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    i5 2400
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    P8H61 M-LE
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    8GB DDR3 1333MHz
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    Asus GTX 970 Strix
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    Nox Coolbay VX Green Goblin
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    Samsung 850 EVO 250GB
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    XFX TS 550W
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    Samsung S22B300
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    Hyper 212 EVO
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    CM Quickfire Rapid-i
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    Tacens Mars MM5
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    Plantronics Gamecomm 788
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Wrong about what? Could you be more specific? I meant the G2, never used, and never saw the G1, so my statement, yes it was wrong about the G1
  2. As much as I respect your opinion, I can't take you seriously when you say you prefer a Corsair CX to an EVGA G1, I meant the G2 series, that was the one I used, but nevertheless, I find it strange that preference. But it's all good, competition for everyone
  3. I understand your point perfectly, but just based in the simple tier list, you can conclude that xfx and seasonic s12ii are better, being tier 2 vs CX and CXM tier 3. In the end, I always prefeer EVGAs G1 series, and higher end stuff, so its all good. I just dont like corsair being so mainstream and offering (sometimes) bad quality for high price here in my country, being 100% honest.
  4. In my country they are the same price, thats why I choose the TS! Seasonic ones are even cheaper
  5. Now OP will go for the CXM, oh well. I tried Of course it is worth upgrade, its arround the same price. You dont cheap out on PSU There wont be a day when the CX series, being crap, will stop being put on high end builds
  6. I hope you are joking. No where near a CX or CXM is as good as a XFX TS, more less better
  7. Buy at least tier 2... You will make a good pc, dont cheap out on PSU. CX and CXM series are not good. Buy a XFX TS or seasonic. Trust me, you dont want a CX PSU
  8. Dont buy CX... Go for XFX TS series or a Seasonic one. 500-600W will be enough
  9. Is this case (not the windowed version) silent? Or is the p400s more silent?
  10. Should I replace the fans with Noctuas?
  11. Phanteks P400S vs Nox Hummer ZN vs Fractal Define S vs Cooler Master Silencio 550 (None with windowed side panel) Which is the better one?
  12. I dotn want to change cooler just the fan!!! The store doesnt have be quiet cases. Another one?
  13. I just want to repalce the CPU cooler fan, not the cooler I will change everything, fans, cooler fan and case!
  14. Need to make my PC silent, replacing my evo 212 Fan, replacing my case (nox coolbay vx), and put some decent fans, noctuas redux or normal noctuas! Any sugestions? You can take this store as reference
  15. 10€ difference. BenQ is 255 Dell is 266. Which one would you choose?