
  12. Mine 1080 have whining coil as well but only when I play, and if it gets hotter it stops I play on headphones so it doesn't bother me I didn't really know you can RMA it.
  13. The only thing I can tell you that windforce cooling is one of the quietest, I buy windforce gpu every year and never had problems. Check the specification on both of them they probably have different clock speeds and abviously cooling hence discrepancy in price
  14. Games stutter when there is zero free memory and the game is forced to overwrite standby memory. This results in large frametime spikes which are measurable using MSI Afterburner. You can check this by loading 'Resource Monitor' when you're stuttering. it could also be a CPU. I had stuttering issue with my 1080 in assassin's creed origins, turned out CPU was maxed out all the time but that was due to game optimization. what games you are playing that stutter? display going black seems like a gpu issue but I don't really know what could be the cause of that, I guess your drivers are up to date.
  15. If I were in your situation I would get 2080, even if performance wise compared to 1080 wouldn't be too impressive. First of all u said u do t upgrade very often so getting top notch card would be a good move couse it's gonna last at least those 2 years. Second point it's the resselability. If something happen and you want to upgrade next year you'll get more cash for 2080 than 1080 so that's a plus. I do that every year and I'm usually ending up adding £150-200 every year which sounds much better than forking out 500-700 for gpu. It's obviously up to you but bear in mind ps5 is coming in a year or two and graphic in games will sky rocket on pc as well as hardware requirements plus ray tracing by that time may end up in most games.