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  1. Chromebooks

    Thanks, but that's all I need, I don't really need anything fancy
  2. Chromebooks

    There's this Chromebook in my local Staples: https://www.staples.ca/en/acer-nx-g85aa-007-cb3-131-c5ra-11-6-hd-chromebook-intel-celeron-n2840-4gb-ram-16gb-emmc-ssd-moonstone-white/product_2093707_1-CA_1_20001 I was just wondering if its any good for just youtube, research, school work, etc.
  3. New Build

    How is this for my first build? $800 CAD budget. Light gaming and school wok. https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/list/69Bjr7
  4. WHY!!

    Why does my laptop screen just suddenly turn off, but the system is still on. The only way to restart it is buy holding the power button until it shuts off or by removing the battery. This happens every time i turn on my laptop and it goes on for a while until it stops doing it. Anyone have an idea on why this is happening? Thanks
  5. What wrong with my computer?

    I can hear the system fan still running but mouse or keyboards does nothing
  6. What wrong with my computer?

    Ok thanks
  7. What wrong with my computer?

    Thanks, I just did it Hope this finally fixes the problem, but when I finished updating my graphics driver, it said that there might be better updates on the system manufacturer website or on windows update. Does this matter at all?
  8. What wrong with my computer?

    Here is my shitty system
  9. What wrong with my computer?

    I never overclocked anything on this computer and i even tried to reset it to factory settings but it still kept doing this
  10. What wrong with my computer?

    It has an apu processor so the gpu is integrated to it and it is a all in one computer
  11. What wrong with my computer?

    i have an HP 23-f319 (All in One) I honestly don't know what the problem is but any opinions and thoughts will be appreciated
  12. What wrong with my computer?

    around 20 minutes after i start my computer it does this:
  13. My First Build

  14. My First Build

    i like how my first forum in this site turned into a whole argument (I didnt mean it to happen)
  15. My First Build

    lol, sorry for creating chaos in this forum